I haven't done this yet since I was away when it was done, so I'm going to have to do it now since Learning Journeys is on Friday this week. I'll just get to the point.

So, I just published my information report on LeBron James, and we are graded by the design elements of "CARP". CARP is an acronym that stands for Contrast, Alignment, Repetition and Proximity, reminding ourselves about what CARP means helps with graphic designing.

CARP Rubric

I think I had great strength in Repetition and Contrast because I used to blank space well and the text is easy to read. (Contrast is also the easiest to get an M [Meeting] on!) I also used repetition well since the book had a very similar layout on each page with the same 3 main colors which also makes it very simple.

I think that I could work on my Proximity because my book seems a little clustered.

Download the iBook (Mac and iOS only)

Alright guys, I'm gonna sign off for now, Bye!




So, I just came back from Cat Tien and like most events, it had its ups and its downs. Here are some activities that we did at Cat Tien and what I learned about nature and sustainability.


First we had the Group Challenges, we had to arrange ourselves by height shortest to tallest from 29 people. We did that at the best of 4 seconds, then we had to arrange ourselves by birth date without the year, we actually did it in the fastest time EVER which was 2 minutes, while other groups did it in about 8-9 minutes.


We also did an activity called the Micro-Ecosystems, which was where we got a loop of rope which would cover a square meter of space, then we would have to observe for 20 minutes what was happening inside the loop of rope which is the Micro-Ecosystem. My group of three was able to find crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, grass, (obviously) dead leaves, and more! We also filled out some discussion questions about our Ecosystem.

Our group was able to capture an adult cricket. Don't worry! It still had oxygen and we released it after.


Then, we had the Night Sensory Hike, which is where you go down a road at night with NO flashlight. When I heard it at first thought, it sounded VERY scary, because we were not going to be using a flashlight, so it would be pretty dark. But when we actually did it, I was able to see the path but it was also hard identifying people because we barely had any light, we have two different layers or something, one that activates in light places and one that activates in dark places. Now, if you haven't walked in like total darkness before, (like me) everything will appear black, white and gray. It's hard to see any kind of color.


Now, we went to the Primate Center, where we were able to learn about Pygmy Loris' and about the illegal pet trades and how they are not the best choice for a pet. Now, the government of Vietnam have already established a law about endangered animals and that you can't hunt them, so that's a good thing, but there aren't many left. Now, we were able to look at all the different gibbons, E.A.S.T (The guys/girls that run the Center) helped rescue different gibbons, they told us some gibbons were stuck in cages at the back of public places for more than a decade! I felt pretty bad for them, and some of them can't be released into the wild because of skeleton defects. I also was able to buy a soft toy gibbon as well! It cost 350,000 VND. If you want to look at their website and more on what they do click here.

Here's Me, Eric and Adan with our Soft Toy Gibbons


Now, we went on a scavenger hunt for different things in nature, like Producers, First-Level Consumers, Second and Third-Level Consumers, and Decomposers. We also needed to find signs of Mimicry, (An animal trying to be something else) Camouflage, Human Impact and more. What was cool was that we found a 300 year old tree that's REALLY big and we were hiking on a volcano that erupted to be predicted about 4 Million years ago, so it feels like we're walking on HISTORY.

The 300 year old tree! Well not all of it.


We then had our Nature Explorations, we were able to choose one of the following things for Nature: Photography, Music, Poetry, Art and Yoga. I chose Music because I didn't bring a camera to the trip which I kind of regret because I didn't know I had a spare camera that I could use. Music was actually pretty fun! First we sang some songs and we went to learning a Vietnamese song, then we just played with instruments. It was a pretty nice and relaxing 90 minutes.


We then had our Bonfire, we had one that was Teacher-Led and one that is Student-Led, we were told some scary stories by Ms. Fox, which actually did haunt me because IT WAS A TRUE STORY, and there was a coffin that was moving by itself with nothing inside of it. The Student-Led one had groups of people with different activities in store for everyone. I did a game called First Reaction Last Reaction, which sort of like Simon Says, we also got to roast marshmallows!

The Bonfire


Last but certainly not least, we went to the Moon Bear Center! We had 2 hours and we got to feed the bears, but not just your typical put on plate eat type of feed, we had to HIDE our foods. The reason we had to hide is so that they can exercise and stay fit and not become lazy and fat that they're useless. It's hard to lose fat when you have it. The moon bears were able to climb poles and trees while some just spin a barrel that dispenses food every spin.


At Cat Tien, I learned many things, I learned about their sustainability practices to sorting inorganic and organic waste, to how they protect VERY limited species like Gibbons, Moon Bears, and Pygmy Loris'. The government of Vietnam are doing whatever it takes to save these endangered animals by changing the law to make it ILLEGAL to hunt these endangered animals. They also are preventing Deforestation in Cat Tien. As for us people, all we can do is persuade others who just don't care about ecology. If we protect nature, that means the Earth will stay as a livable place.

That's probably all the activities we have done for Cat Tien, it was a great expierience, you should check it out if you get a chance, it's like a 4 hour ride.

If you're looking to go to Cat Tien, and you CAN go to Cat Tien, I suggest you do! But until next time, goodbye!


So, we got hit right into the 2nd semester like we were in it mid-way, and Mr.Edwards has assigned us to analyze our biblionasium logs for book genres, non-fiction vs. fiction books, and many more. So, my so-called "reading life" is pretty balanced because I read a good amount of Fiction and Non-Fiction books but I thought I should be reading different genres.

So I discovered that I was reading a mass amount of Realistic Fiction and Expository (Informational) Non-Fiction. So my goal was to read different genre's that weren't Realistic Fiction or Expository Non-Fiction.

Then we needed to make an "Action Plan" about how we could achieve these goals for 2 weeks, Here's mine so I could achieve my goal.

So first, I would look for a book that is NOT Realistic Fiction or Expository Non-Fiction that was interesting for me to read, and something that I would finish and not leave at the shelf mid-way into the book. Then second, I would read the book, then repeat the process.

So here is my Progress, it will be updated for the next 13-14 days.

January 11: So, the "Action Plan" was pretty easy to follow, since one book caught my eye, it was a Narrative Non-Fiction Book called The Cartoon History of the Modern World Part 1: From Columbus to the U.S Constitution, it's in the form of a comic, but the book is pretty thick, and I think that it could probably keep me hooked for a good amount of time.

January 12: Still reading the book, and I haven't lost a bit of interest so far, so I think it's going pretty well right now.

January 13-15: Same as January 12. Nothing hasn't really changed yet.

January 16-18: I'm still reading the same book, and I'm still hooked to it!

January 19: Well, everything is still pretty much the same, I think it's going pretty well!

January 20-23: I forgot to read on the weekends so the next time I will read 40 minutes which is double the amount of what how much I'm supposed to read.

January 24-25: I finished my first book! It was pretty good.

January 26: I found a book called Hilda and the Black Hound by Flying Eye Books, it seems to be pretty nice.

So now that it's 2 weeks from when this was originally posted, I think I did pretty well, since I really only read one Narrative Non-Fiction book because it was almost 300 pages thick, I managed to complete my goal with ease.

Anyways, that's all I have for now, Goodbye!

P.S I'm going to change the font to Comic Sans MS, because I like it.

As you may know, the 1st semester is ending now we have to reflect on our Unit, Mixtures and Solutions, which was basically considered science.

Now, it was a very fun unit, we got to do many different experiments and learned a lot of new vocabulary, like saturated, concentration, there a lot more I could list and clearly explain what they mean.

Now, my assignment for the week, it was a bit rushed because the Dry Ice came late so I had to do it today, and if you don't know, today is the day before the deadline of the experiments, so i panicked a lot to be honest.

All in all, we got everything done. There were some mishaps here and there but since we were able to do our experiment and such a great unit, it was a great expierience overall. By the way, here's my presentation about my experiment.

And that's it guys! Thanks for watching and goodbye!


This week was kind of an ordinary week, with more homework.

So, we have I believe 1 more week for inquiries and I'm VERY behind. I have to catch up very quickly or else my expository essay isn't going to be at it's full potential. So I really have to catch up on my inquiries if i want to get this done.

For math, we've been learning how to multiply and divide decimals easily. For multiplication all you have to do is ignore the decimals and solve it like a normal multiplication question, then when you get the answer you have to put the decimal back in your answer.

Then we had the concert, which for me was kind of a Try-Not-To-Embarrass-Yourself type of game. Which went pretty well. For Henry Martin, (one of our songs) most of the class didn't remember the lyrics to our verse, so Ms. Davenport had to come and help us. Luckily I was able to remember just for the concert. Overall, it went pretty well.

On Wednesday, I had SISAC for basketball. The A Team did well and we got 2nd place and lost to BIS in the finals. We could've done better if we had a little more teamwork and a little more passes. We almost lost to ISHMC in the semi-finals, but we won by 3-5 points.

That's really all that happened that's interesting this week. Bye!


So, this isn't going to be long but I'll just be telling you guys about how I'm doing with my inquiries.

So far, it's been doing great! I've found answers to my questions and now I have to paraphrase the notes I've taken for my final product. If you don't know what paraphrasing is, then I'll tell you.

Well, Paraphrasing is when you take a small piece of writing and you try to put it in your own words, but you don't just take out keywords and replace them with something else, you actually have to put it in how you usually write/speak, and you have to lay the paragraph or piece of writing in a different way.

I've been researching a lot about why LeBron James may be considered as the Greatest of All-Time, or for short, GOAT. After his finals performance against the 73-9 Golden State Warriors, many people have been debating about this topic. So, is James the true GOAT? I have no idea!

Well, that's all for now, I'll see you in the next post!

-Kris (totally)

P.S If you follow the NBA, you've probably seen Nick Young's game-winner against the Thunder, right?

Okay now that's really it.


So, I really have no other ideas for a blog, so instead now we have to write a reflection on what we're doing in class.

Well, most of what we're doing is more inquiry-based, and we have 3 weeks (excluding this one) to I believe come with a mini-essay solving all the questions we came up with. You'll know mostly what I'm talking about if you look back on my other post below. Probably not much. (xD)

As we are close to ending this unit, Mr. Edwards assigned us a planner to help us with what we would be doing for the next 3 weeks, so he gave us a copy to download and we would edit it on Pages. I'll give you a screenshot of what mine looks like:

My planner
My planner

So far I have jumped ahead in research, I've found some pretty helpful sports news websites to help me with solving the questions I had for LeBron James, most of the articles were made after Cleveland won the championship and "the warriors blew a 3-1 lead." In fact, the Cleveland Indians (MLB team) blew a 3-1 lead against the Chicago Cubs, but yeah, there's that.

Now let's head on to a bit of math, there wasn't really much we were doing for math other than us finishing unit 2 which was Adding and Subtracting Decimals to unit 3 Which was Multiplying and Dividing Decimals. Something that seemed a little confusing to me at the start, especially for the Pre Assessment, I had NO clue of a method to multiplying and dividing decimals. However I think I understand how to solve it now.

Now let's jump to Science, so for Science (AKA Mixtures + Solutions) we are closing up the unit to open up for a next one, so we did a reflection in our notebooks about the definitions of the different vocabulary words that we had been using for the unit. Then once we had finished that, we would compare them to the definitions that we had in the FOSS Mixtures + Solutions book, after that we would have to find out the difference we found between the three chemicals: Salt, (Sodium Chloride) Citric Acid and Epsom Salt.

We also changed the schedule for the 2nd third of the school year, which I really like since I hate double blocks of music, really because there's nothing fun and it can get me really bored at some times.

That's really all that happened this week, so I'll see you all in the next post! GOOODDDD BAIIIIIII

-Kris 😉

So in class we recently have been talking about Inquiry Research Questions, so we are trying researching about a topic we know a lot about, so I chose LeBron James, since he was my favorite Basketball player in the NBA, and Ball is Life, y'know?

So we had to come up with some questions that we would make for our topic, and we needed to make good ones that we could research, have enough information about, and something that makes us think, and really just something we want to know!

We talked about Thin and Thick Questions. A thin question is a question that involves one word or one question answers, or answers that you can find out immediately by googling or searching for them. A thick question is a question that has a big explanation to the answer behind it, doesn't involve simply googling it, and it requires some research in order to come up with an answer, and they can sometimes take awhile to find out!

So we made some Thin and Thick questions relating to our topic. Then we would get our best 3 and start researching! Although I honestly barely have done any yet...

Anyway, this was just a catch-up on what we're doing in class, so I hope you guys have a good day! 😀


The Race

Yesterday we had the Amazingly not Sarcastic Amazing Race! I came to school at 7:30 AM, and the race was starting at 8:00. I'll just skip the part where I waited for a LONG LONG time and let's get to the start of the race.

We all were eager to start this race, everyone got ready at the starting line, and just then, we were off! Everyone was running to a cone to get their puzzle, my team wasn't able to solve it, but all the other teams were shouting "The Big Top!" So we followed them. Then once we got to the Big Top, we had to look for our team color which was Patterned Red. Eventually one of our teammates found it and we had to run back to the starting line so we could get on a van. A van can only fit 2 teams, and you would have to wait 3 minutes between each van, however it felt like FOREVER. My team was able to get on the 3rd van. Some teams were really unlucky because their clue was supposed to be in Th Big Top, however it was very far away.

Now let's get to somewhere in the middle of the race. We just finished our first station which was in Tao Dan Park and now we had to walk to Hem 40 Bui Vien. Which was about 1 kilometer away from where we were. We all sighed and groaned, but we had to do it. However Ms. Rayle told us that it would be our only long walk, which relieved me because I thought this would happen for like 2 or 3 stations.

My feet were sore for most of the race, and my back felt different after the race, because I kept my bag on for like the whole race. We ended up being 7th or 8th place out of 12. Which isn't that bad!

The Amazing Race Reflection

My and my team had to cooperate A LOT during the race. We had to help each other navigate, and we also had to communicate during the race, especially during the station in Takashimaya where we had to find food with different amounts of sodium or salt rather. Me and Ji were the most dominant in the race, we also had the other members contribute to the race, it just wasn't all us. I showed Self-Reliance by not relying on our parent chaperone too much during the challenges, we mostly had to do the stations ourselves.

The Super Unit Reflection

(In General)

I learned a lot during this part of the unit. We studied about Peer Pressure, Alcohol, Nutrition and First Aid because this is something we need to know when we get older. When we are older, we won't have our parents to rely on, so knowing about these topics will help us learn about how to take care of ourselves without needing any help from other people that we usually rely on now today. Peer Pressure is something everyone faces at some point of their lives, and it can affect your life in either a good way or a bad way, that's where thoughtful choices comes in. We have to make sure we are making the right choices for ourselves, and we need to ask ourselves if we are doing the right thing or not, for example questions like "Would my parents be okay with this?' or "Is this safe for me?" or something along those lines.

This was really about it, so if you got to the end, you can comment QWERTY, I appreciate you taking your time to read this, it did kind of take a while, so yeah! But I'm gonna sign off right here. GOOOODDD BAIIIIII