Explorers Blog Post Play. The adventures of Marco Polo.

Hi world! Today I am doing a blog post about a play we did a it is called the adventures of Marco Polo and it didn’t turned out as I hoped because since quang wasn’t there son took over and he wasn’t used to playing in our play so he needed a script, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that he was doing things that wasn’t in the script. Oh and our “actors” was Hoang as Kublai khan and genoan 1 Minh was a guard and genoan 2 Son was Marco polo and me was Maffeo.


HS Dance

Hello World! Yesterday most of our class including mr.Ross’s class went to the HS dance and not the dance you do to another person, but the dance that you do for fun and I’ll put the video in the next blog. So yesterday we danced with the HS(high school) and they taught us what they practised and they showed us ,and they made it look easy, but it did had 7 simple steps ,but it was quite hard because we had to do a move that needed 8 times to do ,and another one was to clap 4 times under the legs.   Well I hope you enjoy this blog post I did and the movie I will do in the next blog post,and if you enjoy please comment on my blog!

Building a Ship!

Hello people! Today Me and my team( Minh,Quang,Hoang and me) are building a Marco Polo ship!We tried to make the Marco Polo ship the same as the picture ,but we didn’t have much time so we made it as best as we can to look like it except we forgot somethings like a steering wheel, the flag and more. The materials we used for the ship was card board and the sails were fabric.The cannons were made from a plastic,small poll. A bit of tape. I am going to name all the materials so you don’t get confused:String,fabric,plastic polls,cardboard and tape. I hope you like it.


This week it is earth week! On earth week we all celebrate earth week by not trowing out trash,turning off the lights and not eating meat. On earth week we also do earth week like make a blog post (which I am doing right now),make a youtube movie,paint and do a pledge which people knew it was easy so the people who are doing it have to do one more thing.Well I think this is how our school celebrate it but I don’t know how your school does it so bye!. 

Unit 5 Reflection

Hello People! We just finished unit 5 and we just got our test scores back and I just learned a few new things and here are some photos. ↓ In the test there was a lot of decimal fractions and equivalent fractions that where a bit hard and there where so greater than and less than stuff that needed a lot of thing. Well that was unit 5 so good bye people! 

The Film Festival!!!

Hello everybody in the world! Yesterday we did a celebration called “The Film Festival” and  the whole 4th grade showed something called a documentary and we showed it all to our family and friends. We went out side to wait for part two so We ate something that vietnamese people eat called spring rolls and we get to drink cold and warm tea. Then we went back to the auditorium so we could all see our part 2. When all the documentaries are done we all did the last goodbyes,photos and meeting the teachers and then we were all out of the school and we all go home. We also did something called ” The pat on the back and we write all the good things we did to make someone happy in the film festival.

The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever!

Hello there! Today I am gonna tell you guys about the most epic birthday party ever! And it isn’t exactly a birthday party ,but a play about a birthday and I have to say it is pretty funny and well epic birthday party play. I also want to say that it makes sense and I think they all got more than 5 lines and it is pretty cool to see they memorised all there lines and yeah it is nice to it.