My Book Review #2 No More Dead Dogs ?

This is a book review on the book No More Dead Dogs. I rate this book 5 stars because It talks about no more dead dogs in a book and thats interesting to read why there are no more dead dogs in a book. I would recommend this book to my friend Tom because he likes books that are like realistic fiction and a little bit of mystery also it is interesting to read what will happen next to Wallace in the book will he get in detention forever or will he find a way to get out of detention?

This is the book cover:

My final edits of the ship

This is the last day of working on my ship. What I enjoyed about the the age of exploration was that we got to study about a explorer we liked and research as much as possible. What I learned in this unit was how it was like on the ship and what the ship of the explorer looked like.  We took the final picture of the ship, and here it is. ( This picture was after we painted the ship so it was wet.)

My Explorer Ship

This is my Explorer ship, the explore I am doing is John Cabot.  I enjoyed this project because we got ti make the ship by using a lot of materials like cardboard to make the ship. From This unit I learned that John Cabot’s real name was Giovanni Cabotto, I also Learned that the ship John Cabot Sailed on a ship called Mathew. This is my ship picture:

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon – Expolorers of time Vol.1 – Open Genre

                   Chapter 1 : The Pokémon Burglars

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. “ Wait what is this, where am I?” Kaboom!!!!!! “ Help me!”


Welcome to the world of Pokémon, a place where Pokémon make friends and do rescue missions to help other Pokémon. “ Hi little Pokémon we are gonna steal all your treasure!” “ I won’t let you!” said Turtwig  “ Ha stole it.” and then the stealers took off with the treasure. “ Come back here!” said Turtwig “ Maybe I should take a walk , if I find anyone I can ask them for  help”


                   Chapter 2 : A Human?!


“ Wow the view here is great at dawn.” Turtwig was still taking a walk until…

“ Huh I see something, I Pokémon perhaps?” Turtwig then rushed to the Pokémon and said “ Hello there?” The Pokémon instantly woke up he looked around “ Where is this place?” “ What are you talking about, we are in the world of Pokémon.” “ Its true I have turned into a Pokémon!” “ Wait what, you’ve turned into a Pokémon?” “ Yes.” “ But you look just like an ordinary Chimchar” “ What! How I don’t understand, I am a Human.” “ Now that’s just silly.” “ it’s true I was a human yesterday.” “ Anyway what’s your name?” “ My name is Chimmy.” “ Oh Hi Chimmy my name is Turtwig.” “ Anyway Chimmy, do you think you could help me with something?” “ Sure.”



                    Chapter 3 : Mystery Dungeon

“ Here we are.” said Turtwig “ What is this place?” said Chimmy “ its a Mystery Dungeon.” “ a Mystery Dungeon?” “ Yes it is a place where there are a lot of wild Pokémon that attack you.” “ Why are we here any way?” “ The Burglars are here, very far in the dungeon.”  “ We’re going in.” “ ok.”


                     Chapter 4 : Burglars

“ Hang on there Chimmy, were almost there.” “ Are you sure?” “ We are here.” “Oh so you found us you litttle coward.” “ I AM NOT A COWARD!!!!!!” said Turtwig “let’s get’em.” Boom! Kaboom! Wak! BOOOOOOM! “ NO CHIMMY! Are you ok?” Thump “ I am fine just finish them off.” “ You’re never gonna finish us brat!” Wak! “ Ok you win but we will be back next time!” “ lets go Chimmy.” “Ok.” And that is how the adventures of Chimmy and Turtwig began.


                             The End of Vol.1

My Book Review

This is my book review on the book Extra Credit by Andrew Clements. I would recommend this book to my brother because he can read high level books and he doesn’t like fiction books. Also because when the characters are writing letters to each other it is exiting to find out what the characters have come up with in their letter. I give this book 4 stars because the letters are really interesting and you get to learn a little bit about Afghanistan.

My Documentary, Fantastic Fishing

Yesterday night was the big night I felt very excited on all of the documentary’s because most of them made me hungry in traditional Vietnamese food. Anyway here is my Documentary. My project is about Traditional Fishing and how to sustain it because there are a few problems that get the water polluted witch makes the fish die, if the fish die then fisherman won’t be able to fish.