Unit 5 Refection!

We just currently finish Unit 5! We got to see our scores today! I learned that I needed to check my work more. about the test I learned a lot and I learned how arrange them from smallest to largest. And there was only three standards. Here they are!

Film Festival – Viable Vietnam!

😳 Yesterday,Tuesday, we celebrated our documentaries, we had to dress up fancy and then we watched each groups’ documentary. We met at the auditorium and it was a blast!! We also got intermission so that we can take a break and eat Vietnamese food. Then we went back to watching documentaries, oh, we also got to walk on a red carpet! Look!

This is the setting:

And my reflection:

The Best Birthday Ever! Drama Protuctions

Wow! This is the VERY first drama production at school! At first I thought it wasn’t going to be fun, but at the end, it EPIC! So the story was about Skyler’s Birthday and her older brother, Charlie took over. They were stuck in the backyard. The parents went to get more pizza, while they were gone the kids ruled the house like a country and Charlie ruled it. Here are a few photos:This is Skyler, the birthday girl!

 This is Charlie, Skyler’s brother!

This was the set up.

Lastly, the actors!!

Unit 4 Ending!

On this unit we were learning about operations with fractions ( +, – and *), but when we started to learn about it,I already knew a lot about it. And one of the things I don’t know how was the models. I thought the standards are different and they are only a bit different. Here are the standards:

This standard is about if we know how to DECOMPOSE

This one is about adding and subtracting MIX NUMBERS.


This one is about subtracting with SAME DENOMINATORS.
Lastly, this one is about adding and subtracting with mixed numbers.

Today we went to the rainbow bridge for our field trip with Tracy Lee, she is an eco artist. Back to the field trip, our class first activity was dipping fabric in the water to see how dirty our water is. (Here is a photo).

Next we were a bit behind schedule so we went to eat lunch and we played a bit too! The second activity was writing poems about nature or the river. Here is my poem I wrote:

River, river
gives me peace,
river, river
blow the breeze!

The last activity was sketching a view in the park. I sketched a lot of trees and it took a lot of time for me to observe the surroundings before I drew. This is what I drew:

We are learning about Viable Vietnam too we learned the word sustainability, that means can it keep on going?

                 This is my fantasy story! I was stuck when I began, I had lots of ideas, but it was too  difficult. I had 4 worlds, more than 5 characters and too much stuff to plan and drawing. Now I have so many simple things. Now my story is done! Then when I began my story, I was stuck! Then I had to make up Ideas to start my story. Once when I writing a part, I forgot to connect the story so I had to go back fix then the teacher checked, but still fix and once more than finally print and make the cover too!!😓 I also had a time limit!

Sports day 2017!!

Today sports day was the BEST than any other sports day. The best part of sports day was I get to be with my friend and at the end of sports day, I was all dry! The worst part was that I got so many injuries! My favourite station was the drinks area because the drinks are yummy! The least favourite station for me is musical buckets because I got out so quickly! It was fine that I got wet early because I didn’t sweat! 😄😎

Here is a few photos! 📷