Ship Building

Hi! Today I am going to tell you about a ship my group made. During researching of explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, I learned some cool facts. Here are some facts:

-Ferdinand Magellan first set sail to Malaysia.

-Ferdinand Magellan was killed from Lapu-Lapu.

-Ferdinand Magellan’s officer secretly passes the Portugal barrier.



Book Review

Hi! My name is Vincent. Today I am going to recommend you the book Frindle. In this book, a teenager named Nick. He and his friend Janet now are in fifth grade and will study with the meanest, strictest teacher in the whole school, Ms. Granger. When this happens, the would probably loose their creativity. So one day, Nick makes a new word called Frindle, replacing the word Pen. I would rate this a 5 star because the book was funny and interesting! To read on, read the book!

Field Trip with River Artist Lee Tracy

Today, we went to the rainbow bridge. We sketched, wrote poems, and spread the fabric in the water to let it float. It wasn’t trashing the cloth, but we later picked it up from the water. I liked when we got to sketch because it was the time to relax and Draw.  I felt really sad because we do really bad things to the environment, so we have to improve on our environment. The message of the artist was that we should always look forward and backward because we need to reduce our pollution while we are still using it.