Ship building

I am building  ship with my group. We have to build a ship of our explorer and my groups explorer is Ferdinand Magellan. The part I think was the most fun was building the ship. I learned what explorers sail for and what troubles they have to face.

Book review

Dear readers,

me and my book clubs mates read a book called a week in the woods. The book was about a boy named Mark and he is in 5th grade and his mom and dad said that he has to move houses and he doesn’t  want to switch schools because he doesn’t want to leave his friends. He goes to his new school and started very lonely but later he starts to have friends. There is a program that is called a week in the woods and you go to the woods and camp out there for a week. Mark went to the woods and on the first day he got suspended  for bringing a knife and the sheet of paper said no knifes but it wasn’t Marks fault. It was his enemy and the enemy gave him the knife. Finally the teachers found out who did it and that kid got in trouble.

Adding fractions

We are learning how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. I know how to solve this question because I know how to add fractions.When you add fractions you add the top numbers(also known as the numerator) and you leave the bottom number which is known as the denomanater.