Hockey Unit

  1. How do you hold a hockey stick?

Your dominant hand should hold the top part of the hockey stick (The one nearest to the blade) and your non-dominant hand should be on the end of the hockey stick.

  1. What is the ready position?

You squat down and hold your stick in front of you.

  1. What is cradling?

Cradling the puck is when your passing the puck back and fourth in front of you. So that the other opponents have a hard time getting the puck away from you.

  1. Where should the puck be on your stick when you pass?

The puck should be in the middle of your blade and then as you pass, it should end with the puck on the tip of your blade.

  1. What should you be looking at when you pass?

You should be looking at the person you’re gonna pass to, looking up and not at the puck.

  1. Where should you be after the pass?

In ready position just in case your partner passes it back to you.

  1. State and explain the positions in Hockey.

There are 4 positions; Goalie, defender, striker, and mid-fielder. The goalie guards the goal, of course, and make sure the puck doesn’t go past them. The defenders are the people who try to stop the puck from going to the goalie. They are the people who play further on the court. The strikers are the people who try to get the puck into the goal. So the “shooters”, the ones who try to score. The mid-fielders are the people who try to pass the puck back to the strikers if the puck crosses the half line.

  1. How do we keep safe during our games with sticks unit?

Don’t high stick. If you high stick, it can injure someone by hitting them.

  1. We played floor hockey, broomball, and scoopball explain what you liked about each game and what you didn’t like about each game.

In Hockey, I enjoyed passing the puck back and fourth or being able to shoot the puck into the goal (Which is a lot harder than expected). What I don’t like about hockey is that since the puck is so small, you end up with a bunch of people trying to get the hockey puck.

In broom ball, it was a little easier than hockey because the ball was bigger, but that meant that scoring was a lot harder, since the goalie would have an easier time trying to get it. What I don’t like about broom ball is the fact that it can get out of control. It’s really hard to hit the ball exactly where you want it.

In scoopful, I enjoyed it a lot because it was fun trying to catch the ball. It was pretty easy and I enjoyed this activity the most out of all of the activities. What I don’t like about it, is that I still have a hard time trying to catch the ball sometimes. Because it usually bounces off the racket.

  1. Which game did you enjoy the most and why?

The game that I enjoyed the most was scoopball. It was really fun because you had more control over the ball more than any other sport. Just trying to get the ball to stay in your racket, is pretty hard itself.

Finding A Job?

I think my best professional qualities if my determination. I really try hard to perfect things so that it looks good. I’m usually most determined when I actually enjoy the topic. If I don’t enjoy it much, I don’t try as hard. Pressure also gets me working pretty well, but it also stresses me out sometimes.

Something not good about me is that, I tend to procrastinate after studying for a long time. Which is not a good thing because once you get to high school, it means long study periods and more stress. I tend to check social media a lot when I feel lazy. And that’s something I need to improve in.

Taking You Back In Time (Imperialism in Africa)

In this project on Imperialism in Africa DBQ we focused on improving/learning how to use analyse and evidence in a stronger way. This is an important skill because it’s almost like debate but in a writing piece and we can have a stronger and more convincing essay.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to analyse and scan the documents more. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What helped me stay organized?

The DBQ outline definitely helped me stay organised. I think the DBQ outline is the one thing that really helps me keep the essay organised because sometimes I tend to forget the formatting. Whenever I write using the DBQ outline, the whole essay is organised and the formatting is put in the right areas, that’s why it’s such a big advantage to use it.

What trouble did I have and why?

I always have the same problem, but a problem I usually have is trying to find a way to end my essay. Giving the reader a “unique insight” is a little hard for me because I’m not so sure what to write. I usually just tend to write the aftermath of the history topic. Like when it ended, etc.

Masterchef Reflection

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.59.03 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.59.10 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.59.15 AM

In P.E, we were assigned to make a nutritious meal for our judges, who were basically any other group in the class. My partners were Yaya, Madison, and Ariel. We all planned that we would make a salad (nutri-salad) that includes, brown rice in the bottom, shredded chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and mangoes. And we used lemon tahini salad dressing that included no carbs, no sugar, etc. For our appetiser, we made zucchini pizza which included zucchini, cheese, shredded bacon, and home-made marinara sauce. The judges seemed to really like it, including the zucchini pizza.



Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.51.34 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.55.16 PM

What I learned about writing a persuasive essay is that it’s usually pretty informal. Almost like a convincing conversation, like when you’re trying to persuade someone to do something.

A challenge that I faced while writing this poem was the transition between first and second person. I had to change it half way through writing but ended up looking like I had grammatical errors.

I think what I did well was bring out the emotional side of things. Suicide is a tragic thing, and I made sure that people knew how much it can damage other people. I also think I did well on my evidence, and convincing the audience.

My opinion of being a published writer is that, it’s actually pretty hard to get people to accept your writing piece. I submitted to several websites, but only was accepted into one which is Teen  Ink. People who are published daily, probably have a hard time thinking of what to write about.  



Toy Story Project- Catherine & Frannie

In this project on reviewing the movie, Toy Story, we focused on learning how to review movies on a different point of view besides your own. This is an important skill because since we researched on our philosopher’s views, we learned how to make situations in another person’s point of view. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to analyse and critique on movies. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

How did time impact my work?

I think that I had enough time to work on the project and be able to work on our hats. But I think that it would be nice to have one class to edit and one class to film, because sometimes filming can take a lot longer than you think. Since you have to re-film some scenes and/or filming the whole thing again. Plus, the video had to be less than 5 minutes.

What feedback did I get that was useful?

Mr. Post’s feedback was very helpful. He gave us feedback and Catherine and I, edited our scripts and tried to make the whole video a little bit more interesting and intriguing. Mr. Post also questioned some parts of the script that we later on cut out because of the unimportant information.

Enlightenment DBQ


I think I did well in terms of organisation and I used a lot of useful evidence. I also dug into the essay and tried to find the meaning behind each fact, going deeper into the topic. I tried very hard to try to have it in the right order and tried to keep the essay tight and focused. My analysis after every evidence explains the fact pretty well, so that people would understand what I’m thinking.

Something I should work on in my next DBQ is to look for a better way to end my conclusion. If you read my conclusion, you can kind of tell that it isn’t completed. The ending isn’t tied up very well. I feel like I really didn’t know how to finish up my conclusion, and I had a hard time trying to tie all of it together. That was the only thing I found a little tricky for me.

My essay-

The Main Priority of A New Society Should Be Gender Equality

The Enlightenment period was a philosophical movement where the main goals of Enlightenment thinkers focused on liberty, progress, reason, tolerance, fraternity, and equality. This was during the 18th century in Europe. During this time period, a lot of things were adjusted and made to become better. A new society should prioritize the Enlightenment ideas of gender equality because the idea goes in line with people being treated equally by law and women being educated like men which then leads to independant women and a more peaceful and stronger society.  Although a strong case could be made that religion would be better for a society to focus on, this argument is unconvincing because a society focuses on the importance of living and earning money more than religion and women should not have to rely on their husband for money.

To begin with, gender equality should be prioritized the most when creating a new society and should be given the same amount of education as men do. In Document D, it writes, “To enable the individual to attain such habitats of virtue as will render [her] independent”. Giving women education will make an individual woman independant and not have to make them rely on their husbands to work. A woman could be wise and virtuous given the same amount of education as men. Society would be more independant if about 50% of the population didn’t have to rely on the other half of the population. Another evidence in (Doc D) says, “Make them free (women), and they will quickly become wise and virtuous”. This argument is significant because, there are a lot of benefits and capabilities that feminism have brought on that benefited men and women. For example, women having the rights to vote, has also forwarded the general improvement of both men and women. In conclusion, a new society should prioritize women’s rights and equality so that each woman can be independant and could live on their own without relying on their husbands.

It has been argued that religion would be better for a society to focus on due to the freedom to follow their own faith and be granted the happiness of liberty. In Doc B, Voltaire argues that if there was one religion, the government would be given too much power. If there were two religions,  the people would cut one another’s throats; but if there were multiple religions, they all live happy and in peace. This example is used to illustrate that given the freedom to choose a religion would make create a peaceful community where people can happily follow their own preferred religion. Although this argument seems convincing at first, if people having the freedom to choose their own religion, it can lead to many different conflicts and or rivalry on over which religion is more important or which rule is right or wrong. If women were educated as much as men, that would build up to become an independent and wise society. In Doc D, Mary Wollstonecraft states that, “To render mankind more virtuous, and happier of course, both sexes must act from the same principle;… women must be allowed to found their virtue on knowledge, which is scarcely possible unless they be educated by the same pursuits as men.” Therefore, meaning that women needs to have the same amount of education as men do to make mankind more virtuous and happier. After looking closely at both sides of the issue, one can see that gender equality should be prioritized more than religion.

To summarize, gender equality should be prioritized the most when creating a new society because women could be independant and establish creativity. After examining the reasons, it is clear that when building a society, it is truly important to have women be given the same amount of education as men do. Women would be able to express their rich ideas and show their intellectual properties if given the equal education as men.

Student Led Conference Science Unit

  1. Your personal learning experience

My learning experience improved over time in science and I feel like this semester, I understood the topic a lot more. I also actually enjoy science class sometimes because our teacher, Mr.Swart is pretty entertaining. I had a little bit of a hard time last semester because it was when we self-taught ourselves the topic. It was supposed to be independent working but I actually had a hard time because when a teacher is teaching us, the information settles into my mind a lot better than when I just read informational websites. My mind tends to wander off if I just read from an article so Mr. Swart teaching us in front of the classroom, helped me understand the topic a lot more.

2. Advantages and disadvantages to your learning style

Disadvantages about my learning style is that, I usually need to have a teacher talk rather than reading articles, which is also a bad thing. When it comes to high school, a lot of the things we learn are from text books and we would have to read those and magically understand the topic. I find that a little bit hard for me, because I really need the topic to settle in my mind and the easiest way to do that is for a teacher to come up and teach us while showing examples and pictures. Advantages is that, I can understand a topic pretty well but I would need to be taught well. I know how I want to be taught to get the information to stick to me. I could remember it pretty well if Mr. Swart taught us in front of the class.

3. Ways you could improve for next time 

I think that next time to improve for next time, I think I should’ve watched more of the extra videos instead of just one. I also think I should’ve reviewed just a little bit more of each topic, so that the information sticks to my mind. So far, I’m not having much of a hard time in science because it’s gotten a little bit easier for me to understand the information. But I could improve a little by reviewing each document that were given to us a little bit more so that I would find the quizzes easier to do.


This is from the new unit, climate change, where Mr. Swart taught us in front of the class.
This is from the new unit, climate change, where Mr. Swart taught us in front of the class.
This is from the Ecology Unit where we had to answer the questions by ourselves.
This is from the Ecology Unit where we had to answer the questions by ourselves.