1. What did you know about these form of governments BEFORE we started this unit? 
  2. Why is it important to learn about forms of government?
  3. Which form of government do you think works best and why?
  • The only thing that I know about this unit before we learn is democracy those exists and most of the countries around the world uses it and I know that monarchs mean that it ruled by a king/queen. ( 1 )
  • It’s important to learn about forms of government because the government create and order for the citizen to follow. Without them, we will don’t know how to do. We have different forms of government because it protects the people from threats of that ruler and picks another type of government to make the lives of the citizen better. ( 2 )
  • I think that democracy is the best form of government that works best because its fair for the people/ citizens and they all have rights to do things.






Just Do It-  This advertisement is a sports equipment company. The company releases the best type of sport equipment .  This slogan motivates you to play basketball, don’t and never give up no matter what. Practice, because practice makes perfect. Don’t let your dreams be dreamed.

Reading Assessment Essay

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:

  Currently, I’m reading this book here called The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This book is by Baum, Lyman Frank. It was published in the 1900s. This is the fiction and fantasy genre/categories. The story of this setting is in Kansas, The Wonderful Land of Oz and more…etc. So this book is about a girl named Dorothy lives with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry with her dog, Toto in Kansas. One day, there’s a tornado that blows up the house, unlucky, Dorothy and her dog were in the house too, so then they flew away to the magical land of Oz. On the way, she meets the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman. They became friends and help each other through many challenges.

 In this story, the conflict that drives the story forward is person vs society and this is kind of like the main part of the story from the start to the end of the story because wherever Dorothy visit somewhere, there’s always a conflict between her and the things surround her and one of the quote says that “ All this time  Dorothy and her companions had been walking through the thick wood.” so this tells us that how like every time she passes a challenge, more challenges will come to her more and more. The next thing that I would like to talk about is the characterisation. The main character is Dorothy. In the book, it said that Dorothy she’s very caring. She also has some food to Toto, and there’s not a lot of them which means that she’s a very adventurous girl, always reach out to help other people and not afraid to take risks. No matter where she goes, she never leaves her teammates behind.   For the theme would be that to always stick with your team because they are the one who will help you going through tough times and when the cowardly lion and the Tin woodman saved Dorothy and her dog out of the poisonous smell from the field that clearly showing that they helped each other in any situation and risk their life, facing the truth.

 Overall, I would rate this book a 4 stars, and I would recommend for readers who likes to read fiction or fantasy genre/ categories  because it’s really interesting and the way Lyman Frank, the author choose the setting for this story shows his creativity level like a city where it’s all green which will make the readers who like to read fiction or fantasy being in love with it.

Mummy Inspection & Semester 1 TOP 3 favorite things

We are learning about mummification, and this is my project, experiencing with Apple and tomato. So obviously, we have a zip bag, with our name on it. Then we put in 2 spoons of salt and 1 spoon of salt. After that, each of us, have 2 pieces of apple and mini tomato, then we wrap them up with tissues. We just got back from WWW, which is a week now. The result after a week is that the vegetables shrink. The apple skin turned brown.


What are your TOP 3 favorite parts of SS class so far? WHY?   

My TOP 3 favorite in this semester is:

  • Ancient Egypt Minecraft Project- Using Minecraft to do fun things, to explore, discover.
  • Hieroglyphics – This kind of activity helps us to understands more about Ancient Egypt cultures, challenge friends to decode hieroglyphics.
  • Review Games- It help me to practice, develop my knowledge on Ancient Egypt and to cooperate with my teammates to find the right answer to that questions.

Math First Quarter Reflection


  • In what areas do you feel successful in math this quarter?
  • In what areas are you unhappy with your progress this quarter?
  • What goals can you set for next quarter?


  • In this quarter, I feel successful with Integers in Aleks
  • I’m unhappy because I’m still on Unit 1, and I want to catch up with Unit 2 as soon as possible
  • My goal for next quarter is to ask more questions and to complete at least 5 topics a day.

Ancient Egypt Minecraft World

This is a screencast about Ancient Egypt Civilization. Hope you guys have enjoy this movie.

Project Reflection Questions:

  1. What are three ways this project helped you learn about environment and human settlement in Ancient Egypt? 
  2. What are two parts of your project are you proud of?
  3. What is one part of your project that you do differently next time? 

Project Reflection Answers:

–  1.Read through the chapters again to write the script or have a good idea about what I’m saying. Have more facts and informations.

2. While build the Minecraft World, I know where things are. Example: Canaan have wheat, but don’t put it near the Dead Sea because it’s really salty, and nothing can grew around it.

3. Using Minecraft for this project is very interesting for me because I’ve never been to Egypt before, while creating this, I can imagine how it actually looks.


-The first part of the project I’m proud is the Minecraft Building, I took lots of time and hard work to design my world, how it looks, where things should be… The second part that I’m proud of this project is my editing on iMovie. This is the first time I’ve ever use the program, so I research a lot about it and a big thank you to Phuong Anh Le and Peggy for showing me some tips.


-Next time, I should avoid saying “um”, which is it sound kind of awkward also the script that I wrote is not long but next time I should try to talk faster but it need to be clear so then people could understand what I’m saying .



Meeting A Friend Presentation

Check out my presentation with Phuong Anh Le about meeting a friend greeting. We’ve been working really hard for this presentation. We wrote the script and the biggest challenge is to remember the lines. I just hope you guys will have a good time watching our presentation.

Reflection for My Lit-Circle Reflection Vlog

On my Lit- Circle final reflection vlog, my criteria, I did a pretty good work. I just need to make the summary of the book shorter. For my presentation skills, I need to speak more clearly, with no more than 1 or 2 stumbles. I shouldn’t look away too much, giving eye contacts. Also use more format, standard English.  To improve this, I should read the rubric of this project more careful before doing it.

Lit-circle Final Reflection Walkabout

This is my Lit-Circle Final Refection about the story name Walkabout. In this reflection, this will include an introduction to the book and author, a brief blurb on what the story is about, the conflict, characterization, theme and the rating, recommendation for this book.

Here is the link to lead to my video. I can’t upload the video on here.