4 types of governments in ancient greece

Hello, this is about explaining the four types of government with pictures for you to get a better understand of the government.The first one is monarchy where the people are ruled by a king. At the begging, they were selected by the people. After a while, they demanded that their sons had to inherit it from them. After a long time, the aristocrat’s teamed up and overthrow the monarchy
and make a new government.


The new form of government was called oligarchy. Which literally every person who wasn’t rich was absolute triggered. All they did was just make laws that make them richer. After the people were to triggered the went to army leaders to overthrow them. After the oligarchy was overthrown a new type of government started to arise a government which brutal force was the answer.


This brutal government was called tyranny. Even though in the picture there are two people dead they usually did the right thing. They made laws that help the people and by doing that they earned trust. Then they started to crumble and the last tyranny was at Athens. The two tyrants ruled good nothing bad but then their enemies assassinated one of them. Then the remaining one became more brutal to his people. The Athens then overthrow him and thought of a new idea a brilliant idea.

The gift that Greece gave to all was democracy. It was the new type of government that let everyone vote not just one person choosing. Even though in Ancient Greece there was still problems resulting back to older forms of law. In the end, it managed to flourish in all countries and was a gift like no other.

Overall it matters to understand types of government when dealing with real world situation when some on is the leader what kind of government are they setting up. It also helps you as a leader not to repeat those problems and do the opposite of the wrong.




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