Charity video + Reflection

Click here to watch our CHARITY VIDEO

For the past month in language arts class we did a project on making a charity promotion video for Dragon’s Apprentice. We did this to make adults and students vote for our charity so the money 6th graders earn from Dragon’s Apprentice will get donated to the charity we made a video on. While working on this project, my partner and I had difficulty with the sound/audio because when we filmed our parts at school was really bad quality because of the background noises. To solve this problem we had to each record it again at home and put it in the video again. Another problem we had was using the pictures.

When we started the project we sent an email to the Saigon children’s Charity. However, they never replied back so we had to use reuse licensed pictures on google but not from their actual website.

I think we did really well in the video layout because I thought it was really eye catching and attractive because of the images, text and also the audio. For the audio we used serious and sad music to make it sound more intense. Our steps from the beginning was starting off with planning the layout of the video and what we should say in the video. After this we tried to film most of the clips at school. Then I went home and put it all together with my partner Alice’s help of approving and giving advices on what I should do to make this video even better.

After looking at other people’s videos, I felt like we should have done more to our video by adding more information and giving more examples of what the charity is doing and what education they’re giving right now. However since we have three days to add the things we want to add and edit so I think we can edit it so it would be better than before. Even though other teams did well and we’re not in the top 5, I think this was a great experience because I think we got to learn how to cooperate with your partner and also learn how to use your time wisely.  

Tutorial Video + reflection

This is the link to my tutorial video


The topic our group did was basically about how the team should advertise their product on social medias and all over the school. We thought this was really important for the 6th graders to know since we experienced this last year. Last year the group that did really good decorations, posters and commercials got into the finals because it was eye catching and people would be interested in buying their products. In our video we basically explained what color palettes we should use for the poster, how you should decorate your table for the plaza sale and what you should do to promote the product so people would buy it more.

Swimming Reflection

The past few swimming classes, I’ve reviewed some strokes and on the other hand, I also learned some more details in the strokes. A few days ago, we partnered up and filmed each other swim (breast stroke, free style and backstroke). After this I looked back at what I did wrong to fix and what I did good.

For my free style, I noticed that I wasn’t using my feet as well as my arm because I realized that I wasn’t kicking hard enough and it looked like I wasn’t even kicking at all. I think I did a pretty good job with my arms because they were rotating, I was reaching out far and my elbows were bent. I think I need to work more on my left arm because it wasn’t rotating as much as my right arm and it was straight. Other than fixing/working on my left arm, I think I did a pretty decent job on my freestyle.

Next for my breast stroke, I was doing a good job of using my arms because I was bending them when it was time to bend them and when my head was underwater, my arms were straight and I was reaching out far. However, I think I have to work on my legs since I wasn’t gliding after I rotated my arms and legs. I think I should slow down and glide more.

Lastly it’s the stroke I’m not confident about is breast stroke. I think my legs were not kicking strongly and my arms were not coming down all the way to my hips when I was rotating my arms. Since this is my weakest stroke in swimming, I think I should work more on this so I would be able to fell confident about it like the other strokes.


Water Filter Design Cycle

Basically in this project, we were required to make a water filter system that would make the contaminated water to clean and fresh water. Also the requirements of our clean water was to produce the water with an acidity of 6 to 8 ph level, generate at least 15 ml of water for testing and use materials that are available to people in rural Vietnamese villages which means the materials should be easy and cheap to get. Our first idea was to use a big plastic water bottle and put cottons and coffee filters in it to make it filter all the sediments in the water. Our first prototype worked well with the filtering from red contaminated water to clean blue salt water but we didn’t exactly know what to do when it came to removing the salts inside the water so we decided to leave that aside and plan what we would do with the salt water. Later on, we had an awesome idea of using the pot and boil it so the salt would get removed out of the water but this didn’t work out that good either because we collected to little water. Since we collected little amounts of water,we found out why the lid of the pot was collecting little amounts of water and it was because we turned the lid upside where the handle was and the lid was blocking the heat to reach the lid and we poured it in the graduated cylinder using the funnel. We got a little amount of clean water as our final results but we still collected some clean water and that’s better than not collecting any water so we thought our final result was pretty successful. Overall, I feel like this was a fun and enjoyable project where we get to improve our skills in group work, using our time wisely and I also think the project made us think out of the box for our prototypes every trials.

Digital Storytelling – Writing

During this project, the challenges I faced was getting the attribution for my images and music which was kind of complicated because we had to go through some steps. But, even though there were some challenges I feel really proud of the video because I think I did a good job on matching in the images with my poem so people would be able to visualize the poem with the image. I think the video was easier to express my mood and theme because of the sad song and all the images. I was trying to emphasize the theme and mood by my voice and the music. I emphasized my voice to sound very sad and I chose a sad song. If I have another chance to remake my video, I would like to spend more time on editing and also emphasize my voice so it would fit in the mood and theme more. Also if I can give advice to other people, I would like them to get a picture that doesn’t exactly describe the poem but a picture that can somehow relate to the image.

Poetry Reflection

After this unit, I learned that it’s easier to write a poem about an experience that you had. Everyone prefers writing a poem with an experience or thought because it’s easier to add details to the poem and it shows that you understand the theme. I actually find myself as a poet but I think I can improve my skills by practicing more and writing the poem based on my experiences. I consider writing poetry because I think it’s an opportunity to write something other than normal writing with rhyme and fun rhythms. I also think my overall expirience with poetry have increased a lot because in the past few years we only learned poetry for a short period but since we learned it for most of the quarter, I think this was an opportunity for me to learn a lot and gain mt knowledge on this unit.

Lastly, I have grown a lot as a writer this unit because we had to work out in our whole process from the beginning where we have to decide what topic the poem is going to be about to the last step which is publishing. After this unit, I think I have improved most in devoloping my main topic and narrowing the focus on it.

3 Fictional Characters

In ELA we were assigned to find 3 characters that had similar characteristics to us and the 3 fictional characters I chose was Joy from “inside out”, Bubble from “power puff girls” and lastly, Ginny Weasley from “Harry Potter.”

First of all, I chose Joy from inside out because I am always positive and I ONLY think about good things that are going to happen instead of bad things that are going to happen. I find this a good thing because if you always think of the negative things that are going to happen you might be too depressed and negative about that specific thing that’s going to happen.

Next, I found my personality really similar to Bubble because I am really sensitive about what people say about me and things related to me. Also, Bubble is afraid to show her emotions just like me and she is full of Joy like I said before in the second paragraph.

Lastly, I also chose Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter because she is athletic, and people always underestimate her when she is a lot tougher than she looks. Since I had a lot of people underestimating me when I am actually really tough. Also, I am really athletic because I love sports and I play a variety of sports.

18171450px-ginny_weasley          joy_render                   bubbles-pic

Theme Poem (Life cards)

During the process of this assignment, I had trouble getting the attribution for my image from Creative Commons because I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to get the HTML or the text url.

Next, I chose my image because I wanted to emphasize the visualization that could be made by reading my poem. Since my poem’s key words are stars, shimmering and sadness, I decided to find an image that has a little of each of the keywords.

As I said before, I wanted to emphasize the visualization that could be made by reading my poem. Since my poem’s key words are stars, shimmering and sadness, I decided to find an image that has a little of each of the keywords and the picture has stars that are shimmering in the dark sky. (I thought it looked really sad which was one of the key words in my poem)

Parables and my minimalist POSTER (SS 7)


Which of the parables appealed to you the most? and why? 

I think the parable of The Two builders appealed to the most because the message of god in the parable was very touching and it had a clear message. The message of God was “If you have a strong belief in God, then you will have a safe and happy life without anything bothering you but if you don’t have a strong belief in God, you will have a foolish life.

How do the parables relate to the spread of the religion?

I think the parables helped because it was quick, simple, but also relate to people’s lives. Also, I think it spread because Paul spoke to people that were not Jews and people who were Jews, unlike Jesus who only preached to the Jews.