In science class, we created a lego example of the mountain. As you can see there is a little bit of yellow the yellow is the strata in the crust. The green is another layer of strata that is on the top. The red is a volcano. The blue is water and the higher blue is a wave that is extremely high because the volcano just erupted because there was a lot of tension with the plates. So the waves were particularly high.

Hauora is a Maori concept that contains four concepts. The four concepts need equality for your life to be happy. That’s why I believe that Hauora is connected to self-concept. If we follow Hauora, we have a happy life, just like with self-concept. The way that you think of yourself is in self-concept is the mental side. The other people thinking about you is the social side, taking care of yourself is like the physical side and the spiritual life is a mix of all.

And this is Hauora.

  • Taha tinana: Is the physical side Example: Movement and Caring for yourself
  • Taha Heinen Garo: Mental and emotional. Feelings and ways of understanding people/yourself
  • Taha whanau: Social side examples: family members and friends.
  • Taha wairua: Spiritual side, possibly the hardest to understand. It is like the meaning of life and searching for the correct paths in your destiny

Here is a picture of Hauora.

Image result for hauora


In Mandarin, we had a unit on daily routines. We learned how to write and speak. In this video, it shows me talking about my daily routines. It was really fun because I learned how to say brush teeth and go to sleep etc. I also learned how to describe my daily routines and activities in Mandarin.

In archery, we learned about targeting and grouping and how to aim. We also did a lot of firing the arrow. Targeting is when you chose and object to throw at shoot at. Targeting will help us look at where to shoot and getting the gold part. Targeting also means to aim or directly look at something and maybe shoot. You will stand with your feet parallel. if the target is in front of you, you will stand facing you right with your feet. You hold the string with 2 fingers at the bottom and 1 at the top. Grouping is where you shoot. This picture bellow is showing my grouping.



Can you guess what product IM LOVIN IT is applying to.

I'm Lovin it represents Mcdonalds. Because they sell food and it is for when you are eating the food you can say I'm Lovin it.  This also means you can always enjoy a high-quality burger and more at Mcdonalds. It is really important because it is really is easy to remember. It also connects to loving life because Mcdonalds they sell all the things you need to love life.

YES, we are learning about mummification and I actually mummified something. But first, let's start with the process.

First, we had to scrape out the guts of the tomato and the apple. Then we had to add a lot of salt to the tomato and the banana. After salting the fruit we had to but it in the tomb A.K.A. a plastic bag. Then you would have to fill the tomb with salt and we left the fruit there for a week to see what would happen.

After a week we look at it and here are pictures that will show what it looks photo-on-12-5-16-at-10-36-am photo-on-12-5-16-at-10-36-am-3 photo-on-12-5-16-at-10-37-am

The first 2 pictures are the pictures of the apple and the bottom 2 is the tomato it is a baby tomato. The fruit has shrunk and the salt did not keep it preserved.

Now the last part of this I am going to talk about my favorite parts of social studies class.

  1. Kahoot
  2. Just dance
  3. See Think Wonder

I like the kahoot beacuse it is very fun and everyone really likes it and it is also educational. For the just dance I think i tis good beacuse it get us active after siting alot. I also like see think wonder beacuse it gets us to think about the diffrent thing and make asumtions and then find out the answer.

Thank you for reading bye 😝

3 ways this minecraft video helped me is:

It let me see how Canaan actually looks. This shows me how herder would do. It would show me what cannan has: topography, vegetation and just the feature in general.


2. What part are you proud of:

I'm proud of actually making cannan. I'm proud of how much I learned. I'm proud of doing all of the thing on the rubric and trying my best to finish the project.

3. What part would you do differently next time:

I would try to make more thing because it was so fun. I would also like to make the river longer because I thought it would look better if it was longer. I should organize my time on when I should work on it better.

Question 1: In what area do you feel successful in math?

I feel successful in doing a lot of topics every week.


Question 2: In what area do you feel unhappy with you progress?

I don't really feel unhappy with anything cause I am happy with all of my progress.


Question 3: What goals are you going to set for next quarter?

I want to get at least 15 topic done every week.