My River Artist Reflection! (With Lee Tracy)

Today I am doing a reflection about my river artist reflection. I went to the rainbow bridge, we wrote a poem about nature,we had lunch too. We also sketched the image of the park lastly we put cotton in the river, then for a minute then we pulled the cotton up. The message of this project was that if we put fabric or cotton on the river when you take it out of the water, it could tell a story in life also it tells people to take care of the environment . Here are the pictures of what we did in the Rainbow bridge and also other pictures too.In this picture we were about to put the coton down to the river.

Math Cookie Reflection (Monday and Tuesday)

Today I am doing a reflection about my cooking cookie math fractions,we where asked to make the cookie dough with the recipe but it only served three people and we need it to serve six people so we had to do some multiplication with the fractions. The problem for my group was that sometimes we make a mistake copying the recipe to the paper so we wrote some ingredients wrong. How we solved that problem was that we would double check the recipe and if it is the correct amount then someone in our group will get that recipe.

We used the fractions in the real world by multiply actual recipes for example flour,vanilla extract, choc.chips for short,butter and sugar. and here are the pictures we took in the cooking afternoon.This is My Recipe Calculations on my math notebook.(Zoom in Required I think)And this is the cookie dough made in progress.And this is a short video of the a group member pouring in 1/4 sugar

My Fantasy Writing!

We were learning about fantasy writing and what the elements of a fantsy writing is.In my fantasy story, I am most proud of my fantasy writing because I included most of the fantasy elements for example Like hero’s, villans, protals and other elements.

My math blog post!

We are learning how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. I knew how to solve this because. First I added the fractions together or subtracted the fraction, if the denominator is same only the numerator changes so I solved it by adding or subtracting the numerators, I drew fraction models and picture models. The answer to this problem is” Paulo has a total of 7/10 of a sweet fraction bar.

And this is my math picture:

My Grade 4 Think Outside the Box Super Unit Refletion (TOTB)

I am most proud of our designing process on the house, the tables,chairs and the coding. Because we all spread out and did the work. Our struggle was that sometimes the Humming Bird board alot of times crashes and it turns red on scratch. Whenever its red the Humming Bird board is not working. Until the last day to work on our projects it worked so we got to work. Here is our video for our project. 🙂