Exporeres Blog (play)

We forth graders made a explorer play, my group explorer is Captin James Cook. We prepeard by, making a plot line, picking characters, props, script, memorize, and finaly practice. My group members are, Hiroki, Kwan mo, and Hung yu. My play was about James death. I was proud of my play is because we mostly rememberd or lines. I think we could have spoke louder because its realy hard to hear us. I think we deserve a 3/4. I realy liked the magellen one because Son did it by himself and was brave, his play was also funny. this is our play!





On may,24,2016 there was a special event, a soccer tounament named SISAC. This was my first time playing SISAC and I loved it, it was so tiring though. I was first very nervous, 1.I forgot to bring my blue socks. 2. there was a high chance of raining and if we hear lighting SISAC is over. 3. I was afraid to let the team down. This was my faviorite coach so far: coach Santos, he went to the brazil world cup. He helped me lean skills and tricks he made us all get better THANKS COACH! and the final scores if you were wondering, we got 4th place. 


My explorer is captin James Cook. Cook is a famus explorer, he had a very interesting life. He sailed on the HMS-Eagle, my group built the ship. My group is Hiroki, Hung-Yu, and Kwan mo. Biulding the ship is realy difficult, we realy did not have a plan we just drew and listed the tools, the rest we just yolo. I thought it was one of the most exiting activity and the most fun one.


I enjoyed book club alot, and when I mean alot I mean alot lot lot lot! From the begining I already knew I would enjoy it, from my mates, my book, and alot more! My teamates were: Peter, Sieun, Kwan Mo, and me. My book was double fudge, the reason I knew I was going to like it in the begining was because Ms.Sylvester read the first book of that series, A Fourth Grade Nothing and I loved the book (by the way the series is Judy Blume just if you were wondering). I was happy with my teamates because some of them are my close friends (don’t want to shout out names, sorry). The thing that I think that needs improvement is the time beetween the meetings, I think they should give us more time to write or draw and read at the same time I just think it presures alot of pepole. Thats my reflection BYE!                                                                     

Math Unit 5

We started a unit called Decimals and Fraction on march 7 2017 to march 31! This is justt a reflection of that unit, I personnaly thought that was one of the hardest unit because in 3rd grade or 2nd grade and so on. I still thought the unit was cool because it was kind of the oppisite of normal numbers and it was really complex andx I like complex stuff! Here are the !GOALS!

Unit 4 math

In unit 4 we learned about adding mixed numbers,adding fractions,subtracting fractions,multiplying fractions,and adding un-proper fractions!  these are the goals! I liked this unit because i love fractions and this was a unit where we used a lot of models! I love drawing models and in this unit we drew rectangles and circles!  


We watched a drama play called the most epic birthday party ever! I loved it I never thought it would be so good but it is so good I thought it was great! I loved the fact that there are seroius parts and funny parts, I wonder how long it took to practice and i am amazed they didn’t use a music teacher but i love the play and i want to be in it next time.