Explorer’s Unit?

Hi guys! Today I am going to tell you about my explorer’s unit. Our explorer is Marco Polo. In my group there is 4 people. Me, Veronica and Siena Kaya, Our play went successful. The next I will act out a play I need to keep working on speaking louder. My favorite part of mypart of my play was when Marco Polo got the Golden Passport. If I would rate the play from 1-4 I would rate  it a 3 because I was the narrator but I did not speak loud enough. One of my favorite play was Christopher  Columbus.  I hope you enjoy watching the play!

Dancing with the high schoolers

Hi guys!? Today I am going to tell you about the dance that we did with the high schoolers. It was so fun and I the dancing was good. I will tell you the most funny part was when we did the warm up because the just dance, dance was so funny. My class laughed a lot and we had a lot of fun ?. My favorite part was the dapping part because it is so fun to do ?. I hope you enjoy the photos. This is the link to see the dance.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM5hEX6CyOg&list=PLZcj2gjrUxcT0g5uUeUQRS6TpGIwAs27v&index=32

Unit 4 Reflection

Hi Guys!? Today I am going to tell you about my math unit 4. It seemed like I did very well this time in my post test. I learned how to convert decimals into fractions. Also I learned how to put decimals in order. I LOVE THIS UNIT ALOT.  This unit my mom was the most proud of me. I ope you enjoy looking at the photos.

Viable Viet Nam

Hi People!? Today I am going to tell you about my film festival. ? Film Festival is a night where you show your documentaries to your parents add once. My documentary is about Fish sauce and would be sustainable. We explained that in our documentary. I think the hardest part for us is to make a desition because we always fight to make desition.? After all we made a really good documentary and my mom was so proud of me and my teamates. Also I am proud myself. Here are some photo and a pad on the back that you can read.


Math Unit:4

HI people! Today on my blog I will tell you about my 4th math unit of the year. This math unit the score I got was the highest. I think this nothing was that challenging because I tried my best to understand and after all there was nothing challenging for me. I loved this unit because 1 thing that was easy was eqivalent fraction because I all ready know it when I was in second grade because I learned it in Math class. I am always surprise of the different of my score because I got a really large difference. These are the small standards that we had. I hope you enjoy my photos. 

The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever

Hi everyone! Today I will tell you about the play that I watch that is called the most epic birthday party ever. This show is really fun and I likes the songs in the in the play. I like the part when the soldiers came out and Hiroki was the boss of all the soldiers and they sang the songs like a robot. It was really fun. My friends were also in the play and these are my friends Manabi, Sk, Jennifer, An and Misha. They were so fun to watch. The show was a  girl having a birthday party and she invited her friends and her parent left and left the kids in the house.There was only one piece of Pizza left and everyone wanted it because they were starving and then a character named Charlandia he said he could split the pizza and people started to move to his team and Skyamerica didn’t have anyone and for a while Charlandi was so bossy there team started to join Skyamerica an Charlandia got had so they had a gun fight. At the end they were bach again know team was in the party at all. I hope you enjoy reading and bye!


Lee Tracy River Artist Trip

Hi Guys!? Today I am going to tell you about a visiting artist that visit our school. We also so went on a field trip and we did lots of fun things.? We dip the bucket into the water and dried to get water from the rivers. Then we dips a cloth into the water and when we pulled the cloth up it was so stinky ad dirty. Its was so fun!? The part that I didn’t like was when we were walking and eating in the grass because sitting in the grass is uncomfortable . Over all it is really good.? I hope you enjoy looking of my photos