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I think that the easiest part of the project will be thinking of the ideas and draw them. I think the most challenging will be creating the actual chair, such as the sculptures and details. I say this because it takes a long time and it is obvious that it will be hard. My final idea is mainly about space and koi fishes because I think that space is beautiful, koi fishes are cool, and it is an interesting idea. Originally, I actually had a different idea. My idea used to be a beautiful tree and a koi fish pond, but after doing the design process I thought of new ideas. I am mostly looking forward to seeing the final piece and making the koi fishes.

I think that I will make the koi fishes with wire, plaster, and some colored paper/tissue. To make the planet, I will use a mold of something round and then use paper mache. I will make the fish hook by using wire, plaster, and string. Finally, I think I will make the coral by using wire and plaster.

To get inspiration, we created our own Pinterest Board to collect ways to help and teach us how to do our project.

The video above is a tutorial to make the coral for my chair. I will be using this technique to create the coral to show texture and to use them for decoration.

So far my progress grade was a B+ (87/100) which I kind I knew I was going to get because I have done work, but I have not done as much work as people that have finished a lot of big sculptures or people that just have done a lot. I think to get an A+ or an A is by working harder and do everything faster, but still make my work be good quality.

Timeline for the Next 10 Classes:

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
– Finish skeleton of big koi fish

– Stuff all or most of the koi fish

– Start wrapping the koi fish with tape

– Start on the first layer of paper mache

– Finish all the layers of paper mache for the koi fish

– Start on skeleton of the last koi fish

– Finish the skeleton of the koi fish

– Stuff koi fish

– Start the first layer of paper mache for the koi fish

– Finish all the layers of paper mache for the koi fish

– Begin plastering planets

Class 6 Class 7 Class 8 Class 9 Class 10
– Finish plastering planets

– Start plastering koi fishes

– Begin painting koi fishes

– Finish koi fishes

– Start painting planets

– Finish painting planets

– Create coral

– Begin Painting coral

– Put everything together

Over the past 10 weeks, I have created 3 big models of koi fishes, 2 big planets, about 15 to 20 little meteor rocks, some pieces of coral, and a fish hook. I think that my biggest achievement was probably the koi fishes since they were the main idea of my theme and they are the things I worked on the most.

I think that my chair has texture, movement, line, and mass. In my whole chair, texture is the element I used the most which probably means it’s the most dominant. I have it on my moon, my rocks, etc. I showed movement using my wires I used to hang my rocks/meteor. The wires usually move if the chair is moving so it kind of creates an effect. To show line I used my fish hook and my koi fishes. Line means that an object is telling you where you need to look. My koi fishes are going in a path so it allows people to follow them. My fish hook has wire that goes all over the chair which also shows line since you would see where the wire goes. I probably showed mass using my planets and koi fishes. I say this since they look very big and probably heavy if you just like at it.

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