Unit 4 math

In unit 4 we learned about adding mixed numbers,adding fractions,subtracting fractions,multiplying fractions,and adding un-proper fractions!  these are the goals! I liked this unit because i love fractions and this was a unit where we used a lot of models! I love drawing models and in this unit we drew rectangles and circles!  


We watched a drama play called the most epic birthday party ever! I loved it I never thought it would be so good but it is so good I thought it was great! I loved the fact that there are seroius parts and funny parts, I wonder how long it took to practice and i am amazed they didn’t use a music teacher but i love the play and i want to be in it next time.


this is the unit celebration  this is a very fun unit, first parents will see our project s for 30  minutes. We students will intro them to our projects and let  them see what  it does. then they will go to our coding games on scratch and read our fantasy story!!!

G.4 Energy Saving Prototypes

Thinking outside the box celebration 2017

This my prototype Why? because in this unit we have coding projects. The projects are supposed to save energy. Our project saves energy by having a auto microwave (Micro-Conserver 2000) that senses you, when it senses you it will turn on. The reason is because kids in the cafeteria always leave the microwave on and doesn’t turn off and it is wasting energy. 

Sports Day 2017!

Today we had sports day, I was with my friends luckily. There were a lot of activities my most enjoyable one is the course. The reason why I like that activity because you get through a course and get to jump in a pool, I think it was challenging put a good prize at the end!. I got hurt in tug-of-war. Although Tug-of -war was very fun. I love when we have sports day cause we get to get wet and do activities at the same time, yet I think this is the best one so far!!!

RMIT Field trip reflection

On December 1st 2016, we went to RMIT University to learn about battery’s and robots. We took a tour around RMIT. The most fun parts were when we watched the competitions. My partner was Manabi we had so much fun! we saw 4 robots: The Baxter, UB tech alpha 1, E.V3 and another form of E.V3. I saw my mom when we went to the library. The lunch was Great we even played monkey in the middle. THAT WAS HOW THE FIELD TRIP WENT!

Energy Challenges

We have been working on the unit energy, this is about some reflection challenges.


First, our challenge was to see how a motor works. Then we had to make a car with 2 popstickles,a straw,a clip,a motor,2 wires,2 dowels,3 bottle caps and tape. We had partners, my partner was SK we worked together to make everything in the unit. We thought the challenge was easy but we were wrong it was so HARD . Then we FINALY did it! we were the first one.

img_0037Secondly, we saw how to make a lightbulb light. This time i was with Miso we tried so hard we couldn’t do it. WE thought it was so easy we could do it in seconds, yet sure i was wrong. After we tried Hiroki showed us how. That’s how we started our unit!

THATS MY REFLECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




This is my update about my reading this year my biggest update right now is that i am reading a different genre. I am reading MORE FANTASY! I am also now reading a book called the homework machine. This is a book that my teacher suggested me and this is the book. I am reading this book because i have been reading graphic novels 🙂screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-10-52-54-am