Science Video Blog

In science we are learning about Earth’s tectonic plates and that the continents moved outwards. The continents used to be clumped together then over time the continents used to move away from each other. There was a man who found out that the continents moved. His name was Alfred Wegener. They all thought he was nuts but after going to places where there was a plant than grow in warm places but ended up somewhere cold. Here is the video.

Writing SLC

In writing we did stuff for DA known as Dragon’s Apprentice. We made our posters using google drawings we could also edit some stuff using photoshop cs6 or GIMP.

Art Blog

Art Quarter Review:

My Gallery:


My favorite task was the zen eye because it was my favorite one and i’m proud of it.

I liked how I made my eye look realistic so it looked like it was looking at you. I get creeped out sometimes looking at it.


Zentangle Eye With Me

Archery Unit Reflection

In archery we learned how to load our bows. We learned how to aim properly thanks to the people who gave us feedback. We stand shoulder distance apart and the chest faces the right. We hold the string with three fingers. The index finger is on top of the bow and the middle finger and the fourth finger is below the arrow. While doing archery we also did frisbee golf so we can aim better and that is my shots 3 gold, 1 blue, 2 black, and 2 on the white. Grouping is when you fired all of you arrows on the target and take a picture of your shot

Gummy Bear Government

There are 4 types of government. The first government is monarchy, the second is oligarchy, the third is tyranny and the fourth one is democracy.





I knew nothing about different forms of government except for democracy. I knew that democracy, votes for the president/Leader.

I think that democracy is the best form of government not only because America uses it. It is because it is fair and that the citizens can have the right to vote who can their leader/president be.