TOO MUCH FUN (😫 or 😃?)¡!¡!

YAAAASSSS😎!!!! FINALLY!!! I am back💩… ALIVE, I first thought I could not make it back alive..😅.  But I guess I was totally wrong, cause I love it and want to stay in Cat Tien for a few more weeks.

It was a fantastic trip😀, although some people were homesick..😓. But still, we all had a lot of fun! I my favourite activities were the group challenge, Moon bears and also the Bon-Fire🔥. I think that the Safari was really cool😎 because we saw some deers, moose, weasels and porcupine (etc…).  We got to eat soft melted, roast marshmallows

!!!!!!! I did not really recommend the bathroom but it is ok. The A.C was so cold, and as you know, in the forest🌳, there are lots and lots of bugs🐛. We needed a lot of bugs sprays to avoid all the bugs. The Bon-fire was awesome because we got to have Marshmallows, tell scary stories👻, and sing! When it was the student-led bonfire,

The Bon-fire!!!🔥

Anna, Helen, Halia, Isobel, Saki, Soobin, and I, we told and act out the scary story, the storyteller was Anna, and the main to actors were Halia and Helen, the sound🔊/lighting💡 effect was me and Saki. We had a volunteer, she was pretty scared (Lol😂 )and screamed so loud when Anna came towards her(LOL#2😂). The Group challenge was also great because we got to cooperate with each other and there was lots of fun games🎮! The Moon bears centre was really cool😎 cause we get to hide foods🍲 and later see how the bears get the foods🍲. There was one bears that I named Cookie🍪, but then he ate one of my classmates food first, so he said it was his bear, but I still have the credit for the name😒…I really liked how there was NO TECHNOLOGY💻 because you get to explore the nature🌱🌼.  

We went on a night🌃 sensory hike🏃 and the morning🌅 gibbon🐵 hike🏃, the night sensory hikes, we saw a lot of stars🌟 that were really bright and also some fireflies which I thought were also stars, too. The morning hike, I was a bit grumpy👎,but I manage to stay on my good mood👍, it was pretty cold❄️ but a few minutes later, when the sun started to rise🌅, it was warmer. I almost fell asleep when we were taking a rest, I was so tired because my cabin slept at 11:30 or so, but we luckily had a loud alarm⏰, so it woke us up at 5:00 – 5:15. The gibbon🐵 sound wasn’t as much as I expected when we were hiking, but then right when we were in our cabin, the gibbon starts to sing/call. In my head, I was like “Uhhh, We seriously went hiking for nothing…”  But then the sunrise🌄 was really pretty and the air in the morning was cool and it felt fresh! 

I think that the challenge for me was the bugs🐛, they were everywhere around our room (Don’t panic, they won’t hurt you), also the hike🚶, I wasn’t a very good Hiker so my legs had to suffered the whole way… There was a snake🐍 in my friends room, but it was harmless(I think 😰), I was so shocked😱 when I heard about it, but then problem was solved.

I think that this trip helped me understand a lot about sustainability because we are interact with nature🌼 and we are helping save the natures, so we use things that are reusable🍼 and is very eco-friendly(Green).

So my reflection about the Cat Tien trip means the trip was… FANTABSOME😋 (FANTASTIC AND AWESOME), AMAZING😍, AND FUN😃!!!

Sorry If you had to read a long post, the trip had so much fun!


A Boat ride to the Primate centre
Moon bears finding the food we hid!!

Information Report Rubric/Reflection 😀

Howdy people!! Tet break is sadly over😓, but the fun is going to begin, at school😆!!

We have been working on our information report an our teacher checked it, and this, now is the final check…  We use our C.A.R.P ( C=Contrast A=Alignment R=Repetition P=Proximity)  Rubric to help us guide through. I think it helps a lot because it can attract the reader easily. 

I think I made a good progress but i need to work on it too.


Click here to view

2 Week Reading Goal + Action Plan😋


My goal is to read more Biography or fantasy more than Mystery. Also my other goal is to read at least 30 minutes🕡.


Time myself to read at least 30 minutes. Make a chart📊 of Biography books, fantasy🐉 and Mystery🔎 and try to balance the genre I am reading📖.


Wednesday: I found a Fantasy book and timed myself for 30 minutes

Thursday: I read for 30 minutes but I didn’t choose a fantasy book or Non-Fiction

Monday: I read a non-fiction book for 34 minutes

Tuesday: I read a non-fiction book for 33 minutes

Thursday: I read a national Geographic book for 44 minutes

Friday: I read a realistic fiction book for 34 minutes


I think that I did good for the time I spent reading the book because I am starting to feel like the time⏰ is shorter then what I expected it to be, because I get so hooked into the book📖, but I think I should improve on reading more fantasy books🐉 📖 because I think that if I try reading more, I think I will like it and start reading other genres, not only mystery books🔎. 


WASSUP’!!For our Super Unit, we did a project, my partner was Helen. Our experience was about Chemical reaction, so the question was : How many Mentos will make a ziplock bag explode?}

I learned that it works, but the type of Mentos wan’t a good brand so that it did not make the bag explode – explode, but it only explode like the zip opened. I also learned that Coke and Mentos has a Chemical reaction because in the Mentos,

I really like the part where the zip opened and then it spilled all over Helen and a bit on me. and also the failure, we expected it to explode so we had gears, but then it did not explode, at all.

It would have been better if we had better Mentos because our were not good quality and so it did not have the ingredient to make the Physical reaction.


THE CONCERT… Yesterday was the fall concert🍂, the fourth grade was a blast, but when it came to is, the 5th grade, ehhh, I don’t think so… I think it was pretty good the instrument part🎻🎸, but when it came to the singing part,hehe…😁. I think that we need more practice because like we only had 2 practices and then,BOOM, it is Thursday. If you know the song Henry Martin, we had a solo part, so each class sings each verse, and our verse, we did not remembered at first but we actually made it without a mistake!!! That was the best part of all, but the part that I don;t think was so fluent was the recorder (It is like a flute, not a recorder machine or anything, it is a instrument) some were squeaky and some were too loud and some people were not even playing it!! I actually played, but only the first part, I did not play the rest😁😈. Then, it was kinda funny because one of the song, when we practice, it was so fluent but guess what? When we sang it to the audience, we got messed up and some were mumbling the word… I think that we need some more improvements.


I think that it is time to go!! SEE YA ALL!!😀

Reflection Time #2 (Inquiry)

Lol!!! Something weird just happen, but I am not going to talk about it in this post, in this post we are talking about the inquiry info…😓(Humph…)


So I have been following the schedule, but the problem is, the day of my schedule, I am following the structure but the date, eh, because sometimes we don’t do it in class, neither do I do it at home, so ya… I found a lot of answer and I fixed my old problem (If you didn’t read my other post) I changed some question and now, it is very easy to answer the question. SO I am basically on task… Not really, hehe… I do not like the most is the taking notes because I forgot to do it so I am too lazy to do it again and find the website, but I have to😡😢😩.. WAH!!!!I am almost done with the paraphrasing, I only need about 2 more then I think that I am done!!! YAY!!! I am on TASK.

Reflection Time!!!! (Non-Fiction Inquiry)

HEY!!!!! This was a really fun week! We got to choose our own Non fiction topic and right about it. Some of you guys might know that I LOOOOOOOOOOVE dog so much that when ever I see a stray dog, I will rescue it!! Well, for my topic it is the opposite, people rescuing dogs? No, It is dog rescuing people, some of you guys might heard of rescue dog and like that right? Well rescue dogs also includes airport scenting dogs, police dog and other more… We made a plan of what we are doing in the next week and I think mine, I can do it in the exact day, I think… So here is the plan, (it is a bit blurry, or maybe ALOT)




My plan for the next few weeks
My plan for the next few weeks

So I am now still researching and paraphrasing some information, but I am close to finishing (NOT). So I have found some information but the problem is that I can’t answer all of my questions because their are different kind of rescue dogs, like people adopting/rescuing dogs and dogs rescuing people, and one of my question does not inquire the total amount but it only inquire the heroic, and important things that the rescue dogs did, not the amount in the world… But I guess I can change it into another question so ya, BYE!!



Sup! Our class this year, our super unit had change, now it is Mixtures and Solutions, I think that I like the Amazing Race unit better, but this is also ok too. This unit is not exciting as the other one but this one, we have more experiments and get to now more about chemical or what will happen of when put {____ in water} we already did it with Powder (Small grained animal🐀🐁🐭🐹🐮🐰🐱🐤🐧🐝🐸 BONES!), Salt, Gravel and lastly, CITRIC ACID… I think that some people were over reacting when citric acid goes on their hands or anywhere (Including me). 

In math, we are learning about adding and subtracting decimals (Not that hard though). I think it is very fun and the best part of all, we get to play lots of math games!!!!

I am researching about rescue dogs (Dogs that rescue people). I think that it is a good topic for me because I know a lot about dogs ( I am not the only one, maybe you guys too!) I love golden retriever because they are loyal and they are the common rescue dogs (They are also ST Bernard, Labrador… etc)

 My fav subject is PE (Basketball 🏀)! I think that’s it for now, BYE 🙋BYE


Choose Your Own Adventure Story📝📖! ^^

Hi guys! In our class, writing, we are doing a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE book! It was very hard to use, I got struggle almost the whole way, the last 2 days, I managed to complete it and now it is in a site! Click Here To See My Story!!!📕👀

I was so proud when I completed it, I had to choose the right background and colour, although mine is a bit hard to see because when I changed the background image or the font colour, it won’t play it for me in an app called Twine(Have you ever used Twine?) , it was okay at first when my teacher was doing it, but then when I tried, it went WRONG, so I couldn’t do it! I was wondering, have you ever had a problem so when I grownup or someone else is doing it, it works but when you tried to do it, you failed!!

I think that my story have a good show not tell in the and I am proud about that, but it is not the best… I think I have to work on punctuations and past tense.

My Twine plan
My Twine plan



This week was an exciting week, also the best week and guess what?! Exciting news everybody!!! The 5 grade teacher planned and finally agree to go on a AMZING RACE 🚣🏃🚵🏇🏁!!! When the teachers said that, everybody was like… YA!! WOAH!! YES!! and etc… My mom had sign up to be a volunteer, but the bad thing was that there isn’t enough parents volunteering and if there isn’t enough, the plan will not success😖😥.

Also, good news! The A teams basketball had a competition with ISSP (Saigon Pearl) and AIS (Australian international school) When we v.s ISSP, we got: SSIS: Girls 22 and Boy: 33 / AIS: girls 08 and boy: 0. The AIS girls: 9 and Boys: 08/ SSIS girls: 10 and boys: 22.

It was a good mach and the good thing is… WE WON! I am sorry if you are a AIS or ISSP reading this, they also did very good to! The important thing was… WE ALL TRIED OUR BEST! This week was an amazing week, 2 game in a row and this week has good and exciting news!