SLC For Spanish ! ! !

* The slide and videoblog for spanish
* researching (pictures and language)
* link to presentation:

* Recording the videoblog and rehearsing the lines for the video

SLC For Science ! ! !

Moon Project (Europa project)

* How did we prepare.

* slide show:

* Preparing with teammates and rehearsing for the lines
* preparing link:



Ms Stanely taught us how to do it the right way and shows us how to hold it and shoot the arrow. The stance of the feet is your left feet on the yellow line your suppose to put it on and you put your right feet parallel to the left feet so you would look at the right. If you want to shoot the you look at the aim box and aim. Ms. Stanely wants us to do that because that is how you stand in Archery. If you are about to bow and aim at the box, if you want to fire the arrow, use two fingers. One finger you have to put it on the top of the string where the arrow is and the second finger you have to put it at the bottom string of the arrow. After that, aim where you want to shoot and release your fingers so the arrow will shoot. Grouping is the picture at the bottom of the blog and it shows the arrows that are shot in the box. This is the after part when everyone was done with shooting.

Gummy Bear Government!!!






This is my first time ever to know about the government in Athens, So I didn’t know anything before that. It is important to learn about these governments because in the future, I will know other types of government and compare it to the ones in Athens. For my opinion, I think that the Monarchy is the best because it is easier for only one person to rule. If there is more than a person that is ruling, sometimes they can fight about the ways of ruling.

Im Lovin’ It ;)

I think this quote tells people that they really love food and they are saying that food is one of the best things in the world. I also think that every person would have a chance to try a new thing in life including Mcdonald’s. I think Mcdonalds is mostly saying that they’re food is really good and better than the other fast food places. In my opinion, I think that Mcdonalds is saying that they’re place is unique and different from other products.

WHAT A SILLY MESS ! ! ! (⌐■_■)

In social studies. Me and wallace did an experiment on mummies. We had to put fruit in a bag of baking soda and salt. It was really fun. My top three favorite things to do in social studies is to do quizlet and kahoot. My top 1 best thing  I like to do is to do the minecraft project. I like doing quizlet and kahoot because I like to challenge myself. I really REALLY like doing minecraft because its my top 2 favorite game.