Year End Writing

Screen-Time Should Not Be Reduced

Screen-time has been a vital factor in people’s everyday lives. The use of technology is being applied by streaming through the news, for entertainment, and educational purposes. Teens are using screen-time at home, in the car, and more. Countries throughout the world are becoming aware of screen-time overuse, and have decided to take immediate action. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages for teens on screen because it decreases stress for teens, is beneficial for teens education, and develops leadership skills.


One factor that proves that teen on screens is beneficial is that screen-time decreases stress for teens. Author Lisa Bowen in ”Video game play may provide learning, health, social benefits, review finds” explained research shared in American Psychologist, stated that screen-time can boost teen’s health by keeping them stress-free, since they will be entertained by social media, games, and videos. Stress can provide problems such as headaches, anxiety, and other consequences. In other words, screen-time is basically a “medicine,” preventing all of these negative side-effects that could harm people. Screen-time can potentially help teen’s lives.


Parents might think screen-time is responsible for poor grades, however it is fair to say that screen-time is beneficial to education. Due to screen-time, it dramatically increased the learning system by making learning intriguing, which also challenges students to learn more, stated from “The Importance of Technology in Education Infographic.” Screen-time provides students with knowledge, coming from websites such as Khan Academy, Brainpop, and more. When teens are on screens, it will definitely help with their learning.


Teens achieve the role of a leader with screen-time. Numerous video games allow teens to have the ability to turn themselves into a leader. When playing a game, teens will interact with his or her friends, and will have leadership skills to reach the objective of the game. With the leadership role, it could also reflect in reality. This could potentially be the most important factor to be having screen-time.


Children on screen-time is arguably not beneficial. According to “Here’s What A Constantly Plugged-In Life Is Doing To Kid’s Bodies,” it is estimated that 45% of adolescents are not getting enough sleep due to devices around them. Because of lack of sleep, students are believed to not focus during class time, and not showing effort in class activities. However, it does help teens with learning. According to Dr.Kramer, “Learning gets enhanced and solidified when there is a dialog.” This shows that with parents asking about how they are managing their time online, it would be an essential way to help teens learn.


To wrap it up, screen-time may have many disadvantages, however it does have advantages for teens on screens because screen-time decreases stress for teens, improves education, and develops leadership skills. Screen-time gives entertainment, which makes teens stress-free. It also challenges students to learn more, giving the determination to succeed in school. Most importantly, it lets teens have a leadership role with online gaming. Screen-time contributes a lot in people’s everyday lives, and will continue to. In conclusion, reducing screen-time will not be necessary because it provides many benefits to teens.


What would you change if you had a chance to do this piece over again?

One thing I would change about my writing if I could do it again, is instead of supporting screen-time, I could rebel against screen-time. There were many articles against teens on screens, which could make the writing piece filled with more evidence and analysis. In my opinion, writing about the costs of screen-time would be easier, due to the fact that there are more articles trying to prevent teens on screens.

What was especially satisfying to you about either the process or the finished project?

I was really surprised with the final product because if I look back at my flash drive I can detect various mistakes in my flash draft. I thought my flash draft was pretty good, but as I re-read it, I thought to myself, “It’s not that good.” However, I looked at the teacher’s comments and peer comments, and revised it. I also tried to spot the run-on sentences, and caught a total of three. There was a huge difference between my flash draft and final writing piece.


What went well?

Something went well was the length of time for every class reflection. It wasn’t too long, and it wasn’t to short. It was just right.

What did you struggle with?

I struggled with making eye contact when presenting, because of the awkwardness in the room. However, I managed to finish it.

What can be done to improve this?

There would be more friends presenting around when I am, to avoid the awkward silence in the room.

Active Reading Reflection

I have made a lot of progress with my reading log because in November both my reading log consisted a lower score than a C; however, in the second semester my score has improved, with nothing lower than a B. This shows how my consistency in summarizing character development improved with what I read. I still have areas of improvement left. Based on my comments on all my reading log, all of my summary had been brief, and could use more details to enhance my writing. A plan to resolve this problem is to close read, and at the end of every chapter I read, I will stop and add a small summary of what I just read. I am confident I can pull this off in the 4th quarter.

Life Saving Skills

In this swimming unit, we’ve learned a lot of things. But, the most important thing we learned was life saving. We learned many techniques. But, I think the most important thing is the “3 taps.” You can play around and everything, but, if you give 3 taps to a partner, that means “Let go!” This unit has been amazing.


CSI Blog Post

CSI stands for the following: color, symbol, image. The word I have selected is “wage” because I thought the outcome would be very interesting, working with Google Drawing with a very difficult word to show visually. The color I have mainly chosen was the color green, because the color of money is green. The symbol I’ve chosen was the dollar sign, because it symbolizes money. The image shows an American dollar bill, because workers will receive money after a certain amount of time through labor.


CSI- Wage

Newton Vehicle #3

I learnt that the design process was very difficult. At first, our ideas were very clear and detailed. However, the building process was hard. We had all the equipment: caps, skewers, tape, straws, and a balloon. Everything was going to plan. But, the wheels weren’t spinning, which slowed the group down. To resolve this problem, we simply just replaced the caps with another. I would not change anything in the design process because everything was efficient. I’ve learned a lot about all three of Newton’s law. Before this unit I had absolutely no knowledge of Newton’s law. However, while learning this unit, I have realized that Newton’s law has been occurring in my life everyday. For example, whenever we walk, we exert force to the Earth, therefore the Earth exerts the same amount of force to us, allowing us to walk. If I had to do this project again I would’ve tried to find something other than a cardboard for a base, and find something with a lighter mass to increase the acceleration. A way I would extend this project is to invent a vehicle that travels without wheels, making it more to build.


Final Outcome
Final Sketch


Newton Vehicle #2

Newton’s second law states that an objects acceleration depends on its mass. The lighter the mass, the faster it accelerates. By considering the second law we wanted to make our vehicle light, but using a card board base , we notice that it was not durable at all and our other materials would bend the cardboard or the vehicle wouldn’t cooperate in general. Newton’s first law states that an object will not move unless an outside force exerts on it. A way we can demonstrate this is by allowing the air tube of the balloon to release on its own, causing it to move rapidly. When we started making our prototype, we were blowing up the balloon and attached it to the straw. A few errors we detected was that a lot of air was being released. Therefore we decided to tie our balloon on the straw, to preventing the air from being released. Also when you are blowing air into the balloon and releasing the hole of the balloon it incorporates Newton’s 3rd Law. Newton’s third law is when an object exerts force, the other object will exert force that is equal to the opposite side. When we blow air into the balloon, the same amount of air that was blown in comes out of the balloon, pushing the vehicle forward into the opposite direction we blew into.



Revised sketch - New Page (2)



Newton Vehicle Project

In Science 8, Ms.U assigned us to create a vehicle that can cover 1.5+ meters, without using both batteries and motors. The group I’ve been paired up with to complete this task is Janette, Jennifer, and Ellen. So far we have been only brainstorming ideas.


While studying I’ve come across some important vocabulary and terms such as friction, inertia, gravity, and more that I will be explaining later in my writing. Friction is a force that 2 objects/surfaces exert each other when they rub against each other. Inertia is another name for Newton’s first law of motion. The definition of inertia is the tendency of an object to stay in the position it is in. Another word that is important and is commonly used a lot is gravity. Gravity is basically a force that pulls objects towards each other.


Other important things we’ve learned is three of the Newton’s laws. Newton’s first law basically means that an object will stay restless, unless an outside force moves it. It can also mean that if an object moves at a constant speed, it will stay constant unless a force exerts on it. When an object moves, it will keep moving unless a force is exerted on it. An example of this is when a computer is on a table. It will always be on the table unless someone moves it. Another example is a car crash. If a car is moving forward but a bus suddenly runs over it, the car would stop because the force of the bus has prevented the car from moving forward. Newton’s second law states that an objects acceleration depends on its mass. The lighter the mass, the faster it accelerates. The heavier the mass, the slower the acceleration becomes. For example, it would be much easier to push an empty cart than a cart filled with things, because the cart that is empty has a smaller mass than the cart that is filled with items in it. Finally, Newton’s third law. When an object exerts force, the other object will exert force that is equal to the opposite side. If someone places their hand on a table, the hand is exerting force to the table, and the table is exerting force to the hand.


My group have decided to design a vehicle that travels on surfaces. We want to create something light that can accelerate without needing the help of a push or motors. So we decided to create a vehicle with a balloon attached to it. Using a balloon would make the vehicle move better since it applies to the laws of motion.


JJES Vehicle Part 1  - Discovery (1)JJES Vehicle Part 1  - Interpretation (1)Newton Vehicle Sketch (JJES) - New Page (2)