6 Garde Art (Quater 1)

Our first real task was to paint a Monochrome  painting with circles. The skills I was practicing, were to paint with tints and tones. Tints are when you mix a colour with white, and tones are when you mix a colour with black. In the end I thought that my mini tints-and-tones painting was actually quite good! But next time I would have done 2 things to make it better. 

1. take out the skateboarder with the ponytail and draw a road that looks like it goes into the distance. 

2. I would make the skateboarder with the ponytail smaller to make it look like sh is in the distance. 

Tints and Tones Circle Painting.


My iPad painting that I did not quite finish.

My Final painting!

My final painting shows aerial perspective because the trees, the road and the bushes are different sizes so that shows that some trees or bushes are further away than others. That’s why it shows aerial perspective. I chose blue for my monochrome background because it looks like the sun has just set and it’s starting to get dark. My foreground is the girl that is lying on a roof top. My middle ground is the building, the road and the bushes in the left hand side. My background is the sky and the lake. I think that I made the silhouette very well! But next time I would have not just outlined the bushes, trees,…etc…. I would have made the paint stronger to make the depth look more real. And to make the perspective appear wider.


Tints and Tones Monochrome Wordphoto.

From these paintings above I learned how to use tints and tones; how to use Procreate (an app the on the iPad that I used to create the picture), and I became better at painting! I would like to improve even more in freehand drawing, because then I  can become better at the Art Challenges.