Science SLC

What do you think will happen (hypothesis)? How are you going to explain the demo so your parents understand?

  • The can is crushed
Do the demo (procedure, observations). Write down the steps that you will go through to do the demo.

  • Pour water into can, prepare water with ice, heat can with hot plate, wait until can has steam, dunk can tab first into cold water.
Why did it happen (conclusion)? What is the science behind what happened?

  • The can has low pressure as the water boils
  • The open can allows the steam to escape and there is balance
  • If the can is flipped into the cold water, the steam has nowhere to go and it is cooled down quickly and a vacuum is made.
  • The higher air pressure around the can crushes it\

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Chair Sculpture

The easiest thing would be making the book. Layering it would be simple by using cardboard and plaster. The challenge would be making the mask as it requires a lot of careful work due to the beak like part. The theme is of a plague as the plague doctor mask and history is interesting to me. The design process allows ideas to flourish and improve while allowing new ideas to come out. The first sketch is often the worst at it doesn’t have many ideas or needs improvement. The thing I’m looking forward is building and sculpting. I’ll first make the mask and other sculptures, then focus on the book and the chair.

The above tutorial is useful as I used it to make a pair of wire people for a scene at the bottom of the chair.

My Pintrest board.

Progess Videos

For a B, it was pretty good even though I was planning and designing the things I’m going to make on the fly. I really was expecting a lower grade, as I had not started on the actual chair yet. I think I’ll need to finish the mask, book, and wire sculpture and start on the chair to get an A.


8 days to completion: Focus on the mask as it’s the most difficult one to do. Complete the cardboard beak, plaster, and attach it to the mask. Begin book if possible.

7 days to completion: Work/begin on the book. Create a mock up of a medical bed. Start to make the wire people more human like. Make props if needed.

6 days to completion: Finish up the mask with paint and other materials. Touch up on the book, and start on the chair if possible.

5 days to completion: Finish up the mask and book if required, make medical bed and wire people sculpture. Plaster/glue book on. Wrap the mask is possible.

4 days to completion: Work on the bed and people sculpture. Will take some time.

3 days to completion: Spend time on the chair, writing down facts about the bubonic plague on paper and gluing/stapling it on to the chair.

2 days to completion: Begin attaching everything I have built to the chair. Paint the chair and make it look nice.

1 day to completion: Touch it up and fix any minor errors.

Deadline: Hand it it.

Radical Inventions Debate

Planning Doc

Debate Statement: The light bulb had a more profound impact on human history that the atomic bomb.


Pro (Light bulb): Christian and Karstan

Con (Atomic Bomb): Minh and Moses


Assessments: Judge Self Peer

  1. From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.

I learned persuasion requires good information, a calm and collected mind, and confidence. Good research equals to good claims and rebuttal material. This helps with winning the debate and countering most information that the opposition throws at us. A calm mind during the preparation phase helps with organizing the research into something that will sway the odds of winning in my favor. Confidence in speaking helped with showing that you were ready and challenged the other team.

  1. How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.

To me, a serious and confidence tone helps establish credibility as people may think that you really know lots about your topic. Another thing that helps with credibility is to have good sources. While I didn’t state my sources, stating the sources that you used will help with credibility, as they know where you got your information from.

  1. What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?

The thing that surprised me the most, is that the rebuttal phase was brutal. From what I saw, a few people were shocked at the questions that their opponents gave. It surprised me, as I thought that the debaters were ready for such things, that they had answers to those questions. Jun’s and Nam’s debate surprised me the most, however. They seemed as if they were prepared for anything the other team threw at them.

  1. What were you most proud of in your own debate?

I was most proud of the fact that I forced the opposition to look back at what they said. Their points, to me, contradicted to what they were trying to pass, that the atomic bomb is far more revolutionary than a light bulb. They kept on saying that it killed people rather than saying the lives that it would’ve saved.

  1. What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?

I would definitely add in my counterclaims into my speech, and cite my sources whenever I want/need to.

[6. Additional Comments, Questions, Observations or Suggestions.]

I have nothing.


Day 13 Ecodome

Quantitative: The plants seemed to have survived. The cricket has died.

Qualitative: The cricket had eaten the fruit, but not all of it. One of the plants died, it didn’t appear to be eaten. The cricket has died from something.


Conclusion: While the plants seemed to have survived with minimal damage, the same can’t be said for the cricket. From what I think, it died from either heat or from eating the fruit.


Research Paper Post

I had to write an essay on any topic I would like, so I chose artificial intelligence. There was my biggest successes, good sources were simple to find, and they all had good information. This made research much easier, which made writing it a lot easier.

The hardest thing to do was sifting through the information, and choosing the one that related to the topic paragraph. With my total of seven sources, I had to read and reread them several time in order to choose.

One of the things I would’ve done differently was to write more. I only got around 700 words, and I wished that I would’ve wrote more.

Link to my paper.

Ecodome Attempt Day 0 (Planning)

Components of my ecodome:

Type of soil, several types of soil have different amounts of nutrients, so mixing several could help with plant development..

Amount of soil, a deep layer of soil allows for more water to be absorbed by the plants.

Number of plants, a small handful of plants can provide food for insects.

Number of crickets, one or two crickets/grasshoppers would be beneficial in seeing if my design works or not.

Amount of water, too much water will drown the plant, while too little will kill it, so water amount is crucial.

Amount of food, a large amount of food to make sure the insect doesn’t die.


A few changes that I made:

I didn’t add as much produce as I wanted to, and I didn’t add the water dripper.  The ecodome wasn’t as wide as I wished it to be. I didn’t add any form of material that could provide nutrients to the plant.

A3 planning picture


Project Newspaper

So for quarter 1, I had to write a newspaper article for Language Arts. It wasn’t all that bad, I did really well on writing the article, and with helping out my group in their articles by proofreading them. I mean, I’m not the greatest writer, and I did get some help with mine, but I digress. What I did bad on, was HOW I wrote the article. It felt fine, but looking back, I could see how bad (in my eyes) the article was. I interviewed only a handful of people, and really didn’t look at many news articles to begin with. So,  I did well on the writing portion, but didn’t in the more, detailed parts of the paper.


What I learned from writing the article, is that I wasn’t very expressive. I tried, but in the end, not very many “powerful” words were used. From what I know and learned, using expressive words in writing, can help keep the reader interested in something they normally wouldn’t be. It keeps them waiting to see what happens next, or what has already happened. It keeps them motivated in the world around them. So all in all, I learned that expressive words are powerful when used in the right context.


Quarter 1 for me, was a time of readjustment into school, I made new friends, met old ones, and had a generally nice time. So, in LA, I learned now things, and had fun with how Mr Benck cracked jokes every now and then. He could be serious at times, but he’s a teacher that let’s us students have nice laugh every now and then. Quarter 1 was a time for me to simply learn.


My article


PC or console. That is the question that most people ask when they start playing video games. Consoles are seen as the face for gaming devices, as they are more widely available compared to a PC. They are cheaper than a gaming PC, and they have exclusive games, but PCs are the way to go for competitive games, such as DOTA 2 or Heroes Of The Storm, or even fast paced games such as CS:GO or Overwatch. Many other people, such as Willard says, “PC is better because the frame rate is much faster”. Others such as Tu Nam from G8 says, “PC adds more variety of games, easier to control”. Nicholas Garcia from wrote, “There’s no getting around it: consoles are weak by modern computing standards.”, in fact, many people opt for PC due to higher frame rates and faster gameplay. However, he also stated, “While PCs have exclusives of their own, none are as high profile as Halo, Gears of War, and Uncharted.”, which has driven many gamers to buy a new console to play exclusives. So get a PC if you want good games.


Consoles haven’t gotten better. Sure they’re better than the older ones, but they are weak compared to PCs. PC users can customize and upgrade their PC to play better, while console users have to wait a few years for the newest one to come out. But it’s cost that can drive out possible PC gamers. A GTX Titan graphic card can cost people up to a thousand dollars, while a beast of a PC can cost several thousand dollars or more. And pre-built PCs can cost up to five thousand dollars or more. Consoles only cost three to four hundred dollars, and they come with everything, except games. So if you’re clingy with money, a console is for you.


All in all, PCs and consoles aren’t that different, no matter what people say. Their both technological giants in the media, and it’s entertainment. So go choose one, or even both, and have fun exploring gaming culture.