The Pig’s Digestive System

Salina Kuo

Kristy Lam

Jackie Luu

Su Min Kim

Grade 7 Science

Mr. Johnston

Which Organism Has the Most Efficient Digestive System?


Definition for Efficient: How quickly (Speed) it can extract nutrients from the food (Nutrients) and put it to use without undergoing several processes for a long period of time (how easily). We think that is the definition of efficient because when you say efficient we think of quick yet proper. Quick as in quickly to digest and proper as in properly digest the food without any problems.


The pig has the most efficient digestive system compared to the digestive system of cows and humans. Pigs can digest their food quicker and have the nutrients in them extracted faster than the other two organisms. It takes pigs a really short amount of time compared to other animals to digest their food and gain the nutrients, they have an incredibly tough digestive system and they can just eat about anything the would like. 


Pigs can digest their food in about four hours, however it takes about 1 to 3 days for a cow to digest their food, humans on the other hand, takes about 36 to 48 hours to digest their food. Not only that, but they can also efficiently extract nutrients within a short amount of time because their digestion process only takes about 4 hours. Also, pigs “are more efficient at converting feed into protein than are cattle” (Eurekalert).


A misconception with the cow’s digestive system is that many people are led to believe that it has 4 stomachs. Instead, it has four digestive compartments within their stomach which is only helpful for grass, plants and other food part of their diet because their digestive track is not made to consume meat and other food like pigs and humans do. Unlike cows, Pigs have a more tougher digestive system which allows them to handle more types of food (including meat). 

On the other hand, the gastric acid that can be found in the pigs stomach helps them to chemically break down different varieties of food effectively unlike humans and cows which can only consume certain types of food that their digestive tract is capable of handling. The acid found inside the human’s stomach is weaker than the pigs’ which limits the types of food humans can consume. In other words, pigs can eat just about anything that ranges between fruits to trash without harming the digestive system.

In conclusion, with our supporting reasons above, we believe that pigs have the most efficient digestive system compared to cows and humans. We think pigs have the most efficient digestive system because they can digest their food faster than the other organisms, and their system is more capable of handling different types of food that the others can’t eat.


Far More than Treasure (Free Write 6)

Image by TommyClicks @ Flickr

I was kneeling on the beach. My fingers dug deeper into the sand. My nails were brimming with grit, but it didn’t matter because I hardly felt it. My brother- Ian, who was a few meters away from me, was digging even more ferociously than I was.  Gold. JewelsTreasure. What could it be? The old man’s was voice kept ringing in my ears. See for yourself he had said. See for yourself. 

My family and I are in the Caribbeans for the summer to let the steam off from the suburbans. Simply moments ago, an old man convincingly claiming to be the ex-pirate, Jack Sparrow had said that there was something valuable, something important  in a chest buried on this island, but he couldn’t recall what was inside- I don’t blame the poor old fellow for not remembering, considering his age. Like any other curious-minded simpleton, me and my brother went off looking for this mysteriously buried chest simply to kill time on this incredulously boring island. Yes, I know- it’s absolutely absurd doing so because this chest could be anywhere on this island. We started from the most obvious location of where any chest, really, could have been buried- the beach.

“Ian, find anything?” I hollered at him, lifting my shoulders to wipe away the heavy sweat pooling across my forehead. The Caribbean sun sure is rewarding, I thought to myself sarcastically.

“Naw, jus’ dirt and sand and dirt all over again!” Frustrated, Ian collapsed onto his back and started murmuring to himself. As for me, I kept digging with my bare hands. I knew that there was at least something down there. The old man’s word sent chills down my spine.

“Treasure treasure treasure,” Ian sighed, “that man was probably way too old to know what it meant. Kids like us should have been allowed to relax, stay back at home, flop onto the couch and play video games, you know what I mean? I mean like, can’t believe mom talked dad into bringing us here. Jude? Jude, you listening man?”Nope, I wasn’t. Because right then, that’s when I felt it. The solid object that my fingers . And that was when I knew. I found it.

“God Jude, what are you pondering at?” It took Ian all he had to stand back up and drag himself all the way towards me.

“Ian, I think I found something.” Kneeling, I looked up at him and gave him a goofy smile. He crouched next to me and ran his fingers across the surface of the red rectangle that was barely visible on the sand. Our eyes met. We both smiled.

We started to use our hands to dig the chest out. Cool sand spilled between our fingers as we scoop them up aside. There were two black handles on each side. Each of us took one side and then lifted it up onto high grounds. Surprisingly, it was pretty light.

“So this is it,” I said, almost as a whisper. I was almost certain that I was dreaming. What a realistic dream it was.

“The honors are yours, since you found it. Go ahead, open it,” Ian nodded towards me. I was actually nervous. I didn’t know why. I was suppose to be excited, but I had a queasy feeling in my stomach. What if there isn’t anything inside? What if inside lies remains of someone’s body? What if, this is some sort of prank or a trap even? What if we did all this for nothing? I pushed all my questions away, and looked down at the chest. I felt a bit silly, really, because the chest looked exactly like the ones we’ve seen in pirate movies and cartoons- except it wasn’t locked. But the real question was, what’s inside? ‘

I took a deep breath, crouched down, undid the lock flap, and slowly pushed it back with my trembling hands.

“What the-” I heard Ian muttered.

Of all the things that could have been inside, it had to be a stupid oval-shaped stone. One that was carefully placed in the center.

“Oh. my. god.” Ian uttered disappointingly, his hands roughly going through his hair. He started walking away when I called out after him,

“Wait! There’s something else!” The stone was polished before for sure, however, one part that I missed earlier was the words that were engraved onto it. It had said,


on it.

Ian grunted, “Urgh, what now?”

“Look,” I said, picking up the stone and showing it to him.

“A..s..g..a..r..d,” he read, “isn’t this the place from one of the Norse myths? Like the one about Thor and stuff?”

“Yea, I think so,” I replied, turning the stone over in my hand to feel its weight- but there was something else written on the back. This time, it wasn’t in English.

þ é t t r 

“What does it say?” Ian asked.

“Not sure,” I started examining it more closely when Ian snatched the it right out from my hand.

“This is all rubbish. Someone put this here to mess with us- or anyone else that might have found it. Yeah, some kinda prank,” he spat. He lifted the stone over his head and tossed it out into the sea. It was gone. I didn’t argue. He was right. I sat back down onto the sand and stared absently at waves washing ashore. It was getting late; indigo spilled across the cloudless sky and the moon was barely visible up there. I was thinking about going back to the resort when all of a sudden, a coil of lightning struck down into the sea. I jumped to my feet Instantaneously,  not even bothering to brush the sand off my pants. Ian was caught off guard by this too. I stared closely, and odd enough, the waves were moving in an irregular pattern- as a matter of fact, it was moving in a circular pattern. I knew instantly what it was- a whirlpool. But- those never form near the shores. Ian noticed it too.

“Oh chirst, run Jude!” he started running towards the opposite direction of the beach- as well did I. But as we started to run, we noticed that the sand was being sucked into the direction of the whirlpool- the whole beach was! It was out of control. We couldn’t keep our balance, so we fell and also started slipping into the direction of the whirlpool. Petrified, I closed my eyes, wishing all this nonsense would go away. But it didn’t. And we were slipping faster.

The word that was on the other side of the stone - þ é t t r - had been a word in Old Norse. It had meant Water Activation.


I fluttered my eyes open, and found Ian bending over me, calling my name over and over again. Water dripped from his hair onto my face, and then I realized- I was wet too. And then reality suddenly hit me- the treasure chest, the stone, the whirlpool. It had all been real. I started to sit up and found myself coughing up water; Ian was slapping my back continuously to make sure it had gone out- as if that would help. We were in a cave with torches lighted along the wall, but there wasn’t a single entrance to be sighted.

“Thank god, I thought I had lost you,” Ian sighed in relief.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” he started ranting on and on about a ‘multi-colored’ portal tube that had brought us here and a bunch of other nonsense that I didn’t catch, because my main attention was set on a miserable figure that was sitting against the the cave a few meters away from where we were. He was wearing some kind of ancient emerald green suit, and he had long wavy hair that came up to his shoulders which were covering his face.

“Who’s that?” I asked, pointing to the figure.

“Him? I tried calling out to him while you were knocked out, but he wouldn’t answer. You reckon he might be dead?” Instead of answering, I pulled myself up to my feet and slowly, carefully, walked over to him. Oh, believe me, I was definitely terrified on the inside, but there was something familiar about this man that struck me.

“Who are you?” I asked in a loud and bold voice- or at least, I tried sounding bold. Through his hair, I could see a smile creeping over his face. That totally freaked me out. Slowly, and quietly, he answered:

“I am Loki…of Asgard…And I am burdened….with glorious purpose.”

Summative Lab on Heart Rate


How do(es) exercising (independent variable) affect  our heart rate (heartbeat) (dependent variable)?


If we exercise, (planned change in independent variable), then our heart rate will be faster than when we are resting (predicted change in dependent variable).

I think that if we exercise our heart rate will be faster (restate relationship above) because  we are moving our body really fast, we are using up plenty of energy and our breathing isn’t steady so the heart pumps faster to send out more energy into our body- like when I’m running, I’m using up a lot of energy and so the heart continuously pumps blood and oxygen to other parts of my body to provide more energy .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (include background knowledge AND provide references to support your prediction).


Method of Management and/or Measurement

Independent (Manipulated)


Exercising and Resting

Sit in one spot rest (2 min) and do jump rope (2 min)




Heart beats per minute

Count the number of heartbeats by/from my wrist

(using stopwatch/clock)

Controlled (Constant)


1. The Same person’s heart beat

Mine (Salina)

2. The amount of time resting and exercising

2 minute

3.In the same temperature/condition/room

Science Room


Materials List:

Include a detailed list of materials (including quantities) needed to carry out the experiment.






1.)     Jump Rope


4.) Tennis Shoes


2.)     Clock/Stopwatch


5.) A pair of legs


3.)     My Heart




Include an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, set of instructions repeating the experiment.

  1. First, collect all the materials you need listed.

  2. Next, sit in a spot, breathe normally and rest for 2 minutes.

  3. After  2 minutes, start counting the number of times your heart beats for 1 minute.

  4. Then record your data.

  5. Next, go get a jump rope and start jump roping for 2 minute non stop.

  6. After 2 minute, start counting the number of times your heart beat for 1 minute immediately.

  7. After 1 minute record your data.

Data: (Insert drawing below from a Google Spreadsheet)



Connect to the Hypothesis – Was it supported or rejected?

Make a concluding statement related to the Problem – Use data to support the statement.

Explain the Data – Provide reasons why the data is what it is and how it connects.

My hypothesis was supported because my heartbeat was faster when I was exercising and was slower when I was resting. I think that when we’re resting, our heartbeat is slower because we use a lot less energy to motivate our body when we are resting and not moving, therefore we don’t need a great amount of energy so the heart beats at a normal, slower rate. And when we’re exercising, we need more energy and oxygen, so the heart pumps faster to supply an even more amount of oxygen and energy to our body. And also when we’re exercising, we breathe really fast and our breathing isn’t steady so our body has to provide even more energy to keep the body moving, so the heart starts beating really fast.


I think that this experiment was more or less, a fair one, but an individual person’s data doesn’t necessarily apply to others. However, I think there are plenty of errors in this experiment. One of which is miscounting my heartbeat- when I started counting my heart, at one point, I couldn’t find it and lost count but I quickly found it again and started where I left off so the number of heartbeat is probably not very accurate. I also think I could’ve done better on preparing my materials because when I went to collect my jump rope, I ran to get it and ran back up to my class and then I started jump roping- and I think I did more exercise than I should’ve done so the data might be inaccurate. I think that I did well on explaining my hypothesis and conclusion though and it is easy for the audience/reader to understand. Also I think I did well on organizing my data and turning it into a clear and visual graph to present my data.


Book trailer reflection

Recently in class, we completed our ‘Book Trailer‘ project in which we had to create a book trailer on a book we enjoyed and would like to share using the program open shot. I decided to do a book trailer on The Diviners by Libba Bray, a psychological- paranormal thriller book.

I had a splendid time working on this project, and I think plenty of other students really enjoyed it as well- and well, some did not. Not only did we get to share a book we enjoyed to the class but also take this opportunity to improve our skills with  different video editors such as open shot. I didn’t know too much about open shot back then, but after this project, I can confidently say that I’m pretty good with Open Shot. Music and images are the main factors of a book trailer. Before we even started to go hunting for images and music, the whole trailer was already laid out in my mind- what type of music I want, what images would fit with the music and what I want the audience to feel while watching it- so it was pretty easy for me than for some other students who struggled with planning. The first element that came into my mind for the trailer ( which you would know if you watched it) was the screaming and buzzing sound effects I used for the transition between the two “mood-changing” music. It was a ‘must-use’ for me

I think I did well keeping the reader’s attention the whole way through the trailer and picking the right music to fit the theme of the story, create the mood and present the general idea of the the story. I also did well making sure it did not go over the time limit of 1 minute and 15 seconds, and within that amount of time, the audience was still impressed with the trailer. I’m not particularly sure I have anything major to improve on, but I am certain that one of my slide went a little too fast- it was definitely longer than the other slides however this one had a little more words on it so the readers might not have had enough time to read it.

Judging by the audience’s response after my trailer, I think plenty of others would be interested in the book, however I highly doubt that some were more interested in the book than in the trailer itself.

 Watch my book trailer here!

Are Television Shows Educational? (Free Write 5)

Are television shows educational? This is a question that creates a lot of controversy among a variety of people. When television first announced its existence in the 20th century, it became a huge part of our lives. Over 7 billion people around the world watches television daily, and the number is increasing rapidly by each minute. Well, ARE television shows educational? For those who say its not, I must contradict. I highly disagree that TV shows are noneducational. For some TV shows, you might even say for it to be educational is out of the question. Well, personally, all TV shows are educational in one way or another.

Take The Walking Dead as an example- its not only about zombies, death, more zombies or even more deaths; its about surviving, or psychologically speaking, you can even learn what a person can do far beyond the limits of a human mind when they’ve gone mad, and how they’ve reached the limit of being too far gone. Its also about human integrity, trusting each other, making the decisions you make, the best choices for survival, or in the case of the real world, decisions you make that will keep you going towards the path you want to take. Or take The Big Bang Theory as an example- true, its about a bunch of geeks with their childish dreams and minds, however its also about overcoming social conflicts, grit and what to do in such events- or even sometimes what not to do.

Sometimes, TV shows can teach you lessons that even reality can’t tell you itself. Every TV shows are educational in one way or another, no matter what events occur, you can always gain a little bit of something from it. Sometimes, for a television show to be educational, it is simply not necessary to gain any knowledge at all. As I referred to before with The Walking Dead, a single episode can simply change the way you think, the way you view the world, and the way you look at others around you.  In other words, not only are TV shows educational, they also make a huge impact in our lives and our minds.


Jeanne Masar @ Flickr


40 Book Challenge – no – the 80 Book Challenge!

The 40 book challenge is a reading challenge our whole grade is participating in which we have to read 40 books (including different varieties of genres) by the end of the school year however, considering the pace of my reading, I decided to take on the 80 book challenge!  My progress so far is rather not too bad, though I have to admit, I think I’m behind a little but that’s not my biggest worry. Over the break, I managed to hit 40 books, and I’m already half way through the challenge. To me, reading is an essential part of life. It is absolutely necessary. No question asked. Words have moral stronger than even what reality can teach you, and for this 80 book challenge, I will have absolutely no problem trying at least to complete it!

My greatest fear for this challenge is not finding genres I don’t tend to touch hostile NOR is it not being able to achieve my goal, my REAL fear for this challenge are those inexplicably fat monster reads. For some, picking up a thick-fat heavy book is like Satan unleashed in heaven, but for me, I absolutely do not mind after my stupendous encounter with A Game of Thrones- as a matter of fact, I absolutely enjoy reading them and I don’t even mind people calling me a lunatic for that. Unlike lighter, shorter books, you get to indulge into a whole new world and stay there for quite a bit of time and experience the impossible phenomenons as if you were never in reality. And the characters- come on, they are utterly, entirely aren’t not real. But what worries me the most is that completing these absolutely, horrifying-in-size colossal books on time. 

I think the 40 book challenge is a goal to encourage students to read more which is actually working, and for some, 40 books is quite an unfathomable challenge yet for others its probably nothing. My struggle for this challenge is probably getting through all those big books and completing them on time. Truth be told, sometimes I “slack-off” and miss my reading sessions at home, yet sometimes my reading goes on for hours. Slacking off is another worry which I try to avoid as much as possible. I don’t think I need any huge improvements on anything, and honestly, I’m doing pretty well for each genre, and I tend to only find books I think I might excessively enjoy on genres I don’t  work so well with.  What I’ve been doing to achieve my goal more efficiently is to set the number of pages I want to read each day and try to read enough so I won’t have to worry about losing pace and falling behind constantly and honestly, its kind of stressful following up with this new plan. I set a goal to read at least 1 hour each night no matter what and to always keep up with the number of pages I’m suppose to read. I manage my reading time well and leave an hour or two of my day for reading.


Image @ Flickr by Ian Wilson


Rover Project

Recently in science class, we did a project on creating a rover.  My group members were Dan Dan and Masanori.  We had to go through many steps in order to complete our rover.  This was a pretty fun experience, we got to work with some things we didn’t get to before such as making frames for the rover. Some factors of building the rover was also challenging such as finding suitable wheels to use, checking if the wires are all connected properly and if any wires are on the verge of breaking. Our rover has some minor issues like not moving when its on the ground, but when it is in mid-air the wheel moves so in order for it to work, we have to lift it first, let the wheels run than place it on the ground and it will move a few cm or so.  I definitely enjoyed building the rover and it also gave us new skills and knowledge on engineering.

Our task for the Rover was to move a aluminum can or in other words, carry the aluminum can while the rover is moving  and we did it successfully and it went about 20-30 cm before it stopped. The video above demonstrates our task and shows a model of our rover doing the task.

The Outsiders by S.E Hinton

WHEN I STEPPED OUT into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home

The Outsiders is a story that follows a 14-year old boy called Ponyboy Curtis and a group of young greasers living in Oklahoma. Greasers are what they’re called- poor, inferior hoods that struggles to exist in society with Socs around that lives on the East Side. Socs are wealthy superiors that seems to be free to do whatever they desire without getting into any serious trouble.  Ponyboy would technically be considered an orphan despite the fact that his oldest brother- Darrel Curtis whom is 20 years old- is his present guardian. Living as a greaser is not easy for anyone and Sodapop- Ponyboy’s 17-year old brother- is possibly one of the only highlights in his life. As greasers, their life isn’t so bad because even if they don’t  have money, wealth and a luxurious life-style, they still have each other and everyone in the gang . Dallas Winston is the most elite and respected of the gang members, one who everyone looks upon to and a hoodlum that gets away with presumably everything. Steve Randle has his way with cars and girls and would be considered cocky and cunning . Two-bit  Mathews is one that’s famous for shop-lifting, not being able to keep his mouth shut and can be irresistibly amusing. And finally, Johnny Cade, the boy who is denied by his own family and is the pet of the gang. On one fateful night, Johnny and Ponyboy were unexpectedly cornered by a couple of Socs and were violently harassed. When their situation went too far- which placed Ponyboy in a life-and-death situation, Johnny decided to take action and defend themselves and on that night, their lives were completely turned upside down.

I must say I enjoyed this book more than I expected to have. Personally, I felt like this was more of a character-driven story rather then a plot-driven one and I felt like the plot was simply there to support the characters’. S.E Hinton has crafted her character’s so uniquely and realistically that all their emotions are hurled straight at you and let me tell you something- S.E Hinton is relentless, and she is merciless with even her own characters. S.E Hinton obviously took time and care into developing every single one of her characters without flaw which I appreciated unlike some authors who mainly focuses on the main character more and the other characters are simply a support to the story. I did, however, hoped that she could have described the setting more and took more time to focus on that. S.E Hinton’s writing style is not necessarily one I love or dislike. Her writing is not too detailed or dull, yet it is also not over-descriptive to the point where the readers cannot take it anymore. Her sentences are simple (such as shown below), yet it can set the mood of the story right away which is why I enjoyed reading S.E Hinton’s writing style which is different from other authors.

“I liked Two-Bit’s mother. She had the same good humor and easygoing ways that he did. She wasn’t lazy like him, but she let him get away with murder. I don’t know, though— it’s just about impossible to get mad at him.”(Pg 96)


“They slammed the door, of course, and Two-Bit came running into the kitchen. He caught me by the upper arms and swung me around, ignoring the fact that I had two uncooked eggs in my hand.”(Pg 89)

 One of my favorite character from the book is definitely Two-bit; he is witty, erratic, reckless at rare times as the quote above shows (which has to be one of my favorite quotes from the book) and sometimes maybe even roguish- in a good way. I always go for the slapstick characters in a book because they always somehow make my day. I definitely felt like S.E Hinton could have developed his character even more further and ‘showed’ his personality more. I also felt like I could connect  with Two-bit’s character more than anyone else’s, and I’ll let you figure out the why part. A lot of people would say the moral of this book is that everyone maybe be somewhat different but deep inside they are not different after all. However, I think its about being together, trusting each other and knowing you aren’t alone in this world.  It definitely was a pleasure reading The Outsiders.


Image by @TheeErin

Vampires and Fairies | Vampies? (Free Write 4)

It was the night before Christmas- and yes, most stories would start off like this, however worry not! Mine is different, different in a way that- well, how should I say this… unlike others, I probably won’t have a happy ending or in other words, a happy story.

The night was rather cold and chilly yet, it was also the night I didn’t bother to grab my coat along. Absurd, eh? The bright moon illuminated down along The River Thames reflecting down. I took a turn down the right into the ally and walked until the sounds of sloshing water ceased. The knife in my hand was heavy all right and no doubt the cold was also slowing me down, but my day couldn’t have gotten any better until I heard them- small, careful, precise footsteps and worse- several of them. As I started to gain pace, they moved quicker too. I stopped walking eventually, and the footsteps stopped along with me. I took a deep breath and turned around- no one. Well, at least no one was in sight until a figure slowly melted out of the shadows, then another, and then I felt the presence of more behind me. Their pale faces illuminating in the moonlight. I couldn’t help but to crack a grin. Vampies. Cold-blooded creatures that would take the pleasure draining every ounce of your blood. Kinda like vampires, except they’re not, well they kind of are…and maybe not at the same time? Vampies are the result of a Vampire and Fairie offspring. Yes, you heard me, Fairies. Fairies are creatures that have an inexplicable beauty that no mortal being can ever have and posses impassable power of manipulation.  Vampires are creatures of the night and they only are capable of living under two conditions: killing and drinking. Vampies? Not any better.

“What yer’ sneerin’ a’bout?” The tall one in front me taunted with an accent that gave away his Irish nationality. He was red headed, broad shouldered and had a tough build; he seemed like a guy who someone would probably not want to mess with in their right mind. Well I can tell you that that would not be me right now- or was I never in my right mind? What was even worse was that his pupils were bloodshot red and his irises were icy blue with a tint of gold which seemingly were inherited from the fairie side. The other two standing beside him kept their distance and stood a few feet away, which obviously meant the redhead was the packs’ leader.

“I’m sorry, however picking fights with blood-suckin’ fairies isn’t my plan for the rest of the night,” I replied seeming as calm as possible. He snickered and took a few steps towards me.

“Young lad, if ay’ were ya’, ay’ would run. Ya do know that this is our territory, do ya? We don’t want’ too many people gettin’ ‘urt around do we? And lad,” he was several inches away and I felt a cold blade against my neck behind me, “my job is too keep em’ out.”

I stifled the urge to laugh out loud,”You don’t seem like you’re doing a very good job, obviously.” I felt his fists ball up beside me, anger rising within him.

“‘ay know yar’ kind very well. Ya hunt us, ‘an kill us, but ya’ never come into our territory, lad. Guardian Angels they call yar’?” He chuckled under his breath, along with the others around him. Guardian Angels was our title, or at least, for people like me. Its cheesy but worth it.

“Guardian Angels. The world thinks it is safe, eh? They hide behind their little homes and count on ze Guardian Angels to protect them, from ME?” This time, he let out his laughter that echoed throughout the ally. This guy was seriously getting on my nerves. So, I thought: why not end this night once and for all?

“Well, I guess its unfortunate that they will never get the chance to see your wretched half-breed face, will they?” On that note, I drove my knife into the most vital part of their body- the neck. He certainly did not see that coming. His eyes went wide and threw his hands to his neck. Fool, I thought. Blood spilled between his fingers and he started to make gurgling noises that made him seem like he was choking. The others backed away, certain that their leader was not going to make it and made a run out of the ally- probably to call backup. He fell to his knees, using all his strength and consciousness left to pull the knife out- which he did successfully, but he did not live long enough to witness himself falling limp to the ground.

“Vampies,” I muttered to myself. They sure posses incredible strength but they were certainly stupid. As I started to turn away, I fell something light and white land on my head, and then another. Snow. Somewhere off in the distance, the Big Ben was tolling. Midnight had struck already? I sighed and then whispered to no one in particular,

“Merry Christmas everyone, Merry Christmas.” 



Mis Hermanos Conversacion


Recently in Spanish class, we had to complete a project on making a video about your siblings and having a conversation about them with someone else. Since I couldn’t get together with my partner to work on this, I used a teddy bear (Ana) stuffed animal to switch parts on speaking in the conversation. I still hope you enjoy it nonetheless!