This video talks about poverty and how to stop it. It also talks about how poverty has reacted and improved these past years. I learned that poverty has gone way better in the past years and I think that is very interesting because that kind of represent the success in the government. It will help me make better decisions in my life because I know the stats so I will be able to make a better choice.

Right now the grade six is having the project we did last year, the dragon apprentice. Because we did it last year, we have a lot of experience and we can help the grade six. So we made a video to help them get the basic idea of what to do and what not to do. My teamates are Pedro, Seung A, and Jessie. We really tried to make it funny so the sixth graders will want to watch it and we also tried to make it short so they won’t lose focus while watching the video. We also tried to have music in it so they would not get too bored of the video. I think this video should teach the sixth graders what to do and what not to do because we added a lot of tips in it that we think is good. I really hope all the sixth graders good luck!

In this project we had to design a water filter that will make the water sample Mr.Butz gave us under the the requirements. We had to make the turbidity very low, the copper at 100ppm, and the acidity to 6-8, overall make the water drinkable. I worked with Amber and Tin, and our first prototype was to make a natural filter. We first cut off the bottom of a bottle and put sand, coal, and some rocks inside and then we cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle so water can leak out. Our first design didn't work very well but our second prototype met all the requirements except for the acidity. Our third prototype went back a step and didn't meet any of the requirements. We found out that the smaller the bottle is the more compact the materials in it is and that made the water cleaner, so we had to use a smaller bottle. Overall, our second prototype worked the best and I think this project was really fun even though it is really hard.


A challenge I faced is when I was trying to put the subtitles in to the video I faced a lot of tech issues like, font being too big, or changing the color of the words so that it contrasts. I am really proud of how I spoke in this video. I Talked in different tones. I tried to emphasize how hard the guy in the poem when he was trying to overcome his pain with my voice. I would add more pictures because I think I didn't add enough pictures. If you are reading this and is a future student doing this project, Find good pictures because that makes the audience want to watch your video and you should not make it boring because there is only one picture.

In this unit we learned about poetry and the things in poetry. We also learned all sorts of ways to enhance our poem like whitespace, line break, and repetition and also figurative language. At the beginning of this unit I don't really know how to use these to enhance my poem but we learned and now we have to use these techniques to write a final poem to show Mr.Jardin that we learned.


screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-18-00-58 you probably don't know this guy but he is the main character of All the Bright places book and I chose him because he is just like me who doesn't care about anything. B.T.W. they are making a movie about the book and it's coming out next year.

636024821558496273-113635098_check-out-what-ron-weasley-has-been-doing-since-harry-potter-218059I chose Ronald Weasly from Harry Potter because he is a guy that will sacrifice for his friends and he likes to eat a lot too.


I chose lightning Mcqueen because sometimes he makes mistakes and he doesn't car about a lot of things.


I had a hard time getting the words to fit because you need to play with the font a bit to make it fit and get the picture and the link and the words to align well. I chose this image because the person in the picture is running a race and in my poem, the character is also running a race. My image creates the idea that the guy in my poem is running his fastest and trying his hardest to run.

The parable that appealed me the most is the lost son because it was really interesting how his father is very happy because his son came home. If I was the father I would be very mad at him because he just wasted all my money and ruined his life. I think this does not just show the main moral, but also shows how kind and forgiving christians are. I think the parables really helped spreading christianity because it has all kinds of good stories to tell people and it's also good stories about the christians too. In most stories they are nice, kind, and helpful.  duncan-ss7-minimalist-poster-1