I bet you are asking yourself WHAT IN THE WORLD IN A HACKATHON? Well, look down…

Our hackathon was not several days, but it sure was a couple of hours! So you ask me what we did for 3 hours, well… we talked about how we could make SSIS more sustainable and also more environmentally friendly. Then we had to choose one way to make SSIS more sustainable and also more environmentally friendly, so I choose the topic Plastic. In each BIG group we made smaller groups. Now I am in a group with ANNA and HALIA. Two of my fiends from the another 5th grade class.

My topic was to make reusable cups for smoothies. Our school, in my opinion uses to many plastic smoothie cups. So Anna Halia and I had the idea to make/buy our own plastic reusable plastic smoothie bottles.


This is a poster we made to try and get a part in the shark tank.

Situation: In our school we are using to many plastic non-reusable smoothie cup. So we thought of making reusable smoothie cups that you can 

Task: We are going to make/buy reusable smoothie cups. 

Action: 1. Design Cup  2. convince teachers  3. make prototype  4. convince Mr.Silty and Dr.Keller, Phu My Hung and Fun Fruit World  5. If successful make/buy product

Results: I want this project to succeed because in our school we use way to much plastic smoothie cups. And if it does succeed than I will know the next time I buy a smoothie I will see the reusable cups ready to be used!

Our group’s idea is sustainable because you do not have to use sooooo many plastic smoothie cups aday! SSIS (I think) will be able to afford 200-300 cheap blue water bottles. Mr.Silty and Dr.Keller I hope will approve because it is eco-friendly and sustainable (not to expensive too). All cultures believe about stuff but I bet that in all cultures we believe that we have to take care of our earth and using these reusable bottles will change our school.
I think that we presenter our idea very nicely! But we did get a yellow card because we did not think about the kids that drink their smoothie on the bus.