🎬Before the Film Festival🎥

Tonight is the night! The Film Festival🎬🎥! I am so exited but nervous at the same time😖! Its kind of like the G4 talk all over again! I’m one of the mc in the the show🎤!! Theirs going to be a Photo booth and its going to be so much fun📷! I can’t wait! Oh and come if you want to ( Come!). I am going to be presenting my groups doccumentary and its gong to be so fun! But as I said before I am nervous so I don’t know how this is going to be. Hopefully everything goes smoothly! Ok thats it! See You There!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Or not…)

– Patty 😘


Ok, I know this is sudden but… The cookies were really good🍪. Sorry you didn’t have any… Anyway Today 4th grade went on a field trip with our star guest LEE TRACY!!! YAY! Lee Tracy is an eco artist if you don’t know what eco art is, it is like making art with nature🌱. We went to the rainbow bridge near Cresent Mall, we had to go to 3 stations. The first one was dipping the piece of cotton fabric into the river underneath the rainbow bridge, the second station was making a Nature Poem, lastly we got to draw a picture of a part near the rainbow bridge. Of course I almost forgot the important part, lunch I was really hungry🌮. And for this trip I think the message is that if you wanna make a change or help the environment, you gotta do it. Or at least try to. And so I guess thats it for today. BYE GUYS!!!!! – Patty😜



HELLO WORLD🌎!!! This weeks math class was the best math class EVER!!!!! You wanna guess what we did? Ok, here are 2 hints 🍪🤓. Ok, WE MADE MINI CHOCOLATE CHIP DOUGH COOKIES!!!!! YAY! Yeah but before that we needed to do some fraction math first! Like if you know fractions already good but if your only here because of the title then read on!! Ok I’m gonna tell you guys what the problem is and how I solved it! So the original recipe was that 1 batch served 3 people and so we had to DOUBLE the recipe to serve 6 people. So I use the method that lets say I have 1/8 of cookie dough to serve 3 people, but I need to double that so there can be enough cookie dough to serve 6 people. So 1/8✖2/1= 2/8. And we also had to Reduce the total fraction number so 2/8= 1/4. AMAZING! Thats what math is all about. You might be wondering “UGH, boring. Why do we even need to learn this? Its useless!” Now if you were thinking that, you would be wrong. Now just remember this everything happens for a reason. Let me give you an example, ” Oh no! I forgot how to do fractions! How am I going to split this pizza in equal pieces?”. See where I’m going there? If you knew fractions this would never happen to you! And Fractions in real life are not just dividing pizzas its also lots more! Like Baking,cooking, cutting food items, cutting thing and etc. Have you ever heard the saying ” Math is all around you” Thats TRUE! Yeah! Thats it, BYEEEE!!!!

-Patty😜 ( The Pics.) ⬇

😎Adding and Subtracting Fraction😋

In Grade 4, we are learning how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. I knew how to solve this problem because I knew how to add and subtract. For example, lets say Angel has 5/10s of  pizza but Joy gave Angel 2/10s slices of pizza. How much do they have in all? 5/10s + 2/10s = 7/10s. Just like 5+2=7, easy! If you can do that easy math I bet you can do this too!!!! So thats how I solve my puzzle down below!⬇⬇⬇

So thats all! BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Patty🌠

Energy Saving Project!

Turn it off! Is the name of my project, this Energy Saving Model took about 2-3 weeks to make with all the coding and the making of the model. I am most proud of how my teamwork increased and my experience in coding and making small models also increased. This was kinda a big deal for me because I really like to make stuff and paint and work on the Macbooks. I hope in the future that everything I do now is helpful for the future me and that I didn’t just learn these things for nothing at all. That’s it for this post and I hope you guys like the video up there!