My Cat Tien Learning vacation

My vacation at Cat Tien was great and wonderful. When I packed my suitcase I forgot my camera charger, because I woke up late, I was late for my bus. I felt embarrassed as I walked to my seat. Next, I was tired when I got out of the bus. When I heard I needed to go on a boat, I was frustrated. As I landed on land I ran toward for my cabin and put my things in order. I then ran to the restaurant for my lunch and then when I finished lunch, walked to my group for the activity. I’ve heard that these activity will be with the nature, then some girls in my group was scared and embarrassed of the insect crawling around the field where we sat. The teacher needed to push them down so they would sit down. The boy was laughing at Thuy Linh because she was shouting and was screaming too. I was very embarrassed because she is my cousin. When we were finished with the group activity I went to my cabin and then I changed my clothes and ate lunch. Then I got to go on a hike with my group at night. When I was walking I heard some noise and I was scared because we could not turn on any lights. Then I looked up to the sky and it was beautiful and dark too. We were at the end of the road so we needed to turn around and then we were at the starting place, I went back to my room to get things for bon fire. I took my camera to take pictures at the bon fire for my google drive photos. Then the next day I woke up and it was 5:40 because I wanted to go hearing the gibbons singing and it was loud and awesome too. Then we went back to my cabin and then I have waited until 7:00 AM. Then it was 6:55AM so I walked to the restaurant for my breakfast and have chosen banh mi with jam. It was not great but better than yesterday lunch.


Not don with day 2 part

below is some part of the day 2 trip

Then I went to the primate center and it was fun becasue there were primates everywhere and they were swinging like a PRO parkour. Then I have met two women that will be my group guides.

It was fun and we had a lot of things to do like the group games, night safari and night hiking, primate rescue center, moon/ sun bear rescue center, and even bon fire. My best thing I did there was the bon fire, because there were roasting marshmallow, playing games with the teachers, and even singing. When it was breakfast I went to my room and got changed. Then I walked with my roommates to  the restaurant and we ate the food we chose last week at school. When we were done eating we went to the primate center and we saw a lot of gibbons. We even saw a giant lizard too. There was a guider in our group and the guider was not there. So we walked straight to the head quarter and we were waiting, suddenly the guider came to the head quarter and saw us sitting and waiting. The guider was sorry and she though it must be 10:00am but my teachers said it was 9:30am. So the guider said ok ok, then she told us she was sorry and we told her it was not a problem. Then she told us about this place and then she walked us though why the primates are endangered. When she was finished she told us that now you could see the gibbons. She walked with us and then there were monkeys, a lizard, and last are the golden cheeked gibbons.

Then we went back to are cabins and waited to 11:30 so we could eat lunch. When we have done with lunch we got to play games with our teachers. There was this game we called Alaskan basket ball and group challenge. When we finished playing the games we had to do our work and it was searching living things in the area. The title of the page was called ecosystem.

Then we went back to our cabin and then we changed and we went back to the restaurant we ate lunch.

When we finally it was time to go home and I have gotten a good time with my friend and teachers now it time to go home.

We have seen

1. Sun bear

2. Moon bear

3. Yellow-cheeked gibbon

4. Deer

5. insect

6. Porcupine

7.  and last are the jack rabbit

We have got to make banh mi for departing from Cat Tien and even though we cannot eat it now, we still could eat it on the bus or the bus stop. When the bus was near the school I asked Ms.Chi that if I could borrow her phone, and she said yes. Then I called my mom and asked who will picked me up and she told me Thuy Linh’s dad.(Thuy Linh is my cousin). When Thuy Linh’s dad was at school he told us to climb up and we will go to my house first. Then I was at my house and it was a good trip. I have learned that the trip helped me make myself responsible and I would continue staying out in the nature and not play games.


goal and action plan

My goal

was to read more novel books and read my kind of level books so I can read more harder books.

My plan

I started to read novels books and then more novels to then I can read harder books. Then I will go to the starting to write books what I have read for people to read on my blog. I will read books at night and the weekend.

My progress

I will read more better books and write more books that that I have read and I will also remember to read books at night and the weekend. I will do my goals in only 2 weeks.


Among the Barons (Shadow Children Books)

I think this book is about a world with this sign that could destroy the world and even that there are two boy that will tell the sign will not destroy the world.

spider boy

This book is about a normal boy with a spider as a pet. His friends has pet too, but not like his.this is a non fiction book.


This book is about a spy that is not a kid working for CIA. And now he is a teacher with some missing to find the lost president girl.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Ultimate Guide

This book is about all the creature in the movie and the books that have percy jackson in it. There is a story in that book that have sea creature, creature in hell, and a lot more.


This book is about a 11th year old girl in a school with bullies bullying her. The bullies said “If you have turn to 12 they will stop bullying her. And when I got to the ending she haved got to 12 year old.

science reports

In school and maybe other schools we have made a report for science because, we are learning about science and what will if we put chemicals add together. I was making a science report of what if we put salt in a cup of salt and what if we put pure baking soda in a cup.I learned that salt and pure baking soda make sprite fizz. I try to drink the mixtures.I could make it more funny and more interesting for the watcher.

This is the video of what I did


Fall concert

It was about 6:25 and we were lining up to go to the auditorium for singing are songs that we learned this year to are parents. The 4 grade sings there songs first then us but it was fun to wait for them to finished. I and my friends were whispering about school stuff and then I was are turn to sing are song. My class start then the other class start then the last class start.I and my friend Anna was chosen to give the flowers to the teachers that teach songs to us.We ended the concert and I went home with a good yummy ice cream cup of MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ice cream!



This week My class and I was learning about Inquiries that was very cool to learn and today my class and I read are article out load and my class and I was afraid, we were all done of are reading out load but there were three person not did there reading out load. It was fun but I was scared at the first.

Learning Reflection!!!

This week, my teacher told me to make a inquiries about something. So then I chose about computer because I was I’m good at doing stuff on computer. Than I wrote four thin question and five thick question. Thick question is about question that have a lot of answer, and thin question is question that is about question that is easy to answers. When I’m done with the inquiries question I will edit what I spell wrong and what I spell write. I then will wait until my teacher edit my works and what I did wrong then he comment on my work and then I will fix all my spelling and think I did wrong.

Amazing Race/Super Unit

Yesterday,I was doing a challenge for all 5 grader this school year, and I was the 9th or 10th place I forgot.My team was my cousin, Peggy, Adrian, and I. I did this challenge in District 1 and it was fun. My team color was patterned blue. My cousin and I was doing all the work and Eliza’s mom too. I was the one who do the outside works, Adrian was the talking one, Thuy Linh was the mapper and telling to go one, and the last on was Peggy and she was the one who tell us the places in District 1.

I was best as math but not division.Super Unit is about reading, writing, math, and science. I always want to learn about division but I’am so bad at division, I only know 3 methods. I also wanted to be a good division math kid that know anything about division.I remember a lot of stuff I did in 2 grade to 5 grade.




Division ÷

I learned about, how to solve a division with mr.Edward. I also play division games and it was fun.I do love math but division is the hardest math I learned this year. I also really wanted to learned more about division, but it is so difficult to do division, so I think I will learned division as hard as I can.Yesterday I did a division pre test and it was hard, I think that the hardest question problem was the last pages.

The Buu Long field trip

I was so surprise that we are going to a field trip to Buu Long. when I when on the bus I was sitting with Russel, my friend and I like sitting with him. When I was there I was so surprise that there are so many mountain and the lake is so beautiful. When I was climbing I saw deer,geese, and wild boar.I keep walking and there were mud and insect. I accidently fall and Kris and Helen fall to but we did’t really fall we only just got slip and everyone was ok. When I did the zip lining I was scared I will fall but I did’t I feel the first time I push my body with my two feet and weeeeeeeeee I was not scared anymore.Then I try the second time zip lining and I still fill scared when I push my body with my two feet.when I was done I when to practiced abseiling and it rain. I ran to shelter and when it stop raining. I was sad of we could not do abseiling and rock climbing. My group and the other group when to eat lunch and I ate and do outdoor stuff in Buu Long park and we played games. The best game we played was the finding cube or maybe blocks.when we were all done with the game. I ran to the out door place again and I only did the rock climbing and but not the abseiling. I went to the bus and we went home. When I went home and my mom pick my up and we went home.


This are some photos of us doing abseiling,rock climbing,zip lining, and indoor games