My Film Festival! AWESOME~~

Yesterday, was the Film Festival night! I really liked all the documentaries that all the 4th graders did. Also, I am really, really proud of my documentary that I did with my Banh Beo group!~ Something that I will do differently is to show more facts about Banh Beo in the documentary. Other thoughts that I have in mind is that the Film Festival should kind of be more~ INTERESTING and fun, like every group getting to present and performance how they did the documentaries. But of course it was mostly super fun!! here is my documentary, have fun watching it~~

Field Trip to the Cresent River!

Today, we went to the Cresent River for the field trip. Our goal was to write a poem, sketch a drawing. The main part of our field trip was to dip a long fabric into the Bat River to make awesome art like what Lee Tracy a famous artist did. I think that everybody got to learn about team work and about the environment. I also learned about sustainability. It means having habitats that restore out environment. Another way saying what it means is, environmental science, the quality of not being harmful to the environment. I really want to thank Ms. Lee Tracy for the speech that helped us to learn a lot. I think that everyone had an amazing and fun field trip. These are pictures of my sketch, poem and more!

My Field Trip Video!~

Last week, we went to three field trips. First, we went to the Water Puppet Show. Second, we went to the Ao Dai and the Herbal Medicine Museum that were interesting. third, we went to the Farm that was super fun and exciting. Also, we had a another field trip that was making and exploring the Vietnamese Traditional food, the exciting part was, we got to eat and enjoy the food that we made by ourselves! This is a video that I made about the four fascinating field trips that we went! Hope you guys enjoy seeing my video!

Field Trip to the exciting FARM!!!~

We went the the children Tree Farm. We planted rice, caught fish and pulled the vegetable that is called Morning Glory. We got to make a piggy bank that was very cool and cute!!! We got to go in the natural mud that was super gooey. It felt super weird but it was absolutely fun! In the mud we planted rice. We caught fish in the lake that were a lot! I definitely think that the field trip to the farm was fascinating and super super fun~

My Field Trip! to the Medicine Museum/Ao Dai Museum

We went to the Medicine Museum for our field trip. In the medicine museum, we got to learn about the herb doctors, that were amazing! We got to see equipments and herb medicines from the past. It was supper cool!!!! We also went to the Ao Dai Museum that was very special. We definitely  got to learn about Ao Dai and saw different kinds of Ao Dai that were beautiful and creative. I think we had a great time in all the field trips! It was fun fun fun~ everybody got to learn a lot of things about Vietnam.


Today’s fascinating Field Trip! to the Water Puppet Show~

Today we went to watch the water puppet show that was absolutely cool! Also, we got to try out the puppets and everybody got to play with them. We were also able to learn about how the puppets were made and how it can be controlled on/in the water. We also went to the Ben Thanh street food to eat lunch. Davina and I got to eat beef noodle and some delicious pieces of meat and got to enjoy our meal a lot! Everybody got to eat Vietnamese food and some ice cream! We also enjoyed interviewing people about (what is your name? Are you having fun here? What job do you do in here? Do you like this place?) I think everyone had a wonderful, fascinating and fun day today.

Danbee’s Fantasy Story! amazing~~

I needed to do a lot of things to make my own fantasy story. These are steps I used to make my story. First, I have drew my setting for my story. Second, I wrote an elements of fantasy checklist and used it for writing my story. Third, I created a story arch to make a plan. Fourth, I wrote the story directly on my computer. Fifth, I checked my writing to revise and edit. Sixth, I made an About the Author page to write about myself. Finally, I made a book cover for my story and published (printed) the whole story . And these were the steps for how I made my awesome story! hope you like it~

Our Showcase!!

We presented our showcase of my fantasy story, game and our prototype. We showed the parents how to code and our stories. We also have showed them how to write and code our fantasy game and story. Everyone were impressed with what we have done.

This is a picture of the showcase! IT WAS FUN!!

T.B.T Prototype Project!

These weeks, we have been working on a prototype project. This project is to save energy. Our project’s name is T.B.T: it stands for ‘ The Blue Tech’. We have been making a lamp that can turn on when you are close to it, and turned off when you not there, and that is how we can save energy with it. We first made a plan, created it and did some coding. We had a lot of trouble shoots tat were really frustrating.. but we have solved the problem and made it work!

This is how the prototype looks like!