The End Of Elementary

No more elementary! I have finished elementary! Two days ago the 5th grade graduated from elementary! The most interesting thing I learned in 5th grade was about Change Agents. T he most important thing I did in 5th grade was to go to Cát Tiên National Park.
The best best thing I did this year was to stay in Cát Tiên National Park for 2 nights and 3 days, because it was an adventure and it prepared me for next year’s ‘Week Without Walls’. And abseiling in Buu Long. I love to abseil!!!!!!!!! The biggest challenge in 5th grade for me was nothing. But all the subjects had their point when not everything was easy. And I did improve a lot this year. In every subject.

Well, I have a few pieces of advice for you rising 5th graders.

1. Don’t play on your laptop when you have to do work. Only when you have Tech-Break.
2. Work your hardest!
3. Eat breakfast in the morning before school.
4. NO Bullying!!!
5. Don’t worry about what others think of you (bad things).

I am looking forward to 6th grade because I do not have to be stuck in one class for  almost 4-5 hours. And I get to met new friends!


Our Graduation food table!

Pool Party after Graduation!