Faults, faults are formed by rocks layers being shifted (moved). For example in this picture, the red block developed first because it's on the very bottom. The lower the layer is the older it is. After this is the blue block because it's the second lowest layer. After the blue block was developed the green block was formed next. The green block is the 3rd lowest. Finally, the yellow since it's the on the top. the top layers are usually the newest developed ones. (In this photo the black means a piece of land.

Explaining  Fault:

As explained the oldest layers are on the bottom and the newly developed layers are usually on the top. When different layers of rock are formed/ developed/ naturally made there are some things that can happen to them. For example, they can either be shifted (being moved from a place to another), and so on. One of them is a fault. Fault happens when layers of rock are being shifted or moved by a strong force by something. It occurs when something really strong pushes through it (as mentioned). Faults can be moved in different directions. In this picture (shown above) the fault has been pushed up. This depends on the direction of the fast (or slow) object or motion that it's coming from. For example: if the motion of the object is moving really really fast upwards then the layers of rock is probably going to go above.

This is what happens when faults occur.

In writing class, we are preparing for Dragon's apprentice. The first thing we did was create slogans for our product.  My slogan is do your work, use a stress ball. I really like it because its simple yet specific. It the customer know that they can use the stress ball while they work. The stress ball itself is average size for their hands so they don't need to worry about it bothering them. The slogan is also very short. The shorter it is the more people will remember it.






In social studies, we learned about different types of government. Before e learned about this I knew a few things about democracy. It's good to learn about government because we get to learn about how people decide on their leaders. It's interesting that: time can change but still carry the same things with it to this generation. In my opinion, the best government is democracy. Since everyone has a voice in voting. Everybody can choose their leader.

In Social Studies class we did thing little project which is called "mummy food". First we scooped out the inside of fruits and added a mixture of baking soda and salt. After that we added equal parts of baking soda and salt to our plastic bags. Half of the fruits we wrapped in paper towels and half we did not. Then we dropped all of them in our bags.


In Social Studies my favorite activities are the time line project. We had to make a timeline that described the major moments in our life.  My 2nd is the Mummy food, because when we saw what it looked like in 10 days everyone was freaked out. When my class opened the bag everyone was so grossed out by the smell. Everyone was spraying SO much perfume in the class. My third favorite was Kahoot because everyone was rushing to get the answer right. When they got it right he/she was rubbing it in the others faces (which I thought was funny).

For my final results I have a D+. In math I felt successful at doing the problems in class and finishing a lot. The things that I could do way better is remember my homework.  I always forget to do it and its always last minute. I also could pay attention in Aleks and have no tabs open.  I would try to go to Unit 5 in Aleks for next quarter.

Next time if I get asked to do another reflection I would have done a better job turning it in. I turned it in carefully, but I had to do it again because I didn't leave a comment. The other thing I would do is explain more about the conflict.

The things I thought I did well was talk in front of the camera for 2 minutes. During that 2 minutes I thought I explained the plot of the book really well.