Field Trip with River Artist Lee Tracy

Today, we went to the rainbow bridge. We sketched, wrote poems, and spread the fabric in the water to let it float. It wasn’t trashing the cloth, but we later picked it up from the water. I liked when we got to sketch¬†because it was the time to relax and Draw. ¬†I felt really sad¬†because we do really bad things to the environment, so we have to improve on our environment. The message of the artist was that we should always look forward and backward because we need to reduce our pollution while we are still using it.

Math Reflection Fractions

Hi! Two days ago, we were asked to make cookies enough to make 6 people, but the ingredients were enough for three people. So, we had to double the amount to make it enough for 6 people. The next day, we made cookie dough and it was so much fun! We made enough for six people. Here is one equation we did in one of the recipes:1/8 Applesauce cup. Now, we will double 1/8. This is the equation:1/8×2/1. First, we multiply 1 and 2. That equals 2. Then we multiply¬†8 and 1. That equals 8. The answer is 2/8, but we can reduce it. If we reduce the fraction, that equals 1/4.

We can use fractions when we eat pizza to divide them, we can use fractions when we make groups, and can use fractions when you cut things.

Here are some pictures: