In class, we made slogans for our product that we have made. Our team name is called the rush and our product is paper roll pencil case with lots of cool designs. We will have a phone holder attached to our paper roll pencil holders, so I made a slogan for our product.

*It can be what it is

*Make it your way

*Try the new

*The rush is going places

If you read this post then you can vote for the best one you think it is.


This is Oligarchy
This is Democracy
This is Tyranny
This is Monarchy


*What did you know about these forms of government BEFORE we started this unit?

To be honest I didn't know a lot about these forms of governments before this unit I learned it while doing this unit, so everything I learned in this unit was all new and New information.

*Why is it important to learn about forms of government?

It is important to learn the forms of government, so that we could know the history of the government and we would know what kind of forms of governments in the past and some now.

*Which form of government do you think works best & why?

I think that Democracy works best, becuase democracy moves fairly  with citizen's opinions and use some of the opinions for their own countries for their country.


Why not mummify fruits with house ingredients? Well it was fun making it fun and very enjoyable! The ingredients were 'Baking soda' and also 'Salt' we put it in a plastic bag. Then we put the fruits in the bag for about a week. We went to a field trip for the week, so after the field trip. We came back and got the fruits out and the fruits were all dried!! It smelled very strong, but it was still very fun mummifying the fruits.

Why we mummified fruits was, because we learned about Ancient Egypt and mummifying bodies, so instead of mummifying bodies we mummified fruits!

The three favorite activities I liked in Social Studies were. Mummifying the fruits, because it was really fun and a new experience. It was fun doing the 'See, Thing, Wonder', because we had to look at pictures and some of the pictures were really funny, so that is the second activity that I really liked. The last third activity that I really enjoyed was the wheel of fate we used the wheel of fate, so we could choose who will read which paragraph and it was very fun using the whee of fate!


  • What did I learn about GEOGRAPHY & EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT from this project?

I learned that water was very important to people in Egypt and they needed water for lots of usage.

  • What am I proud of most in my project?

I am very proud that I tried my best for this project and I finished it very well for this project. I tried to make my world look like Canaan.

  • What would I do differently if I were to do this project again?

I would open minecraft everyday, finish my world and screencast my world as soon as possible.

  • In what area do you feel successful in math?

I feel successful when I am getting hard questions right.

  • In what areas are you unhappy with your progress?

I am unhappy with my negative progress, because I am not good at it.

  • What goals can you set for next quarter?

I want to set a goal to do at least 10 or 15 topics after school

This is a reflection about Canva!

In Canva I've been designing things and made posters, but not printing them yet. I loved to design things. I love

designing  designing makes me happy and reflect myself. I think you should trying designing with Canva. Canva is

very comfortable to use. I can insert lots of pretty pictures in and design it so that it is prettoier

Hi, I guess this is the last post.

This is really sad.

I'm serious. I feel very sad even though I don't sound like I do not, but I am serious I am!


Image result for crying face emoji
This is how I feel right now T,T








Today is the 5th grade Ceremony.

Today the we are also going to sing a song, but I think that I will cry in the middle of the song...

But I do not want to show my parents cry in a very happy day...

I think some of the girls not only me are going to cry because today is the last full day of 5th grade and they cannot be in Elementary School again.

I wish that I can go to Elementary School again... because I cannot do Elementary school again in my life again.

BYE! I wish I could use this blog in my whole life!!! BYE! I'll be in Middle school next year.

SO BYE!!!!!