It will stop you from what you desire

A regretful day or feeling of shame

Making you tangled into a wire

Roaring, growling, bursting fires of flame.

The laziness, painful, and shameful wrath

Pulling you into the range of anguish

Wishing us not to return to the  path

Amount given that doesn’t benefit


If time was spent right what we has done wrong

We would see how absurd the complaints sound

The days would be as lifeless all year long

Our life would be as dreadful as chard ground


For some people that accepts laziness

No one wants to go to the haziness

In Yearbook class we Photoshop some images that we took. The first one  is wheres there’s a guy just standing there. What I have done to the picture is I made the picture more lighter, so it is more clear for the  people to see. We use a program  called  Photoshop CS4. First we duplicated the photo by pressing control + j, then go to layer panel and change it to screens. Last adjust the the opacity to make the image brighter. The second photo also duplicate it, go to the layer panel then change it to the overlay.  The third photo, I made it brighter, but with more color into it. We also duplicated for this, then go up to the top left corner, you will the one that says “Image”. Click it, then adjustments, last click shadow/ highlights. Then a new window would open shadow and highlights to adjust.



JIMsep04_phucanhcherryjerrysalina_practise016sep07_group_photos_practise_029mr.M coaching










What he have learned from the past 5 weeks of Yearbook Class is Principal of Composition, to rename imagines, and how to use a camera. For renaming imagines and how to use a camera, we started by learning by reading the presentation that the last year Yearbook people had made.

Format, Center of Individual Interest, Simplicity, Maximum use of picture area, Camera Angle, Select focus, Balance, Rule of third, Framing, Repetition of form, and Leading lines are Principal of Composition. During class time we went out the class and practice the principal of composition using a camera. By learning the principle of composition, I think it helps us to take better and interesting photo to present it in the yearbook. We also learned how to rename images in efficient way for a lot of amount of picture. I would whelp us to be more organize if we want to make the spread for a event, it would also help us not waste our time doing one by one.

Another thing we learn is how to take a group photo. We went out in groups and took group photos, by doing this I have learned that it was hard for the cameraman, director, and the people we are going to take. I found it hard because we all had to precipitate and collaborate, it was hard for the director to order people to move people since they wouldn’t exactly be in the place you would want them to be. The director and the cameraman had to collaborate with each other in order to get a good group photo. The hardest part of taking a group photo was it was hard to find balance, for example their one person placing their hands in a different place or theirs a space between the person and the other person.

Exponents Summary

At the exponent video Mr. Betoria taught us how to answer exponents and what was the common mistakes where. He taught us that the base was the number in the center and the exponent or the power are the number on the top right. When we solve exponent we see the power first and the power represent how many time we would have to times the base number. For example when five is the base and the power is three, we time five three time. It would like this 5 x 5 x 5 and the answer would be 125. What common mistake can be when we doing exponent is that some people might think that three to the tenth would be 3 x 10. daum_equation_1377692056281

40 book challenge reflection

This year I have achieve many goals, but today I will be talking about my achievement in 40 book challenge. I have achieve reading more than 20 books, I have read 26 books for the 40 book challenge. I think I could done a it better in the 40 book challenge, by doing that I could of spend more time reading books than having free time more than reading. Before the school ends I would like to find and read the mystery book because I am lacking in the genre mystery and other more, those are science fiction, traditional literature, historical fiction, biography, and informational.

Comparing myself as a reader right now to last year, when I am reading out loud I can read more fluently then last year, but I can’t change how I talk when I am reading, so it wouldn’t be interesting. I think I was able to improve my reading skill because started to read out loud when I am reading my book. Comparing myself as a reader when I am reading to my self is that I don’t really think that I have changed since when I have tried to use the  reading skills, my head gets dizzy when I am using the skills. I also dislike the reading skills because I get lost where I was reading and I have to get a dictionary or pencil and paper, and I think it a bit to much work sometimes so it doesn’t last a long time for me.

My thoughts in 40 book challenge is that I dislike it because I do not really like reading. I think that 40 book challenge is a good way of becoming a good reader. I think that a lot of people would tried to compare each other how many books they have read so far. That would help them try to read more.What my thoughts about reading is that I think I like it more than the beginning of this years, but reading for me is still difficult.



The Last Free Write of This Year

The Highlight of Grade 7

In this school years many events that happened that can be my highlight for this year, but my biggest highlight of grade 7 is getting to know new, other student and teachers. In middle school every year we usually have different classmate and teachers that makes us allow to know more people by having same classes. I think that I have learn a lot more about other teachers then students because they helped us out in our learning, behavior,  and manners as well. Teachers could also teach others then education to students.

I also have another highlight from this year, it was when my good friends came back during the spring break. Jung Seok and Jung Keun are twins that left our school in the second semester that are my good friends since I came here in fifth grade. They have came back to Vietnam for 1 week, and I have played with them everyday, I also ate breakfast, launch, and dinner together the most o that time and had no much time to go home that made me feel homesick sometimes, but I do not regret what I did with them.

40 Book Challenge Self Assessment

This year in our humanities class we have been challenge of reading more than 40 books this year. We were required to read different genres of books, such as mystery, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, poetry, drama, biography, informational books, folktale, and many other genres. Right now I am read 28 books, we have 2 more weeks left of school and I have to read until 40 books, but I don’t think that it is possible to read 12 books in two weeks, so I am think to read at least 2 books before we finish our school, that makes me have 30 books. Currently I am lacking in 4 different genres, those genres are informational, historical fiction, traditional, and mystery. As I said that I am can not read 12 books in two weeks so I am going to read 2 books in two weeks. I am going to achieve this goal by putting more effort in reading.

The Other Side of Truth Reflection

We rad a book called The Other Side of Truth and its about a girl and  a boy  who lives in Nigeria, but their mom got killed by the government people because of what their father was doing, their father was a journalese that said truth about the government what they did bad. Their mom was killed and they came to London as a refugees. The story is about them being a refugee.  Overall I think that the book was great because I like the story and the authors word choice. I think that the author did a great work for the word choice because she used descriptive  word, and I also like that she repeated most of the difficult words, so that we would know how we can use the word. What I liked about the story is that it was realistic. I would like to recommend this book to everyone that is above middle school.

Journey of the Red Blood Cell Freddy

Once a upon a time there was a red blood cell called Freddy, he was caring carbon dioxide. His journey started at the Right atrium of the heart, it was a big room, in front of Freddy there was a big door called Tricuspid valve that shuts and closes. Freddy took one step closer to the Tricuspid valve and was sucked in to the mysterious room called the Right ventricle, this time the room was way bigger than the first room he had entered, it was more like a triangular shaped place. Freddy observed the room and saw a Pulmonary valve, that was located at the left side of the Tricuspid valve. Freddy entered the Pulmonary valve and saw a big hall called the Artery, he started to walk straight through the artery. When it came to the end of the Artery he saw that the Artery had two direction he could go. Freddy decided to go to the left side of the Pulmonary Artery. He walked and walked and finally came to the capillary, he drop his carbon dioxide and picked up oxygen and the glucose. Glucose are sugars. Freddy became the rich blood cell  and kept on going straight to the vein, he finally arrived at the left atrium. When Freddy does another around of going to the left ventricle then to the aorta, then to the artery, then to the capillary, finally he would come back to the right atrium.image