Math in the 3rd Term

During the third term, we were involved in lots of activities that helped us increase our math skills. The following skills were the focus for the third term.

  • MD1: Children will begin to develop an understanding of numbers
  • MD3c: Children will participate in creating and using real and pictorial graphs

We developed our math skills during our math small groups, individual play during center time and within routines such as calendar. Here is a peek into some of the activities and games we played to help strengthen our math skills.

Developing an Understanding of Numbers






Creating and Using Graphs







and a few extra math photos…


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March and April Birthdays

In both March and April we celebrated some double birthdays along with a couple other birthday celebrations. Enzhen and Yian turned 5 on March 16! Ms. Kha and Hsi-Yu both shared a birthday in April! We also celebrated Yiling turning 5 in March and Andrew turning 5 in April. We made birthday cards, sang Happy Birthday, enjoyed a little sweet treat and shared our birthday cards with the birthday boy/girl. As always we had wonderful celebrations! 🙂




Happy Birthday Enzhen!

Happy Birthday Yian!

Happy Birthday Yiling!

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Happy Birthday Hsi-Yu!

Happy Birthday Ms. Kha!

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Homes Unit

We have been very busy the last two months exploring the concept of homes. We have discussed homes people live in as well as animals. We have been seeking answers to the following questions:

What types of homes do the people in my community live in?

How are animal homes and people homes alike/different?

How do people and animals make homes?

We have been engaged in many activities to help us explore these questions and the many more that have been raised during the unit.  We have been critical thinkers, builders, creators, readers, artists, story tellers and so much more during this unit. Here is a sneak into some of our hard work over the last two months.

Building Homes with a Variety of Materials









Drawing A Variety of Houses





Making a Display of a Community






Participating in a Tower Challenge




Creating the Three Little Pigs houses and Retelling the Story




Telling Stories with the Doll House


Playing in our Tent Home


Building Homes in the Block Area




…and a short video about our unit

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Field Trip to the Tet Display

On the last day before we left for the Tet holiday, we took a field trip to the Tet display put on by the Phu My Hung corporation at the Crescent Mall. Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us and help out. We had a wonderful time exploring all of the decorations that were so beautifully set up this year. Because it is the year of the rooster, there were so many chickens to be spotted!








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Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Lunar New Year! We had a great time preparing our classroom for Tet and loved all of the Tet events that our school put on this year.

We read several books that helped us know what to do to prepare our classroom for Tet. We also learned the Vietnamese names for many important aspects of Tet. We attended some wonderful Tet events at school and reenacted some of our own!

Hoa Mai



Making Dragons for a Dragon Dance



Chuc Mung Nam Moi signs


Making a Lion head for a Lion Dance


Performing a Lion Dance



Wearing the traditional dress, Ao Dai


Attending the Tet Assembly



Attending the Lion and Dragon Dances





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Sports Day!

As with every year, we had a blast at Sports Day! It is such a wonderful tradition and such a great time. Thank you to all of the parent volunteers!! This day would not be possible without you!







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Making Gingerbread

After reading so many versions of the Gingerbread Man before the holidays began, we of course wanted to make gingerbread cookies. We followed the recipe off of the back of The Gingerbread Man and made a big batch of gingerbread dough. We rolled it, shaped it and baked it just as it was done in the books. What delicious fun!





Here are some of the versions of The Gingerbread Man that we read in class.