1. In PE we've been doing a unit on archery. We learned to load the bow, how to handle the bow and how to aim. we also learned the right stance for when you shoot.

2. Targeting is when you have your bow loaded and you aim at the target. I think at the moment we are just getting the hang of it and we are doing pretty well, I think we still need to work on some more.

3. In archery it is very important to have the right stance if you stand wrong it could affect the shot and where it goes. Your chest must be sideways to the wall.

4. In archery if you want your shot to be accurate you must pull the string back not too much but not too little. if you pull back to much you will over shoot and if you pull back too little you will hit the ground.

5. grouping is where the arrows are on the target after you have shot a couple arrows at the target. This is after you have shot.

The problem here is that I was not standing right my chest was towards thetarget.






When we started this unit I only knew about dictatorship,democracy and communism but now I know there are many more I never knew about

I think it is important to know these government because you need to tell the different between the good and bad government and also to know who is running your country.

I think democracy is the best form of government because it lets people vote on who can represent their country the best. I also think it is good because if it wasn't then ancient Greece wouldn't have stayed with it for so long


Just do it! Nike is a very popular brand among athletes, and we are here to find out what the purpose of their slogan is. We think that it means to take risks and don't be afraid to try new sports. We think Nike actually chose Just Do It as their slogan because people these days, care how others think about them. By saying Just Do It, this might make people try something new too. When people take risks, people will succeed and when you fail, try again. In sports, if you don't take risks, you will not be able to accomplish anything. Nike is one of the highest quality sports gear you can get. So remember Just do it!

This week lit circle went well because everyone read to where they were suppose to and took notes. As a result of our discussion we learned words we kind of skipped and did not put in our vocabulary we also learned what our teammates thought about our book. For the next lit circles I think it is going to be even better because every time we do it we get more experience doing it and it results in a better lit circle.

Today in Digital Literacy we did some Robotics with the Humming Bird. This was the first time I worked with humming bird. For today's lesson we had to try to turn on the LED and for a while we couldn't get it to work and then Ms. Bailey told us that we had to take the plastic off because Plastic and Metal do not conduct together. I think next time we need to finish doing the LED and try to think more and look at other people's more, because we looked but I think we didn't look carefully enough.

I think I was most successful during the beginning of the year when the topics were much easier.

I am unhappy with my Aleks Progress because I have been slacking and not have been doing it at home because the Topics are getting harder and harder. It seems like I left the hard ones to the end and now I regret it.


I think for next quarter I will try to do Aleks at home a lot more and if I am stuck I will ask my parents or wait for school the next day.

So for the last week or 2 we have been making ancient civilization on Minecarft. Before we had to make it we had to learn about what were the most important factors for a civilization. I learned that 3 most important factor in an ancient civilization was topography, fresh water and Vegetation. I learned that vegetation was important because if you didn't have vegetation then that means that means farmers won't be able to plant their crops which feeds the civilians. I learned that fresh water was important not only because it was a source of drinking water it is also a source of food. They can kill the birds that come to the water to catch fish or go fishing for fish.  I also learned that topography was important because if they chose to live in the desert and not close to water then it will be hot and they would not be able to access water to drink.


The two parts of the project I am most proud of is when I edited it I think that by editing it, it made my video much better than without editing. I am also proud of how I built my world because when I first made the replication it didn't look that good and then I lost it. So then I had to do it again and learned from my mistakes before and just made it better then the last one.


I think I would've had the planning sheet open as I was recording because I had to edit some parts in that I forgot about. So next time I would've brought my notebook home and have had right next to me and see what I missed.