Viable Vietnam Film Festival 🇻🇳

The film festival was a few days ago !It was a night  where we presented the documentaries we made to our parents. I was REALLY excited because we had been working on that for a over a month ! On that night I was so nervous plus I was an MC! I think the night went by nicely  and after I did so well that me and my friends got ice cream. 

The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever 🎉

We had a play called the Most Epic Birthday Party Ever. I was in the play. the play was about a party and then all the adults vanished so the kids had found a way to civilize themselves but things were taken too far so there was chaos. At the end the end the birthday the birthday girl’s mom came back and that was the end. I am really sad that the play is over and i am definitly joining next year.

Unit 4 Math

We just finished our fourth unit in math. The unit was operations with fractions. I learned how to add, subtract, multiply and decompose fractions. I am proud that I learned how to multiply fractions. I think I need to work on checking my work because all my mistakes were silly mistakes!

Lee Tracy: Visiting Artist Trip

Today we had a visit from an Eco Artist named Lee Tracy!🌿🎨(Eco means nature) asToday we dipped a white fabric in river water to se how dirty the water was.💦 another activity we did was draw a picture of nature.✏️ We also learned about the word sustainable. (That means if something can keep going) our last activity was writing a poem.Here’s mine: The grass is very green 🌿              The best i’ve ever seen 👍🏼              It was so very nice😍                    Unlike old dirty mice🐭! 

Here is Lee Tracy telling us about the World Rivers Project.


Here is my scetch 





My fantasy story📝

This is my fantasy story. while writing this story I learned the elements of fantasy. Some of them are magical objects,other worlds and  good vs evil😀👿. I also learned figurative language like metaphors,similes,personification, alliteration and onomatopoeia.My fantasy story was good but I think I could have done better.


P.E is fun. We learn different kinds of sports like soccer,⚽️ basket ball,🏀 swimming,🏊🏻 hockey, track and field🏃🏻 and many games to improve our skills. I think P.E is great because we learn how to play sports and it improves our teamwork skills👭! Our teacher is Mr Bouhet an Ms. Entee. Right now we are learning swimming.


In music we learn ostinatos, songs and more! If we are lucky we can play games and watch movies.My favorite game is beat tag. Our teachers are Mr. Thompson and Ms. Thy. We have it on Friday.It is only a single block so we get 35 minutes only.

Art 🎨

Art is one of my favorite specialists because I get to be creative. I like doing different kids of art because I like to learn new things.Art is very fun. The teacher is Ms.M . We have art on Wendsday. I learn different technics. Our new unit is wearable art. I am exited.


In drama we play lots of fun games. Right now we are learning to mime. We have drama on Monday. My favorite games is Captain on Deck. Are teachers are Mr Alan and Ms Ngan.👭 In Drama we learn stuff like miming which means acting without props  and talking. We also learn improposition which means thinking of a script from the top of your head.