Don’t Panic

In math, we watched a video about the statistics of the world on poverty called don’t panic. It was a pretty long but very informative video that had a lot about poverty in the world and how much of it there is. Some things that I found very interesting in the video was when it showed a graph that showed the different countries moving up and down on a graph representing the poverty levels. I think that the video helped me with my life because it made me think about the things that I do every day because that graph really showed me the true poverty of the world. I wonder how the world is doing today and if it is really possible to end poverty at the rate we are at.

Tutorial Video and Reflection

So for this project, we were representing a charity that we wanted to donate too. For example, my partners were Shayan, Peter and I. We were representing smile bank and we gathered information on their website as well as their facebook page. After that, we made a video that had to be between 2-4 minutes explaining and persuading why they should donate to that charity. One way that we persuaded the audience was through the use of examples and detail. We gave examples of what the kids were going through and how they suffered from agent orange. Through the use of examples and detail, we appealed to the audience’s emotions by making them feel sad  when putting them in their shoes and showing the audience how hard their life is. Then we switch the engines and make them feel happy when talking about what the charity has done for the affected kids. Editing our videos had a lot to do with it as well because we used the appropriate music for the appropriate times. We used lot of visuals and we made sure that the visuals matched what we were talking about. Speaking of voice, we made sure that we used appropriate tone for the appropriate situation. For example, we used a sad and slow tone when talking about the bad and sad parts, but used more of a tone that would go along the situation when talking about the good stuff and about what the charity is doing to help. This project reminds me of the video we did for dragon’s apprentice on giving advice to the 6th graders on what to do and what not to do. This was a great project and I always love making videos because it’s just something that I connect with. I hope we do something like this in the future.

Science Quarter 2

So for this quarter of science, we designed a water filter that would filter all the bad stuff from the water and let us drink the good water. We were trying to stay very minimal with the resources that we used because in Vietnam, not a lot of people have access to a lot of heavy duty things. After the filter, we were supposed to test the water’s copper levels, ph, salt level, and turbidity level. We had to have a ph of 7 because that is the normal ph that all drinkable water has. We also had to have clear water and lower that 100 ppm of copper.

So for my group, we wanted to make a filter out of a bottle because there are a lot of random bottles that you can find on the ground of Vietnam. So we looked for some other ideas online and they all suggested that we made a filter out of a water bottle. Of course, there are other things that we could do, but some of the ideas just did not make any sense because it would either take a long time to filter, or the resources were not available to many in Vietnam. So we settled for a bottle idea with layers of crushed charcoal, sand, and tissue.


Our first prototypes were something that we made with very little time. We made this prototype very quickly and this was just a basic outline of our final product. What we thought we were going to do was that we were going to build a stand and place the bottle in the stand so that we do not have to hold the bottle when the water is pouring down. We succeeded and we were very happy with our results, but compared to what we made our final, it is uncomparable. We used some layers of charcoal and sand and some cloth. This was some good key components that really made our filter, filter our clean water.


So for the next prototype, we built a stronger structure and used some more elements to our filter. We first washed the charcoal so that there was no black residue coming off the charcoal. This helped a lot because if we did not do this, we could have had black tainted water and that first, does not make it look drinkable, and second, the filter did not do its job of filtering. We later made sure that the coal was washed and we used some clean cloth to filter the big parts out. This time we have some tissue at the top so that it can filter most of the bad stuff first and then filter again ensuring a clean final product.


For our final, we followed everything we did and we came out with a very nice and very good product that really did its job in terms of filtering out the nasty stuff. We do not have the full results, but I know that the water came out as acidic which was not great but I am pretty sure that it is the case because of when we boiled it. This turned the water very yellow and I am pretty sure boiling it activated the salt in the water and just made the water very acidic. The turbidity was clear so that was great and our copper levels were really high, about 300 ppm. We do not know about the salt levels and that will be a big part and I hope that the salt levels is very minimal.


Overall, I am pretty sure my team did a very good job but I was alone of the last and final day so I did not have any help and that would have made my work much more efficient because, with help, I can get through things very quickly without a hassle. I thought that I did a pretty decent on my own and I thought that this project really helped us realize what type of water some people are suffering to drink.

Science Prototype

Have you assessed your prototype’s effectiveness?

Not yet, but we did see that the turbidity is clear. There is nothing in the glass instead of filtered water. Next class, my group will test the Ph and the copper. We will also test other things that need to be tested. But the water is not through its full “clean” state yet. Next time, we will have to boil the water so that it can get rid of all the bacteria.

What are the results of tests done?

We did the turbidity test and we were able to confidently say that the turbidity is clear. This was a real highlight because that meant our filter worked to a certain extent. Next time, we will do more tests so that we can say that our filter works and we can drink the water.

What do you need to do to improve your prototype?

Next time, we need to use a little bit more charcoal and chop in up into smaller bits because big charcoal cannot really filter very well, we need to have small chunks so that it can really filter out those small bits that are not good for the human body. I think that next time, we can also use a bit less cotton because it is not really necessary, but besides that, we did great.



Art Passion Project

Day 1: 

What is a Passion Project?

The passion project is something that Mrs. Jardin came up with that I think is awesome! This project is based on free time and what you love. So we start off with picking our passion and I picked basketball, then we make something that has to do with what we picked. How do you feel about this unit? I think the idea of this project is to promote passion and do what you love to enhance art in ways you did not think was possible.

What is your project?

For my project, I picked basketball for my passion, and I decided to make something for my garbage that will make things much more fun. I am making an improvised backboard for my trash. Basically, how it works, is that whenever you throw something away, you “shoot” it like a basketball and with built-in motion sensors, whenever your trash goes in, lights and speakers activate.

What steps do you need to take to complete this?

I need to make sure that I brainstorm for efficiency and also have a sketch out a plan so I do not get lost.

Day 2:


What did you achieve today?

Today I built a small model of my bigger final project. I used some scrap cardboard to make this and it went really well. I am very happy with the results and I cannot wait to make the bigger and better version. I think that it really helps to make a smaller version of the big project because it gives you an idea of what you need to do and what materials you need to use. If you want to make something bigger, then you must make sure that you have stronger material because the bigger, the more unstable it may be.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

I thought that It was a really productive class because I got to make a small model and that went really well. I also finished my sketch of my big final so that I know what pieces to cut out of my material and how to assemble all of it into one big final awesome piece, not a big final disaster. I think that I need to change some of the parts and the way they will be placed because I saw that in the prototype, they were getting a bit weak at some joints and that means it will be really weak with the final result.

What did you learn today?

Today I went to the robotics and coding teacher and he taught me how to code and what parts I need to use for my final product. So since I went to him, I now know how to hook up things to a circuit board and how to code so that everything is going to go as planned with the final product.

What are your next steps?

Next class, I will create templates for the final product and I will bring in the trash can so that I can make correct measurements because I want to make sure that my final product will look awesome with no weak joints or nothing messy. I will also have to learn how to cut neatly because it is hard to do so with cardboard. So I now what to do next class and I hope everything will go well like it did last class.



Day 3

What did you achieve today?

Today I kept planning out a sketch and better models so that I can improve its design and its look. My main goal here is to make sure that it is original because there was a lot of designs online and I wanted mine to stand out that is why I will add a really cool collage of a bunch of NBA players and a cool logo. I also added some coding so that when the trash goes in, lights will activate making it look really cool.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

My sketching went really well and I know exactly what to do next class and that’s good because that means I do not have to spend so much time sitting around and I will be able to just get to work and do what I need to do. I think that next class, I will make sure I do not waste any of my time and get right to work and make the most of my class.

What did you learn today?

Today I learned some graphic design things that will help me for my final project. I learned how to make cool text on photoshop that will make final product super cool. This was pretty hard to learn, but once I got the hang of it, it was a breeze. It turned out pretty cool and if you want to learn to make it yourself, I will leave a link to the video.

What are your next steps?

Next time, I will keep planning out what I will do, and I will cut out templates for my design so that I know exactly what to cut out without guessing because guessing will lead to dirty and unclean cuts. I will also look at some more tutorials because I need help on things like how to cut straight and nice pieces on cardboard, and some things to do with coding. But other than that, I should be coming closer to the final product and it will be really cool!

Day 4: November 18

What did you achieve today?

Today I created a collage of all my favorite basketball players so that I can paste on my project somewhere to give more flash and “coolness”. Something else I did was some coding and coding is a big part of my project because that is what will make everything more interesting. I was also brainstorming some ideas of the structure of my project and how to make it more original because mine is kind of bland and redundant.

What went well and what needs to change next class?

I think that next class, I will make sure to use most of my time because I watched a lot of videos that helped me with what I needed to do, but next time, instead of doing all the research, I should do things that are easy so that I can get through them and be more efficient. But besides that, today was very productive and I got the parts that I needed to have to complete my project.

What did you learn today?

Today I went on the birdbrain site and I learned some basic coding that will help me with what I need to do. I learned how to run motors, turn on LED’s and use a motion sensor. I think that the coding will make it really interesting because, in most of our products, there is coding involved. We code without even knowing that we code. For example, I am coding “write” (no pun intended) now by pressing the keys. This may not be building a robot, but it is considered basic coding.


What are your next steps?

Next time, I will create templates for my project because, with templates, I can make sure that I know what to cut out. I can also change things if I don’t like the way they are. I will also probably finalize on a design of my project because I have a lot of ideas and I need to pick out my favorite of all of them. I will also do some coding so that I can have my code set and I do not have to worry. I can’t wait for next class because that is where everything is going to be coming to life!


Day 5: November 22

What did you achieve today?

Today I was doing some coding and figuring out what code would fit best with what I want to do. This is the tough part because finding out a code can take forever but luckily I have a robotics teacher downstairs that could help me out, but I can do some basic coding on my own. I struggled today and I did not find a good code that would help me out and work for me but that will not stop me. I will just keep trying and I will make sure I get it right next class.


What went well and what needs to change next class?

Next time, I will do some more research so that I know what code I will use because it is really frustrating when you do not know what code you will use and it takes you a long time to figure out which one you are going to use. I think that I got to know a little bit about my project and the difficulties I will face so that will help me. I also think that I did a good job with my coding because it gave me a solid base that I can learn from.


What did you learn today?

Today I watched a few videos that will help me with my coding process because without anything, it will be a real struggle for me to just learn from scratch. I am using a program called scratch which is just basically a software that starts from scratch and makes you just do some basic coding.

What are your next steps?

Next time I will make sure to get some more help so that I will not struggle as much because I hate struggling. I also will try to get to making a template because that will really help me with my future with this project.


Day 6:

What did you achieve today?

Today I was able to make the backboard of my final project and that is good because the backboard has a lot of complicated and difficult cuts so I am glad I got that out of the way. I also made the “swish” sign that will pop up when the object goes in the basket. I hope that I will succeed with this because the coding is really tough for this project so far. Overall, I did a lot in this class and I am happy with my progress.



What went well and what needs to change next class?

Almost everything went well and I was very satisfied with what I did because I know what to do for the next class and what to change. Maybe if I were to change one thing, I would maybe plan out what I am going to do during that class at the beginning so that I do not lose any time. I have found this technique to be very useful when I am filming and I storyboard what I need to shoot for that day.

What did you learn today?

I learned a lot today. My friends gave me some tips on what to do that was really helpful. I watched a video that suggested to cut my cardboard with a ruler that would ensure straight cuts. I found this technique very useful when it comes to straight edges, but not so much with curved so my friends suggested me to find something round and use that which helped me out to a certain extent.

What are your next steps?

Next class, I will make sure to storyboard what I will do for that class so that I do not waste any time. This project means a lot to me and it would be really cool if I was able to finish and come with a final product that I envisioned in my brain. I think that I will just make sure to take my time and not to rush because I have quite a lot of time for the project so it is best not to rush.

Digital Poem

In writing, we made a video based on our poem. So basically, we started off by writing three poems about whatever we wanted to do. Then, we picked our favorite one and made a digital video with pictures, videos, and animations. I thought that finding good images for our video was challenging because images are very boring and still, so I made a mix of animation, videos, and pictures. I also felt that it was tough to edit the video the way I wanted to edit it because I had to have the perfect tempo, the perfect music, and the perfect images. I am really proud of my outcome or the video final. I worked hard to get it to be as it is now and I am really proud of it and I am happy I made something I am proud of. I guess this changed the way I look at poetry because I always looked at poetry as something that was just rhyming and fun stories or lullabies. This also helped me set the tone of my video, the way I talked, the level of emotion and level of loudness. I used a lot of animation and videos because, like I said, I felt like pictures are very boring. The music was also important and I remixed a track from an inspiring song and that really help set the mood of my video. So overall, I’m very pleased with my results and I hope that we do more things like this in writing in the future!

DBQ Reflection

1   Why did Christianity take hold in the ancient world?



↪ These are my favourite excerpt’s from my DBQ

Excerpt 1

Essentially, Marcus J Borg and John Dominic Crossan in The First Paul, explain how the  Christian ideology was much different from the Roman ideology.

Excerpt 2

Christianity is the most well known and preached religion today, but, a very famous saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in one day, same goes for Christianity.



↪ HYPERLINK DBQ OUTLINE: Why Did Christianity Take Hold in the Ancient World?




Christianity spread because of their idea of love and kindness. A lot of people dedicated their life to the spread Christianity because they were really loyal and they loved Jesus. Paul, a convert, dedicated his life to delivering the word of Jesus. Another learning takeaway was the role parables played. Parables are short stories with a big message and these parables were spread across the world making Christianity one step closer to being a dominate religion.



3  VISUALIZING TEXT -sketch-noting


How did sketch-noting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?

Sketchnoting was a way for me to take visual notes. I used sketch-noting not just in social studies, but also in language arts because it helped me retain what I needed to study.


↪What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?

I learned that the more I engaged in sketch-noting, the more attached I became to the technique. For me, it was a more efficient and organized way for me to learn the content.




What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?  (copy & paste from your reflection)

I thought that vlogging was really easy because all I had to do was basically read off my sketch-note because it was so easy to remember everything, that I just looked back and I saw my sketch-note, then read it out.



Evidence & Analysis VLOG

Reflection VLOG

DBQ Vlog


What is ONE of your GOALS for social studies?

One of my goals this year in social studies is to understand everything we are learning because usually, I forget most of what I learned the next year, but this year I have a good teacher and I have sketch-noting by my side so I think this year will be really good for me in terms of remembering my information. Also, if I study, recalling information will be much easier for me.


Art Reflection


For this task, this was basically a warm up for our final piece. We did this piece so that we can learn all the techniques. All the techniques that were included in this piece were, line variation, toning, color toning, and the last one was a combination of anything we wanted. I think that the combination was my favorite and that was the topic I wanted to do for my final piece. All of these techniques were really interesting and I felt like I learned a lot. from that short period of time. We started with picked what animal we wanted to use when we would use all these techniques. After that, we found some pictures of that animal shot in different angles so that when we used all the techniques, we would not just use the same old picture. After that, we usually learned one technique a class and then we drew our animal using the technique that we learned that day. Overall, I think this was a really fun project.


This was our final piece that we have been working hard for. We were assessed on all the techniques that we used. For line variation, we had to make sure that we used more than 3 variations of lines. We also had to focus on contrast and toning. I really focused on toning because that was something that would really bring out my drawing. I felt like this was a really cool project and I hope I do more projects just like this one.



This is the Artsonia out of the frame final page. We submitted this when we were finished with our final. We worked up to this point and it took us about a month or so. This was a very fun task because we learned a lot of new techniques and I hope we do more things like this in the future.

Out of the frame Artsonia 

Me as a poet

This unit in writing, I felt like I really developed as a poet. Poetry is a unique way of writing because there are no rules and you are allowed to do whatever you want, the only limit is your imagination. Poetry is much harder than it looks because you have to add other goodies to make your poem stand out. Some of the things that I would add would be things like figurative language, line breaks, white space, and many other things. I would consider myself a poet because I felt like I learned a lot in terms of poetry. I would consider myself a poet because I now know a lot of useful techniques that would make my poems much better. I think I will definitely continue with poetry because I play guitar. This has a lot related because I love to sing and writing songs is all about poetry. So I will use some techniques I learned to write my future songs. I thought that my experience this was really helpful and fun because I bet this will help me in the future with writing classes. I think that the more I write in writing class, the better I become and I am thankful for that. I think that I have grown as a writer because I now know all the basic fundamentals of writing poems and later I can learn more, therefore, expanding my knowledge of poetry.

3 Fictional Characters That Represent Me

So I picked out some fictional characters that I really felt that they had some similarities with.


The first person is Rigby from the show Mordecai and Rigby. I felt like this fictional character really matched me because my best friend matches Mordecai and I am the shorter one that is more active and always wants to do stuff. I get bored easily like him, and I can be very annoying…


Another person that I really think I fit is Tony Stark or the Iron man. I love jokes and telling jokes or being funny in general. Tony is really funny and really smart. Tony made a living off of computer science and I love coding and building robots. The way he talks with sarcasm is really funny and it adds a really cool side to him.


The last character I really like is Russell from up. He has a very fun and adventurous personality and I do too. We both love adventures and he does not give up. One of the best parts about him, would be his attitude. He never gets mad and he is always happy and I try to be always happy because the more you frown, the more you are wasting your life.