Captain James Cook Play!!?⚓

In grade 4 we were learning about explorers and so in the last explorer post I told you guys that we made Captain James Cook’s ship! After that we had to make a play about it so we did! Our play was the life on the ship and it was pretty good! I was Joseph Banks and Yuki was Captain James, Victoria was a sailor and Annie was the narrator! Oh by the way shout out to Annie, Yuki and Victoria! So if you want to see it I will put the video down below! So thats it. Hope you like the video! BYEEE!!!

– Patty 


So the second book club part I was reading No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Ramsay!! I am just kidding it was Gordon Korman. At the beginning of the book I was confused and it was boring but then when I knew what was happening it got interesting. If I would rate this book from 1-5 it would be a 4. I think it would be good for 10 to 12 year olds. So thats my book review. BYEEE!!! Oh and here is the cover.

– Patty


 So me and my group we are researching about an explorer and so we got Captain James Cook! We build a ship! Well his ship of course! The Picture is down below! I enjoy this very much because I am with the  people that I like and its fun! I learned about scruvy which is a sickness that is very bad and I learned also about a lot about captain James Cook! Well thats it! BYEEE!!!

– Patty?

?Ice Tea and a Dead Body?

Ice Tea and a Dead Body.

When the California sun rises Amy is still asleep in her bed, RING A DING RING! Amy woke up like any ordinary day and ate Coco Crunch cereal at the table. Brushed my  teeth and changed my clothes. Oh, forgot. Hi there, I am Amy I am 14 and I go to Sunny Side school. Like I always do on weekdays. But the thing is today was different, me and my BFF Sarah always met before school under a oak tree with the unusual leaves. But today she didn’t come. I thought she might be sick so I send a text to her asking where she was. I heard a cellphone ring. I looked over at the other side of the tree I saw nothing. I texted her an emoji, again a cellphone rang. I said “ Sarah if you’re pulling a prank on me this isn’t funny.”. I send her a text for the third time. I felt a vibration, but I felt it underneath me. I started to dig up and you know what I saw, it was Sarah’s phone covered in dry blood. I called 911 they didn’t answer. The bell rang, I sighed. When i was getting ready for Chemistry I looked in my locker and… “AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” I let out a bloodcurdling scream. It was Sarah also covered in blood with her eyes open. Everybody was staring in shock and they all were scared, well I was scared, crying. 911 came and took the body and looked for clues and all they found was a glass of ice tea and a bloody knife. 3 weeks. 3 weeks and we still don’t know who murdered Sarah. We had 3 suspects. Derek who is the criminal of the school. Molly who is Sarah’s enemy from kindergarten. Lastly Amanda Sarah’s roommate. The only clues on the clues is on the ice tea there are fingerprints of Sarah and another person, on the knife was the blood and no fingerprints. But a cup of ice tea is a cup of ice tea. It couldn’t do any harm! Right? Well I went and investigated myself. And I found out who murdered Sarah. It was… Her roommate Amanda. How you may ask. Well it’s really simple. Last night Sarah went to my house for a get together (studying of course) and so I made ice tea. Well store bought ice tea. Sarah liked it so I gave her a liter of ice tea because she’s my BFF. So she must have brought it home. Sarah hates Amanda. They are forced to live together because their parents work together for a company. Amanda’s kitchen always had rats so she kept rat poison but its not just any poison its if you drink it you will die type of poison. She put some rat poison in water and mixed it up, she put it in ice trays to make poison ice and kept it there. Sarah probably took drank a glass of ice tea but sarah likes here ice tea well iced so she put the ice in of course. And then the ice melted and she died. You might ask “ What about the blood? The knife? Well all of that was fake blood just to get attention off of the ice tea. And that is the story of how my bestfriend died.


For Earth week me and my group did a common craft! It is about the Earth and how we can save our environment from being ugly and gray. I’m not going to say much so the video is down below! Go check that out! Ok that its! Oh and shout out to Annie and Yuki for helping me! BYEEEE!!!!!

?Book Review!?

In 4th Grade we are having book clubs and so my group we got the book called  “Extra Credit” by Andrew Clements. At first the cover didn’t really wow me, but I remember the saying “Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover”. So I read it. In the first few pages it was kind of boring, it didn’t catch my attention but when I read a few more chapters it got more interesting and I liked the book even more! For me its a great book! If I would have to rate this book from 1 out of 10  I would rate it a 9 1/2. Just because the beggining was boring. Anyways I think the book is good for ages 8-12. So thats my review! BYEEEE!!!! ( Cover Of book⬇) 

– Patty