In mandarin, we just finished working on a poster and a skit about daily routine.

In mandarin I think my biggest success was the skits because I am better in speaking than writing. A challenge I faced was the vocabulary tests, but as I got through the second semester I improved on my vocabulary test.

Here is the video and poster.

The poster



Right now we are working on a big project called Dragons Apprentice. The are many parts to that project, right now we are working on posters. We are working on posters that symbolize our product. My group's product is locker/desk organizers. It helps you keep your locker and desk organized. In order to make our poster successful, we would need to have a lot of repetition, a plain background and use CARP.

Here are some posters that can be related to our product, we did analysis on these posters.

Before this unit started I already knew what democracy was, how it works and examples of democracy. I didn't know much about monarchy, tyranny, and oligarchy.  It is important to learn about the forms of government so that when you grow older you won't be confused, it takes a long time to understand. And it takes a long time to understand how to the whole world works so by taking these steps it will help us when we get older.I think democracy is the best because everyone gets a voice, and most of the time people are happy with their choices.  I really enjoyed this unit and learned a lot.






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"Think different." By Apple.  It emphasizes the fact that Apple, is one of the stores that is working to be unique. Apple always tries to make their customers happy, by trying and using the best technology for electronics and computer softwares. Since this is based on technology it should be innovative and most of the time reliable. Each year Apple is trying to improve and become better as a team. 

Our class has finished a big unit on Ancient Egypt. I learned so much in this unit, I learned about the nile river, the climate of Ancient Egypt and many other things. I learned many new words such as vegetation, topography and others. I learned that in early human settlement their are 3 important environmental factor. Topography was a big part of early human settlement, because people would likely settle on flat lands because there was very good vegetation. The Nile river was a big part of early human settlement, because it helped by providing fresh water, having a lot of seafood, and every summer the nile river would flood which would leave back silt that is good for the plants! Vegetation was very helpful for early human settlement, it would help by providing plants such as papyrus!

I am very proud of the minecraft part in this project because this was my first time and I think I did a great job! I would also like to improve on some of my minecraft skills! I really enjoyed working on this project and unit!



I just finished a vlog for a book I read in lit circles. I think I could really work on using quotes for main characters, conflict and theme. I had defined conflict and theme and how the main character changed over time but I hadn't put a quote to describe what I am saying is true and to provide evidence. I think did a good job on telling a short summary about this book and showing eye contact! I tried my best and I am very happy with the grade I got!