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Day 27 – Ecodomes

The process of building mine was much better than the last one. I added in more rocks (natural playground), food, plants (oxygen and food?), and a log. I also added in more water(for the plants and cricket). Since my jar was relatively small, I had to add a little less dirt than last time. Last time mine survived for a long time, that way I did not do much.    

Radical Inventions Debate

Hydropower is a better source of power over nuclear power. Pro: Paul, Selina Con: Ben, Thanh Debate Doc It was to put in the main, strongest points, and then counter your point, but make a really weak point that counters, so then the judges know 1 weak point about your opponent, and 1 strong point about yourself. 2 in one speech. I was suprised that I even had the confidence to face the challenger and how load and powerful my words were. I was never good at public speaking, but after the debate, I had a new experience. I most proud of my voice when I spoke really loudly so everyone could hear. Normally, I am confident, but I’ve never spoken with so much passion...

Day 7-Ecodome

Just today, we opened up our eco domes to observe what happen. My entire eco dome was full of mist, which was good as evaporation works. My cricket was alive and healthy, showing that my eco dome was successful. But I observed that the cricket itself looked bored, so maybe next time I will add 2 crickets, or 1 grasshopper and 1 cricket. I wanted a lot, but was afraid they won’t survive, but after this, my hypothesis was wrong. I can conclude that mine was successful,  but I want to challenge it more. I want more crickets, and possibly a bigger container.

ELA 8 Quarter 1-Newspaper Article

On semester 1, we wrote a newspaper article containing whatever topic we wanted to write about. I wrote a newspaper on how homework can be one of the ways that causes stress. Some good things in my article were that I put fun facts on the side, and put a lot of research into it, and had a good amount of quotes. But what was bad was that  I kinda wrote it biased based on my experience, which did not make it like an article. I learned a lot of things through making a newspaper. I learnt useful things like knowing the right, and trustable sites to use the info. Another great and useful thing was that this newspaper article reawaken the 5 Ws that was sitting at the back of my head for so long. Even though I already had experience with the 5 Ws, I still learnt new things making this.   Quarter 1 was really fun overall and we did not have much homework. We did a lot of lit circles, which was a nice touch to Q1. We also did some book reviews on the lit circle books and made funny and entertaining remakes of the books we read. We also did all sorts of stuff such as game shows and puppet...

Another Science Blog Post

What methods (chemical, mechanical, biological, or natural) are you using in your design? We used coffee filters, though we wanted to originally do chemical by using bleach and oranges. But what we are doing now is chemical because we are using heat/light to kill the bacteria. We also are using coffee filters and bottles to make a prototype of ours. Our one would look like an upside down bottle with its bottom cut of and a funnel there with a coffee filter on top. The water would be poured down the funnel which would filter out dirt and smaller debris. After that it goes onto this little tin-foil covered cup, which would heat up and kill most harmful bacteria. What steps do you need to do tomorrow to improve or test your design(systematic testing)? We obviously need much more materials and a better design if this is going to last long. We also need to make sure that the final one would be easy not complex so it could be remade if ours is worn or broken. We also need to make sure the tin foil would heat up to heat the water, otherwise it would not kill the harmful bacteria. What is your prediction of how it will work? Our prediction is that water would go down the funnel which would filter most of the dirt by the coffee filter, then down the bottle onto a heating station, were it will heat in the sun. This would take around 20-30 minuets to heat it up to a warmer stage, which would kill bacteria, and be much safer to drink than directly out of the river....

Food Drive Reflection!

How has your work on the food drive promo posters and videos affected your perspective on persuasive writing? I use to think persuasive writing was forced. They did it like the viewer has no choice weather or not they did what they were being asked to do. But now after I did this, I realised they had a choice. They could either save poor food less people, or leave them to starve and die. Everyone did the natural choice:help. Since the first humans appeared, they had to help someone achieve something to get somewhere or do something. If they didn’t help, it would not feel right. Its like that moment when someone in the dance asks you, but you say no. It makes your regret that decision, and feel sorry for them. My poster has sad and summer color mixed together to give this feeling to the audience that says “its a sad summer.” No one like sad summers. Those stink. Some fun parts in making this poster was the title and pictures. The title says “Summer Is Comming! But not everyone is happy…” I think it gives the reader a mix of emotions and may be confusing at first. Somethings that were challenging for me was the color scheme. It was very hard to mix in happy and sad colors, as it would have to be perfect enough not to confuse the reader.  What I learned from these promos is how creative and colorful we can be. I thought that people would go for black and white and be reluctant on the project, but people acually showed creativity within these...

Renaissance Blog Post

Around the Renaissance time, people were thriving for ideas and inspiration. But what interests me about the Renaissance was the artists and the thinkers at that time. They were so desperate to create new things from the old things. It starts on the 1500 to 1700s. Great thinkers like Leonardo da Vinci created lots of weird and cool things.One thing I want learn about is science back then. The invention of printing saved so much time because people would not have to write a thousand books. People also now knew earth orbited around the sun. Before people thought the earth was flat, but now after the invention of the telescope, and seeing the earths shadow, they now knew it was round.