FIELD TRIP with Ms. Lee Tracy!

Today Ms. Lee Tracy visited SSIS, and we had a field trip with her! That’s is amazing! Firstly, we walked to the bridge, we had a chance to make a poem about nature or, draw something you see. We also got to put a long piece of cloth into the river cause Ms. Tracy came here to teach us about it. Sustainability means that we have to restore our environment in a better way. We had a lot of fun with her today.

In order for me to create my fantasy story, I did many things. I went through a process. Firstly,we had to draw a place where our character lives. Then,we followed a paper called the elements of fantasy. We also created a story arch which helps us have a beginning, middle, climax, and end. We wrote directly on to our computers, after all we had to revise and edit the writing. We made a all about the author page and made book covers.n Also we prited our stories.




Yesterday was the day! I had to show-off my saving energy prototype, I felt happy and pride filled my heart. I liked to show stuff I made by myself like the prototype! I told people how to use my project and I tried to stop them from touching and breaking my prototype. Everyone was so scared when the fan fell off, Yesterday was tierd but fun I enjoyed a LOT!

Thinking Outside the Box unit!

My favorite project in our unit was our prototype, I really enjoyed cutting the cardboard and hot gluing because I had never made something out of cardboard which is usable and helps save energy. I wish next time I will be more neat on cutting. Always keep in mind, the neater the better! Do you like making things with cardboard? Thanks for reading! Bye!


Field Trip to RMIT

Today is November 29 2016, our class visited RMIT University. We learned about robots and I really like the robot friend Baxter. I learned that we can make a battery by using copper and aluminum foil. We also need tissue paper so we can separate the copper foil and the aluminum foil.We also played with a robot named EV3. It can move and do a lot of cool things. We also saw a robot that can do push-ups. I learned that robots do stuff that is unsafe for people to do. Robots are so cool, and I learned that there is a lot different kinds of Robots. rmit_university_logo-svg

The coolest G4 Talk ever!

It was a exited day when we did a G4 talk. Before, we felt so exited and a bit nervous about it. I felt released after I finish it. I am proud of talking fluently on the stage. I wish I had did more hand gestures, I also feel that I could have a G5 talk next year! If you are a teacher reading my post, please tell a grade 5 teacher to have a G5 talk next year. have a nice day! BYE!


Netiquette is being respectful online. Netiquette is made by two words:Net and Etiquette. we should be nice online because if you be mean online, it is the same of being mean face to face to your friend. You also should know that if you post it and someone went online and they can copy and print hundreds of hundred of pieces and they can share it.8359622_orig images-1


Do you know what nutrition is? Nutrition is healthy food such as :vegetables and fruits. Nutrition is NOT crackers,pizza,and popcorn. Please check out and see the food plate and it will show you what you should eat everyday. Don’t think Junk food is not good for your health but it can be good if you eat a little of each. Thanks for reading my post, see you next time!unknown images

Sugar shock

Did you know that coca cola , sting and a lot more of drinks are very sweet? 1 drink is way too much sugar you should eat for one day already. Sting has 42 grams of sugar! You should avoid drinking so much sweet drinks and eating junk food. Please reply me some of the sweet drinks you know more, have a nice day! stingred-5sweet-beverages flasche_coca-cola_02_liter