The Film Festival!!!

Hello everybody in the world! Yesterday we did a celebration called “The Film Festival” and  the whole 4th grade showed something called a documentary and we showed it all to our family and friends. We went out side to wait for part two so We ate something that vietnamese people eat called spring rolls and we get to drink cold and warm tea. Then we went back to the auditorium so we could all see our part 2. When all the documentaries are done we all did the last goodbyes,photos and meeting the teachers and then we were all out of the school and we all go home. We also did something called ” The pat on the back and we write all the good things we did to make someone happy in the film festival.

The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever!

Hello there! Today I am gonna tell you guys about the most epic birthday party ever! And it isn’t exactly a birthday party ,but a play about a birthday and I have to say it is pretty funny and well epic birthday party play. I also want to say that it makes sense and I think they all got more than 5 lines and it is pretty cool to see they memorised all there lines and yeah it is nice to it.

Unit 4

Today I am gonna talk about unit 4 and what is hard and what is easy and what I fell about it. What is hard in the unit 4 is that it is the fractions are sometimes hard or challenging to do and the easy part is the equivalent fractions because it is easy to spot and easy to do. What I fell about unit 4 is that I think unit 4 is sometimes hard and sometimes easy. Thank you for reading this.

Lee Tracy: Eco Artist

Hi there! Today we had a Eco artist and her name is Lee Tracy. Lee Tracy told us why and what Eco means it means nature. We went to a field trip with Lee Tracy and we put this long piece of frabic into the river and when we brang it up it was muddy and had dirt everywhere!  


My favourite subject is P.E because all of the sports we do like baseball, soccer, floor hokey, sometimes dodgeball and yuki ball for fun. My favourite sport is dodge ball because we get to play capture the flag, doctor dodge ball and my favourite jail dodge ball.

Energy Saving Prototype .

This is our reflection video! It is about the maker space door because the maker space door is always open and the ac is always on and it is still open when no one is using it. So we made a prototype that makes a sound whenever the door is open and a light turns on. The sound is a voice that says : “Close the door,close the door.