Medieval Europe

People, usually women, were accused of being witches because of many different reasons. People were accused of being witches because of their skills in medicine. Because most poor people could not get doctors, women would cure people out of herbs and folk remedies.

Women who were knowledgeable about medicine and curing were sometimes feared by other people because people thought these cures were against the beliefs of Christianity. Castle doctors would become jealous of these women and therefore accuse them of being witches. Since these women effectively used herbs and medicine, there were cases when they were summoned to the castle to cure a person, which they usually would. Castle doctors believed that these women were stealing their jobs, and got jealous at them.

Priests would call people witches when they were using herbs and remedies. Christianity was a big religion in the Middle ages, and it was very critical because the middle ages was a time of superstition. Priests and christians thought that the cures these women used were against the rules and beliefs of Christianity. Therefore, the women would be called witches and punished. These ‚Äúwitches‚ÄĚ were punished in gruesome ways, like burning and drowning. It continued until King Kalman of Hungary ordered no more witch trials or burnings in his country. But in other places, witch hunts continued even until 1944, when a woman was put on trial for being a witch in Britain. These beliefs about witches just shows us more how the middle ages was a time of superstition and beliefs.


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Woman on a Ducking Stool (woodcut) . woodcut. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 19 Jan 2017.

Water Filter Project Reflection

In our recent science classes, we worked on our water filter project. This project is about building a filter that can make water drinkable. To do this, we had to filter out salt, copper, make acid neutral, and take out sediments.

For this projects, we pretended that we were people from a non-profit organization to help people in need of water. We were supposed to make a low-cost machine that helps purify water

First, we brainstormed ideas about how to solve these problems in one machine. We had different plans, but then we decided to do a plastic water bottle filter.

Our first prototype was the most successful filter of the day. While other group’s results were still brown and mucky, ours had almost no sediments and was transparent.

Our second prototype was similar to the last one. The pps (copper) was lower. We started brainstorming solutions to neutralize the acid, and we decided to use edible baking soda.

Our third prototype was more successful. We neutralized the acid with the baking soda and the pps was getting lower. The salt was a problem, because it didn’t seem to go away.

Our fourth prototype was an attempt to get rid of the salt. We boiled the water on the highest level for 5 minutes, and we did the salt test. The copper and salt reduced, but there was still some left.

The best part of this project was the independency we had. We had total control over things, so it made us become more creative. The most challenging part of the project was trying to fix everything. Salt and copper was a problem to us throughout everything, so it was challenging.

If I do this next time, I would make sure that our group thinks of solutions to solve every aspect, not just acid and turbidity. But overall, this project was one that I really liked.






In our recent science classes, we worked on our water filter project. This project is about building a filter that can make water drinkable. To do this, we had to filter out salt, copper, make acid neutral, and take out sediments.

One thing I liked was that it felt like the teachers trusted us. I have never done a building project where the teacher puts all responsibility and control on us, so this was kind of new, which made me feel like the teachers  trusted us to do well without their help. It made me feel independent. I also liked my team because we were efficient and worked well together.

One thing that I would fix is thinking of more ideas to make our product even better. Although we got rid of acid and turbidity, copper and salt was a problem throughout the process. If we had thought of ideas before, maybe we could have tested it out and got a successful result.

If I do this next time, I would make sure that our group thinks of solutions to solve every aspect, not just acid and turbidity. But overall, this project was one that I really liked.

Digital Poem

My video was a 2-3 minute long video that included images from flickr, which I cited at the end of the video. The process was a little complicated for me, because I had to face several challenges that I had to overcome. But this project was quite enjoyable because we could get creative (a little) with the images and the subtitles.

Since I am not good at using iMovie or just technology in general, this project has been a technical challenge. Also, I’ve had trouble with the images because I kept forgetting to put the citation in the document for some images.

I am generally proud of my poem itself because I put large amounts of work and effort to get it done, and I got a great grade. I feel I have done well on choosing the appropriate subtitles and images.

When I was choosing the images, it really helped me to think about how the theme or the ideas of my poem, because I had to really go through the ideas to choose the appropriate images. Also, the images can help the audience if they don’t get some ideas or themes, so this video really helped me express the ideas and theme of my poem.

I mainly attempted to emphasize what was happening in the poem and the mood of the poem with the visuals, music, and reading, although I didn’t use reading as much as the other two. I chose gloomy¬†and serious music to set the mood of the poem. With the visuals, I focused on showing what was happening in the poem. For example, during the part where the boy shoots a basketball, I put an image of a basketball hoop. With my voice, I kept it low and simple to emphasize the dark mood of the poem.

If I were to to this again, I would take more time choosing my images, because some of my images were just black or were similar to each other.

Some advice for future students are although it might seem like a simple assignment, it actually takes a lot of thinking and work (and batteries) so leave plenty of time for yourself for this assignment.

Poetry Reflection

Something that I learned about poetry that I did not know before was that there are a LOT of figurative languages that you can use to enhance your poem, like extended metaphors and assonance.

I don’t consider myself a poet because I’m not¬†good at poetry and I don’t really write poetry for fun or for just a random reason. I would like to be a poet though.

I think I will still continue writing poetry because well, for school assignments, but also when I’m bored. Writing poetry as homework was better than other homework for me, because I could freely choose what to write about and use my imagination more.

My overall experience with poetry this year was really new. Back in 6th grade, we just studied what I already knew and learned back in 5th grade. But this year, I learned new terms and figurative language that I could use in the future.

I definitely¬†have grown as a writer. As I’ve said before, this quarter was a quarter that I have learned more things, compared to other quarters last year. I hope to grow more as a writer and learn to enhance my writing.

Language Arts-3 characters

In Language Arts class, we were required to choose three characters that describe us. Here are the characters that I think describe me:

Hermione (Harry Potter)

The reason I chose Hermione is that I use my intelligence to boss people around, especially I know the right thing to do but they’re doing the wrong thing. I love correcting people, too.

The Matchmaker (Mulan)

I think I’m the matchmaker because when I’m angry, I tend to not be aware of m surroundings and do really stupid actions. Although the matchmaker was hurt mostly because of Mulan, I still think that she would’ve felt the ink on her fingers when she touched the teapot. Still, she was angry and did a stupid thing, just like what I’d do.

Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)

Wednesday from the Addams Family is a little…intimidating. And that’s what people say about me sometimes, like how I critically and just a little¬†roughly (sometimes) respond to people. Also, since I almost always wear black when there’s no school and do not have my I’m-happy-face on all the time, I think Wednesday Addams fits me.

Exploratory Writing-Lifecards

In writing, we were required to write a poem and create a lifecard with it.

It was really hard to use lifecards (in my case), because it has been about a year since I used lifecards, and the tech in general was hard for me.

I chose a person’s foot walking away from the camera because I wanted to enhance the part ‘walking away’.

I thought it would be boring and a little complicated to bring out the whole message, which was ‘forget about your past and move on’. So, I thought that the image I chose was simple, and clear to understand.


The Parable Project- The Good Samaritan

Out of the several parables we’ve read in class, the¬†Good Samaritan was the one that was most appealing because the story was really engaging than the other stories (my opinion) and it was very easy to figure out the moral of the story. I liked it because it was entertaining and very educational at the same time.¬†¬†

This parable related to one of my experiences in Korea. I was at a park, just wandering around. I was really young when this happened, and I got lost. I was clueless where I was. I started panicking, and tears started welling up in my eyes.

But just then, a random woman who had no idea who I was nor had any connections with me came up and said in korean, “Do you need help?” And thanks to the lady, I could find my family. She is one of the Good Samaritans of my life. The parable reminded me of that very moment.

Since parables were easy, short, and had simple but important messages that were easy to  understand, the parables pass through people by mouth and by paper and helped spread the message of Christianity. The messages had meanings that even the poor can go into heaven, and created a rope of hope for people, and soon Christianity was spread all over the globe.

Poster: good-samaritan

The color palette that I used: