Gummy bear blog post

In social studies, we learned about the government and our teacher gave us some questions to answer.

Q 1

Why is it important to learn about the different types of government?

it is important to learn about the different types of government because so we don’t choose the wrong government to be involved in. It also gives us a better understanding of each type of government.

Q 2

If you got to rule the country, which government would you choose, and why is that?

I would be a dictator because I have all the power and money so I can do whatever I want.

Q 3

What are the different types of government using gummy bears

Number one is tyranny, tyranny is a person who rules with absolute power and keeps their position in the country by using military here is a photo of tyranny.

The second type of government is democratic. Democratic is when the people choose who to be their leader and their leader does not have absolute power. The people have voices in the major decisions.

The third type of government is oligarchy this is when very few and powerful people rule an entire country.

The last type of government is the monarchy. This is when a king or queen rules the country and are usually well liked and unlike the tyrants, most monarchs now do not have absolute power. 

have a break have a kitkat

Have a break have a KitKat

The company who made the slogan probably choose this slogan because at that time people were probably super busy and were workaholics, therefore, the company probably wanted to design a product that bot encourages people to have breaks and also something to eat in breaks and in the breaks they want you to eat a KitKat!


i dont feel anything succesful about math aleks is too hard doing it online is a pain

I not happy with my progress because i could be takeing the 2 or 1 year path but i cant do it now because its online

to get at lease c because c is the minumum

ss minecraft reflection

hi this is brian here and this will be my first time posting something for ss

This project helped me understand more about Eygpt by one learning about the water sources. and how to use minecraft and remake a new egypt

im prod of finish all of the work and having and the key points i need.

well i could flim the project in differnt parts and not just yolo all way

last blog post in elementary XDXD

Hi this is Brian and this will Be the The last blog post I will do in elementury This year I had a lot success  like being a good student and excelling in school work also complaeting  my homework every week. I am looking forward To www week with out walls. This year i went to cat tien but because it was so short but www will be a whole week! One memoreal moment was when my class ate a bunch of cookies and also made them!

Cookie making fun

26514727245_58b21aca0a_zToday and yesterday my class decided to make cookies for math it wasn’t so easy s  it it was a recipe  for 12 but we only have 3 in each group.  we used skills like converting fraction  and measuring amouts. I enjoy makeing the cookies it was relly fun

reflection for new unit

Hi i’m Brian i will be talking about my unit that just ended its about the ecosyestem we wrote a essay on it and a Imovie it is relly good it will be in the end of this post.In this unit i learn a lot form ecosytems to shark fins it was my favoerite unit so far the most important thing i learnd was that the world is not ours its every bodys we cant just destroy it. If i had more time i would continew my essay to a stage toward perfection!

Learning Journey Blog Post

Name: Brian

Title: Shark Fin, The Multibillion Dollar Bussiness  


>Question #1

Intro Background
Shark fin has been a very popular delicacy around the world especially in Asia, but because there is popularity in this food, more sharks are being killed, consequently  their population is getting smaller and smaller. No one usually cares about how we use the shark fins or what happens to the sharks,


Question #2

Body 1 how many sharks are killed every year


About 100 million sharks are killed every. Apparently there wont be several more million sharks left     


Question #3

Body 2:

Who is catching shark fin and the use of it

 Sharks, once the ruler of the sea, are the key to keeping the ocean from dying. We need to stop these fisherman who is catching sharks just for their fin

  According to sources about 100 million sharks are killed every year and more than half of the

number of those are taken just for the fins

  The reason fishermen’s can catch so much. then just catchin one by one is mass fishing.mass fishing is using a really big net and a speed boat making a circle surrounding the fish.

Even though the shark fin is absolutely tasteless people eat it for the texture but you can use alternatives if you want the taste of the soup you can make the soup and add fins of different sea creatures.  


Question #4

Body 3:the use of sharks
Supporting points:

People use sharks in many ways like extracting the oil from the liver and make it into pills

Another main use other than shark fin is using the shark leather and make it into purses and shoes,bags and clothes. The coles is used for swimmers because of the special material that makes them swim faster   


Question #5

If people keep doing this we will lose this majestic apex predator who has kept the balance in the food chain 450 million years and has been through six mass extinctions.

Even though the shark fin is absolutely tasteless people eat it for the texture but you can use alternatives if you want the taste of the soup you can make the soup and add fins li  

This is my story a story about shark fin. telling people about sharks and the importance of it. im more than falf way done i done most of the writng and some editing.the next seps on to this project is to place it too pages and make it to a real esseay!