Book review on A Week In The Woods

I  recommend this book  because it is adventures and action packed and you get to feel the characters emotions. I recommend this book to People who  love reading about peoples lives and the challenges they face. And What they do to over come the problems. I would give this book a four star because it is adventures and emotional . i did not give it a 5 star because only 30 pages in the book where when he was actually in the woods.

I hope you enjoyed my book talk

The Big Night!

I am nervous but exited for the film festival . I am exited because we get to show what we have worked on for two months. I am nervous because I hate hearing my voice on the big screen and the big speakers. so I have mixed feeling going into the festival.

Lee Tracy

We went to the rainbow bridge at Crescent  mall To do fun

activity with cloth, drawing and poetry. One of the things we did was add a poem about the atmosphere and whats around us. We also drew a picture of what we saw around us in the mini park. Then we did an activity with Lee Tracy. We dipped a cotton sheet in the water to show how dirty the water has gotten in the world over time. I think her message is to show how much trash we are throwing away and how we could make it last longer and not waste it. And she is also saying that it is better to keep things and only buy when you really have to buy something. That is what I think Tracy Lee is trying to express in her words and to help raise a awareness of how the rivers are getting destroyed.

                    By Emre


Candy Bar Fractions

We are learning how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. I know how to solve this problem because when you add fractions you keep the same denominator. Then the answer will have the same denominator. After that it is basic addition with the fractions.