At the start of this unit I did not know much about these forms of governments at all.  I only knew what a democracy was because thats what they use in the United States. It is important to learn these forms of government because in the future you might go somewhere and they might ask you about these questions. E.g if you are studying Greece history it is good to learn about the different types of government. I think a Tyranny works the best because the tyrants promised the poor people a good and fair life if they help overthrow the oligarchy.

This type of government is called a Monarchy
This type of government is called a Democracy
This type of government is called a tyranny
This type of government is called a Oligarchy


So for mummifying the fruits and vegetables, first we had to put the salt and baking soda inside the plastic bag. After we put the salt and baking soda, we cut the cucumber, apple and cherry tomato in half and put them into out plastic bag. So we left this for about a week and after the week, we opened it. When we first open the bag, the smell was horrible. We took out the fruits and vegetables and then put them on a piece of paper. Then after we put them on a piece of paper, we took a picture of them.

One of my top three favourite learning activities was the breaking news because it was fun to make and it was kind of hard at times because I had to keep re-doing it because at first, I didn't get it but after someone helped me, I could understand.

The second of my top three favourite learning activities was the crossed or uncrossed because it was challenging at first because we couldn't figure out if it was crossed or uncrossed but then, after a few more classes, almost everyone figured out the pattern. But for me, I was just guessing and every time, I was getting right. I still have not found out the pattern when almost everyone has.

The last thing was the chapter quiz. For me, the chapter quiz makes you show what you learned and if you were paying attention. I also like studying about the chapters and the questions that go along with it.


I think I feel successful in math by asking for help when I am stuck in something. I think asking people when your stuck is a good idea because if you don't know how to do it, you can ask someone and they might know and explain it to you.

I am happy with my progress because I think i've worked hard in aleks and tried my best and did what I could do. I also turned in all the assignments on time and I didn't ever submit an assignment late in math class.

For the next quarter, I think I could aim for the 2 year path but that would mean a bit more work than usual. I could also aim to finish unit 2

This project helped me learn about the environment and human settlement in Ancient Egypt because for the people who don't know what the environment was like in Ancient Egypt, if they watch my video, they can find out how Ancient Egypt could have looked like and what grew there. They could also know what the homes looked like and how they were designed back then.

I am proud of my design in my minecraft world because I spent a lot of time making the nile river and the mediterranean sea  because it wasn't that easy to make. First of all, the nile river is really long so I tried to make it long but I couldn't because that would take way too long. The mediterranean sea on the other hand was much harder to make because I had to make it big to make it look like a sea and not a pond so that took roughly 30-35 minutes to dig out the perfect size.

I think next time, I would work more on my screencast because I did fumble up sometimes and I could have done more on the editing. I could have also explained more in the screencast because I felt like I didn't explain much about the places. Overall, thats what I think I could improve on next time.

Here is the video

So this is a reflection on my Lit Circle Assessment V-log I did last week. Some highs I got were introduction. I introduced the story and it was clear. I gave a very short summary or Blurb that didn't give away any parts of the story. For conflict, it was a bit challenging to find out what it was but I managed to find out is was man v man. I explained why it was man v man and I gave at least one quote. The next thing was rating the book and recommending it to specific readers with some reasons. I gave my book a 10/10 and I recommended it to people in 5th grade all the way to 8th grade. I also said that it might be challenging for some 5th graders since there are some words they might have not learned yet. I had eye  contact with the camera and I wasn't looking all around myself. I was only looking at my notes for a second and then getting back the eye contact with the camera. I didn't show any of my notes in the v-log since I chose to put my notes on my mac book so it would be easier. I scripted what I was going to say and I used formal standard english

Here are the things I needed to work on. Describing the main character in terms of how they change through the story. I didn't do much of that. I described what the main character was like at the start of the book but I never said what the main character was like throughout the book. Next was the theme. I didn't tell how the theme was developing through the story, I only described how to was like at the start of the story. I had trouble speaking clearly and sometimes I kept on saying um and uh and then some of the people who could be watching my v-log could have not understood why I was saying uh and um.

PAF, which stands for purpose, audience, affects the way you produce writing because you have to have the purpose of the writing. If you just say "The purpose was to not do this," that's not a great purpose. Give a purpose like why are you writing this and why is it important.

For audience, you have to explain them to your writing. If you don't explain the writing to your audience, they will have no idea what your writing is about. Also, if you are writing to one friend or one person, describe why you are writing to them. People who are reading your letter or story, etc. They are your audience and you have to explain to them.

Where would we be without format. Having format in your writing is the best. Are there going to be diagrams? Are they going to be subheadings? All of these make the writing much better. The layout of your text makes your writing look better. But if its a messy layout and not a neat one... its the opposite. Also, having subheadings is more used in non-fiction books but some fiction books also have subheadings. Subheadings are good when the topic changes and the reader knows when they are reading a new thing.