Lee Tracy

We went to the rainbow bridge at Crescent  mall To do fun

activity with cloth, drawing and poetry. One of the things we did was add a poem about the atmosphere and whats around us. We also drew a picture of what we saw around us in the mini park. Then we did an activity with Lee Tracy. We dipped a cotton sheet in the water to show how dirty the water has gotten in the world over time. I think her message is to show how much trash we are throwing away and how we could make it last longer and not waste it. And she is also saying that it is better to keep things and only buy when you really have to buy something. That is what I think Tracy Lee is trying to express in her words and to help raise a awareness of how the rivers are getting destroyed.

                    By Emre


Candy Bar Fractions

We are learning how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. I know how to solve this problem because when you add fractions you keep the same denominator. Then the answer will have the same denominator. After that it is basic addition with the fractions. 

Here is my video that teaches how to multiply with 2 digit numbers please enjoy.To teach people how to multiply with two digit numbers and learn how hard it is to teach it to other people. Making this video it gave me a better understanding of multiplying with 2 digit numbers.

from Emre


G4 talk reflection

I feel like my partner and I worked really well together. And we also worked as a team to get through this task. We also used great gestures as a team we also spoke smoothly and with expression we knew we spoke fluently because the lines we memorized we were confident in.I think the most challenging task of all was creating the thesis because we had so many ideas for a thesis and we would ask the teacher and they would always say no so we had to think up so many ideas to get the sweet spot in our work. I think chossing the reasons was easy because we alreadey know alot about smoking plus we learned about smoking with Mr Ross and we knew alot before. Editting was pretty easy because we alreadey had a good inpression on how we were going to do this topic. Reaserching was a bit easy and a bit hard. The easy part was that we had a solid idea on our picture but the hard part was that there are alot of images that we were no looking for. The first week of memorizing was a bit hard the first few weeks but soon enough we got a hang of it. It blew me out of the water when I saw what my teamate and I could achive together.I think our G4 talk was important because we can recognize what is wrong in the world and what needs to be changed. Right know I am pretty disapointed because there was such a big build up and know it is all done.

Thank you for reading

By Emre