Scarcely Holding my strip the lines running though my head. " CUP CUP & AWAY" The judges cried. We got up from our sits now me stomach was starting to do backflips in full speed. I went to grab the clicker my hands were shake very little. I walk back when Anna ( One of my team mate) Said the fist line my stomach dropped it was all so real.

My group was Anna and Saki.  I think we did good but I am not sure. I think I need to slow down because I was talking to fast. But at the end I think we did good.


WE WENT TO CAT TIEN FOR 3 DAYS!!!!😁😂😀😎 It was so FUN we got to see the moon bears and gibbons. I think the best part was and this might be a bit cheesy 🧀the best part was the FOOD🍲 🍦🍗🍤 J.K ( just kidding) It was SLEEPING😴 in the rooms because I liked my room mate. It was all so seeing all the animals🐹🐰🐒🐶🐱🐥🐘🕷🐜🐛 because they were so cute.

So we got to get into groups for things we wanted to do. There was yoga, music, art and my group photography. It was so FUN, I mean SO SO SO FUN. We got to take pictures of the different things like this one.☞

This is the one that Dylan took. He won for best picture.

We also got to see all the different things. We also got to see this thing too was like a nest or something. We think there was a interesting living there before. Here's the picture. ☞

This is the nest

We got to hear the gibbons in the morning sing at 5:30 am for the morning walk. If you want to learn more about the gibbons and you can also learn more about pygmy loris's. You can also sponsor them because that will really help the animals and make it, so that E.A.S.T can help more animal. I know some of you might be like "Why should I help them?" Well because some of them got their teeth taken out. They were in small cages for years. One was in a small cages  for 20 years. SO please help them.

We also got to see BABY gibbons  they were so cute here a picture.

there the little black dots.

So if you want to learn more about gibbons here is the link ☞ LINK.

We got to see MOON BEARS they were so cute here's a picture.☞

We got to put food up for them. We got to put out food in a bamboo and they ripped it up. Here are some pictures.☞

The moon bear was trying to get the peanut butter. Because we got to put peanut butter on the trees for them to practice climbing.
This was the food we made for moon bears. What it looked like at the end before it was torn apart by the moon bears to eat the food inside the bamboos.

I loved the bonded fire because we got to tell stories and games. It was so SO FUN and we got marshmallows.

Ok now the reason we were there was because we were learning about sustainability. The question we got was "What sustainable practices did you see at Cat Tien?" So for me, I would say the most sustainable thing was the moon bear center for now. Because maybe people might not stop hunting them down. So people might have to keep helping them. They are helping endangered animals because that is what Cat Tien is all about. They might always be endangered animals there will only one way that will make it so they are not it's if  people stop hunting them down. But that might happen it might not because people believe in different thing. They might believe that rhinos horns can help with cancer. But it can't but people might believe that. So they might believe it for a long time. But I hope that they will not believe it forever because then the moon bears can live. 🙏.

The other thing was "Why do you think the government protects places like Cat Tien and makes National Parks?" Well I think it because the government might want to keep the bears alive. Even thought you made a law that you can't get moon bear. Some people still break the law. So they might want to just keep them alive. This might be another reason but it might not be maybe they don't want to be responsible for there extinction. But I think it's the first one.

At the bond fire we got to play a game called if you love me smile and people will go to different people and try to make them smile if someone comes to you, you have to say I love you but I just can't smile but like if you are a boy you have to go to a girl and it was fun to see who people would pick and some people shared riddles and scary story my group did a scary story and if was fun because we pick one person and we made sure it was someone that got scared easy and they did we where just walking up to her and she got scared, the other groups did a games.

Some off the bedrooms where not so nice but it was good at the end and I would not mind to stay one more night and day but I am happen I came one because I miss my family. So from a 1-10 rating I would give it a 10.

But I would say it was so fun and I wish we could do it agin because I love going on the hit because we got to see all of the different animals. I also heard for someone that when they went to the moon bear place that someone all most sat on a scorpion but the teacher saved him. But that did not happen to us. At the end it was good.



This Week was so fun we are writing story's and are going to put them on twine and we went on a felid trip, on the felid trip we got to go Zip lining and Abe sailing  and a lot of other cool things. So we also had some basketball game that we won and that felt good. We also started planing for are next Amazing race and for the Amazing race we are thinking of some things we can do and the teachers are picking them so that will be lots of fun.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.21.14 PMToday We Made some ship and in my time I had Anh Quan , Ji and Karis and for are explore we picked James Cook. I like my group A lot because we don't get mad at get other a lot and we all have good ideas. the name of the ship we are making is called The Endeavour now are ship is the biggest in the call and when you see it you might think it was a speed boat but that is just the beginning of it but when where done it might look like this if we worked very hard on it. But we had very little time so we did best in that time.



Goal: Reading mores mystery book because I have not been reading a lot of mystery books.

Action Plan: To pick out a mystery book I like.

Day 1: progress: Wednesday, I am still looking for a mystery book that I like.

Day 2: progress: Thursday , I found a good book and I am reading it, the book is called A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Day 3: progress: Monday, I am starting to read the book and it is good so far.

Day 4: progress: Wednesday, I am all most at the end of the book.

Day 5: progress: Thursday, so far so good. I like it a lot.

Day 6: progress: Monday, I think I now who are there right parents.

Day 7: progress: Tuesday, I am done and now I am reading Chasing Vermeer.

Day 8: progress: Wednesday, I like the book but its a bit hard to figure out the clues.

Day 9: progress:  Thursday , I think I like the first one more.

This week, my partner Kim and I  did a science experiment. Our research question was, “What will happen when you put baking soda in Diet Coke and put a balloon on top of the diet coke lid? Will the balloon come off, will it expand or will it explode? Will the same thing happen if we added 1 mentos in it?”. We tribe it out and look to see what happened here is my slideshow.


By doing this experiment, l learned that baking soda is stronger when you add it to diet coke then when you add a mentos.

What I liked most about this experiment was when we got to see it happening and see what it did to the balloon.

If I could do another experiment next time, I think I would change the liquid to something different. Because it might to something different because of the chemicals inside the liquid.

THIS WEEK WAS SO FUN!!!!😎 But sad too😭😩 my Guinea pigs died🐹😵. We do not know how and they were only 2 years old (20 years in Guinea pig years) they think it was food poisoning but we don't know what they ate maybe a bug because they were out side. But the rest of the week was good we have a concert 🎶🎤🎹🎼🎸🎻 (fall🍁🍂🍃 concert). I think we did good and I was MC but there was one song that was hard because my class only sang it once and it was called Henry Matin. But the boys had there basketball SISAC and the A-Team got 2nd Place like us and the B-Team got 4th place like the girls B-Team and the Dragons United Team got 6th place .

This week was so fun we had SISAC for basketball🏀and my team got 2 place but the better thing was it was on my Birthday November 23🎁🎂 and I got to bring in brownies for my class. And for my Inquiry thing I am in a good space I need to add more to my planner but other then that it going very well. Today is going to be a good day because Terry Fox's sister Judy fox is coming in to talk to us and I have some and in Science 🔭🔬⚗️ we are doing very fun thing.