Field trip 2,

We went to the Fito health museum, and Ao dai museum, inside the Fito health museum we had a guide to guide us through.  We had to search for medicines.  We saw old notebooks that are used for a certain cause, Example : Fever.  We also saw herbs and creatures for soup. In Ao Dai museum we saw the old king Ao dai, We also saw the Ao Dais from 1990’s.  After wards we head to get some food and drinks, I got 1 Banh beo chen, & I got a coconut, then I went to a japan stall, and got some sushi!





Water Puppet Show (Trip 1)

Today we went on a bus to a puppet show, it was so good!   We ate our snacks during the long trip, I’ve pretty much ate my lunch! But I was too hungry! We got to move the puppets.  We went to Ben Thanh to eat our lunch.  During the field trips some parents came, (mine did). I got some pork and rice for lunch, Sugarcane Juice, & of course some ice cream! We interviewed some Vietnamese people, by asking some history about questions.  We interviewed in the park at Tao Dàn. In all I think the field trip was good.









Steps to complete my awesomeness story.

Dear friends & non – friends.

Here’s my things to complete my story. I drew and planned.  I had to follow my fantasy sheet.  I made a story arch to guide me with my story.  I wrote my story on a laptop.  I had to fix mistakes.  I had to create a page about me.  I successfully  finish and publish my story.



Show case experience.


Yesterday we did the prototype fan showcase, I was so scared & proud & excited.  It was so fun, it’s my first time seeing so much people watching our fan move and work, the 3rd graders got to see our projects & our parents.  It was a really tiring job holding a stand, although it was the best project.  It was so awesome.

Scratch 2.0 Game

Howdy People,

Today I have a great/awesome message, I have a game on scratch, 1 person only.  It’s not so fun but its so Easy, it has some glitches but its fun..  In that game I created you can just kill the boss and win.  W A S D to move, Sadly (S) Is not usable because it is not needed. Have a fun and awesome day with my game, it’s only on computer. Link :


Prototype, Fan showcase.

Hello Parents & Gentle mans,

4/25/17 We did a show case of our fan that was created.  It cost 2 months to create it, it’s pretty easy.  It was so fun, a lot of people came to our stand because I think they were interested in our fan.  I made it with 3 people, Bo, Kai & Davy. This is what the fan looks like.  We went through the HARD parts and the EASY parts. Our parents came.  We used a Humming bird that was connected to our computer then we open scratch to program. It was super super tiring for standing for 30 minutes. It was a whole a lot of fun!

RMIT, Royal Melbourne Institute Technology, field trip!

Dear the whole world,

I went to RMIT University today, it was so fun! I got to know about robots and how they work! They have a robot really really big, it’s call Baxter, it can work in factories and help people bring stuff for example: A cup, coffee and more. I also went to the library it was so HUGE, there were all sorts of books about art, fiction, technology, and more. We also went to build batteries, I had the highest energy ( 0.855 ) it’s made out of copper foil, foil, and paper. It was great field trip, Thank RMIT.

Some Photo’s and Videos.  I                                                                                                                                            V