In Spanish class we made a video about a short conversation in Spanish. The conversation was really simple and I wrote a short script between two people asking each other questions. I put in questions about things like "Whats your name?" "How are you?" and "How old are you?". Heres my video:

In our Language Arts class we made videos about a charity that we choose with our teammates to convince people to donate the Dragons Apprentice money to that charity. Our whole grade submitted a video about a charity they care about and then each class graded each other. The top 10 people from the whole grade with the best scores had their video graded once again by all of the other classes and we have to choose 5 people we think that would be a good fit for the money that the Dragons Apprentice money. My team did a video about a charity that we all care about called “Heartbeat Vietnam”. We made our video in 3 days during class and our video got into the top 10.

I found that working with my teammates was fun and also challenging. If one of us got off task everyone would be interested so we couldn’t get much work done while that was happening. But I found it fun because they are both my friends and they all have great ideas that we used and didn’t use. Luckily we also had a great editor so our video got to be even better.

In the beginning we started to plan our video, we didn’t think of much but we knew we wanted to have a intro to explain a little bit about the charity and we wanted to have a interesting and creative finish to the video. Then, we went online and researched a little more about Heartbeat Vietnam so we could give some more facts and statements. We wrote to them and asked if we could use their footage from their Facebook page, Youtube, and Website. Once they gave us the okay to move on we started to gather clips from their videos and interviews that would help us send our message across to the audience.

I think that is project was very useful in many ways, we learned how to ask for persuade  our to vote for us in a video, we learned how about how to appeal to people's emotions, and we learned much more.    



I science class we worked on making a prototype for our water aquifer. We put a layer of sand, then clay, then we put some little drops of water onto the clay. After that, we put pebbles on the clay to making it look like a little mountain. Then, we put a lot of water into the aquifer and put some food coloring on top of the mountain to show pollution. When we finished with that we poured some more water on top of the mountain as if it was rain and the food coloring spilled into the water just like how oceans get polluted.

In Writing class we made videos for our poems. First, we worked on finding photos, then we worked on music and voice overs. Some challenges that I faced were finding photos that I thought were good for my video and also finding the right music. I feel like I made a pretty good voice over and it's easy to hear. I think that the video changed and helped me to express the ideas of my poem because I got to say the poem out loud and it seems more from the heart which people can connect with. I attempt to emphasize my poem by the way I read my poem because I made sure that when I read it I made it sound sad and deep at points. If I got to change something I think it would be my images. I don't really like them and I think that if I looked even harder I could find some that fit better with my poem.Some advice for other students who have to do this assignment in the future is to make sure you are working on this poem the whole time in class and work on it a little at a time at home.

photo-on-11-14-16-at-10-49-amDay 1~

The Passion Project is the newest project we are working on in art class. For this project we get to choose what we want to make about something we are passionate about.

I feel like this unit is going to be really fun and challenging because we get to choose to do whatever we want and there are no steps for you to follow.

My Passion Project for art class is about my favorite band Twenty One Pilophoto-on-11-14-16-at-10-49-am-2ts. I'm going to make a collage and then put my favorite lyrics from one of their songs in the middle of the whole collage.

I am going to need good collaging skills and a plan for my project outlined so  I know what to follow.

Day 2, November 10th~

Today I achieved drawing my knife for my drawing but not my little scroll that wraps around it.I need to change my scroll because it turned out a bit to small. I think that my planning went well today. Today I learned how to draw a butchers knife.My next step is to work on my scroll finish the writing and coloring.

Day 3, November 14th~

Today I achieved working on different ways to draw my butcher knife, and I decided not to do my little scroll anymore.

Some things what went well today were choosing the butcher knife I wanted to do.

One thing I would want to change was not wast time working on my paint because I choose not to work on that anymoreI learned that you need to plan out your project even if its every simple.

My next step is to draw my final knife and figure out a way to write the words into the photo so that it all looks good together.

Day 4, November 18th~

What did you achieve today?

Today I achieved downloaded my program since I decided to change from drawing my project to working on it online on a drawing program.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

Somethings that went well for me today were things like downloading my program, choosing to do it online inside of on paper.

What did you learn today?

Today I learned a few skills on my new art program and I also learned a few new ways of drawing my knife before choosing to do it online.

What are your next steps?

My new step is to work on my art project during the weekend so that I can finish the project in time for the due date.

This is a video I used to learn how to draw this knife before the online program.

Day 5, November 22

What did you achieve today?

Today I achieved working on my new are work. I am doing my project on my computer now so my drawing will be down on google draw. So far I achieved working on my knife. I finished the blade and the handle and now I'm working on adding all the scroll parts together and put in the words when I'm done. I also chose my color palette.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

Today somethings that went well where things like finishing my knife and starting to work on the scroll. Something that I would change next time is filling in the color for my knife because when I was trying to fill inside of the knife with grey it didn't work so I had to watch a youtube video to find out how to fix it.

What did you learn today?

Today I learned some new things about google draw and I also learned who I need to sit next to and where to sit to get things done. I think that it really helped because I achieved a lot today by sitting with people I would not get distracted by.

What are your next steps?

My knife that I worked on in Art class today.
Blade of the kinfe before the handle, the scroll, and the color.

My next step for my project is to get my scroll done and to finish the wiriting. Since I already  finished choosing the colors for my palette it wont be are to finish but, I still need to get that done by next class. Becasue I'm on my computer I can also work on this at home which  will really help me so I can finish in time for the winter break.

Day 6, November 5 

What did you achieve today?

Today something that I achieved was adding color into my knife and scroll. I also added little designs around the top of the knife to make it look a little bit better. I also finished writing the words that I wanted and the font they are in.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

I think that something that went well today was that I finished everything I wanted to finished and somethings that I didn't think I was gonna finish. Something that I would change was to see what was going to see what was wrong with printer because I could have printed the picture.

What did you learn today?

Today I learned that I needed to try to fix the printer and I learned that I think that I will finish the project in the time that the project is due.

What are your next steps?

My next step for this project is to print the project and try to figure out what to do next for the project because I am not really sure what I want to do when I finish with my picture. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-7-26-19-pm

Day 7, December 8

What did you achieve today?

Today I achieved finishing my painting which will be the background of my knife picture which I also changed today, Now it is not filled in with grey but is now clear inside and I can draw inside of it. I was thinking of drawing something that showed more about the song. Also in the painting I did sort of an ombre from dark purple to like purple which shows more about the tone of the song where it is kind of slow and soft at first and then gets louder and more rough.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

Something that went well was that I finished my painting and cleared the knife inside. Something that I needs to change for next class is that I need to print out my picture, draw in it, cut it out, and see where I should place it on my painting.


What did you learn today?

Today I learned that I need to plan out what I'm going to draw inside my knife. I also learned that I need to plan out how, as it said before , to place my knife and if I want it a certain way.

What are your next steps?

My new knife
My painting

My next step is to finish the all things that I wrote above about finishing placing my knife, finish printing, drawing, and maybe even painting some more if in class I feel like I need to do a bit more work on it and make it look even better than it is now.

I am proud of my grades and how I was able to get work in and done on time, understand the topic and ask questions. I think that it is important because if you understand the topic and do the other you will be successful in school.

I found asking questions in class very challenging because I didn't want to seem like I didn't understand something that the whole class did understand. But, I realized that I need to ask question so I stepped out of my shadow and ask.

I learned that keeping up with the homework and not putting it aside by watching Tv shows really helps you get better grades, improve, and turn in better work.

I would like to make sure that I go to bed earlier and not stay awake until 10:30 watching TV or reading.


47911439In art class we had to draw 4 different views of an animals.  I chose a Butterfly and drew some butterfly's inimg_1609 color and some in black and white/ brown. This task helped me with my final project because I knew what view point I was best at so I could use that one for the final. And, I also helped me with knowing how to work the chalk for my final.

On our final project we were assessed on our line variation, tone, overlapping shapes, and contrast. I learned that line variation can really make your drawing look a lot better. At first I thought that my drawing would look worse due to the line variation but, I was wrong.


Link to final drawing pictures

I learned that poetry is a lot more than just rhyming words. You have to put a lot of thought into your poem and try to mix things up with stanza, figurative language, etc. At the start of the unit I didn't know how about the different types of poetry and this different types of ideas there are for poems.I thought that most poems were about happy things like sunshine and flowers but, as I got deeper into the learning I found that a ton of poems aren't all happy. I don't consider myself a poet because I don't really find writing poems interesting and I feel like if you were a poet you would have you love what yours writing. I know that I will continue writing poetry on account  that its something that we always review in school. I don't know if I will continue writing poetry on my known time. But, maybe if I'm bored one day and need something to do it really helps to get your thoughts on a page.  My overall experience with poetry is that I don't mind writing poems and I think its a good why to work with figurative language and adding detail into your writing. I have grown as a writer because by doing this unit I know that now on when writing poetry or any other type of writing I now my weak spots so I can improve, and I know what I've done good so far.

Life Card

Some challenges that I had through the process of this assignment was that I was a bit confused about something so I didn’t add a few things and had to do them last minute but, I still got everything done on time. 

I choose my image because it shows a girl crying and my poem is about a sad situation so having the girl crying fit in really well.

The image enhanced my poem because it showed how truly sad the person in my poem is because of he/she being backstabbed. I also choose it because the colors in the photo are grey, dark green and its a bit faded making the photo look even sadder. When I saw the photo after adding my poem next to the photo, it kind of felt like you knew that the poem was going to be sad or going to be about something sad.



In English class we chose 3 different fiction that we thought most related to us. First on the left I chose Rose from the TV show Hart of Dixie. I choose her because she loves to read, helps out at events, and she is kinda dorky. I'm jut like that and I do all of those 3 things that Rose does too. Next I chose Candace from Phineas and Ferb. I choose because she always wants to get her siblings in trouble which, is something that I do all the time but fail just like her. Lastly, I choose Miya from Girl meets World because she's very sarcastic, she loves her friends, and she makes fun of her friends in a way that you have to love her. I also do those things with my friends and I really feel that I am a bit like her.