Andrew’s Chair Sculpture Blog Post

I think that the easiest part of the project will be thinking of the ideas and draw them. I think the most challenging will be creating the actual chair, such as the sculptures and details. I say this because it takes a long time and it is obvious that it will be hard. My final idea is mainly about space and koi fishes because I think that space is beautiful, koi fishes are cool, and it is an interesting idea. Originally, I actually had a different idea. My idea used to be a beautiful tree and a koi fish pond, but after doing the design process I thought of new ideas. I am mostly looking forward to seeing the final piece and making the koi fishes.

I think that I will make the koi fishes with wire, plaster, and some colored paper/tissue. To make the planet, I will use a mold of something round and then use paper mache. I will make the fish hook by using wire, plaster, and string. Finally, I think I will make the coral by using wire and plaster.

To get inspiration, we created our own Pinterest Board to collect ways to help and teach us how to do our project.

The video above is a tutorial to make the coral for my chair. I will be using this technique to create the coral to show texture and to use them for decoration.

So far my progress grade was a B+ (87/100) which I kind I knew I was going to get because I have done work, but I have not done as much work as people that have finished a lot of big sculptures or people that just have done a lot. I think to get an A+ or an A is by working harder and do everything faster, but still make my work be good quality.

Timeline for the Next 10 Classes:

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
– Finish skeleton of big koi fish

– Stuff all or most of the koi fish

– Start wrapping the koi fish with tape

– Start on the first layer of paper mache

– Finish all the layers of paper mache for the koi fish

– Start on skeleton of the last koi fish

– Finish the skeleton of the koi fish

– Stuff koi fish

– Start the first layer of paper mache for the koi fish

– Finish all the layers of paper mache for the koi fish

– Begin plastering planets

Class 6 Class 7 Class 8 Class 9 Class 10
– Finish plastering planets

– Start plastering koi fishes

– Begin painting koi fishes

– Finish koi fishes

– Start painting planets

– Finish painting planets

– Create coral

– Begin Painting coral

– Put everything together

Over the past 10 weeks, I have created 3 big models of koi fishes, 2 big planets, about 15 to 20 little meteor rocks, some pieces of coral, and a fish hook. I think that my biggest achievement was probably the koi fishes since they were the main idea of my theme and they are the things I worked on the most.

I think that my chair has texture, movement, line, and mass. In my whole chair, texture is the element I used the most which probably means it’s the most dominant. I have it on my moon, my rocks, etc. I showed movement using my wires I used to hang my rocks/meteor. The wires usually move if the chair is moving so it kind of creates an effect. To show line I used my fish hook and my koi fishes. Line means that an object is telling you where you need to look. My koi fishes are going in a path so it allows people to follow them. My fish hook has wire that goes all over the chair which also shows line since you would see where the wire goes. I probably showed mass using my planets and koi fishes. I say this since they look very big and probably heavy if you just like at it.

Ecodome Project – Day 22

This is the final ecodome test which probably will be our hardest challenge. 3 weeks for our cricket to live through and survive. With all the problem that we can observe being solved, all the things that we can do now is adding small features, hoping to increase the survival rate with every bonus things. Likewise, this time a numerous amount of change are going to be made for this ecodome.

img_0806We are first going to move the ecodome to a cooler place where the cricket will have an easier time of surviving. Moreover, we are going to add grasses, making a softer habitat for our cricket whilst also storing heat. Other features are going to include salads as food, a vine tree for climbing, and various of small decorations.

Nevertheless, we also are really worried since there are definitely mold in our ecodome (Evan’s fault) and also we had to put the ecodome near the window since the plants will need light for the 3 weeks break but we were able to pick a place where the cricket part is blocked even though the sunlight can reach the leaves.


Ecodome Project – Day 16

This is ecodome was our last ecodome test until the final one. Since we had to go to WWW, we thought it would be good to do a final practice test. Since WWW was for 5img_0779 days, it was a great way to test our ecodome before the final one which will be a few weeks. After a few tweaks, we fixed all the problems that we could find including the holes and resources, we also added a few things such as new plants, new types of food and decided to put it near the window for a change. We personally went online and researched the conditions, plants and the amounts of resources just right for crickets and followed them hoping for the best. We found out that cricket prefer humidity and places with shadows. Furthermore, we also made sure that the plants is in the best condition so it will last through the week. 

After checking it multiple times, we inserted two crickets (Fast & Food) and went on the WWW feeling confident. When we returned from our trip, I was surprised to find that one of them were to still alive and healthy. Even though the other one died, we were able to keep one alive for 6 days! This was a huge improvement from last time (lasted for 4 days) which made us really happy.

Unfortunately, the next day when we went back to check during the class, we found the one surviving cricket died. We were truly puzzled of why that happened. We then took apart the ecodome and realized there were burnt marks on the tree and the crickets. I then found out from several sources that crickets weren’t the best when it comes to heat. We took note of this information and we will make huge changes for the final attempt of the ecodome.

Endangermalia: Andrew’s Collab Reflection

My first page that I did was page for the letter I. I drew the Indian Elephant wearing thefinal-layering-with-indri sweater, I drew the Ice-cream Igloo, I also drew and painted the background, I traced everything, and did some of the verse. I think that I like the elephant and the background in this art work the most because they both look really cool. The elephant looks really cute and has a lot of color, and I like the background because I used watercolor and I am actually bad at watercolor. I think that the students from NY did pretty well, but it was just the communication was hard. 

ny-final-yAfter finishing my first page, my partner Kolton and I chose to help create another page. This page was for letter Y. I drew and colored some of them, I drew and painted most of the background, I traced everything, and I helped layer the some of the page. I think that drawing and painting was easier because we have done that for the first one, but I think that the amount of time we had was challenging. We had about 3 or 4 classes to finish the animal, background, and detail. Since this is our second time doing a page, I think that I improved more of my watercolor skills and some drawing skills. 

After we are done with all the pages, we got to choose a publicity job. Some of these jobs are creating donation boxes, banners, letters to the school, and plan the book launch. My publicity job was to create a poster/banner. This poster is supposed to advertise the book. Since we only had 1 or 2 classes to do this, I had help from Kolton and Lissa. In this poster I added the text, did the background, and help create the book.andrew-lissa-and-kolton-endangermalia-poster

I think that the Skype call was really cool. I think this because we got to talk to them and hear their ideas. Even though we only had 30 minutes to talk to them, we learned many new things about them and they learned many new screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-12-10-03-pmthings about us.

I think that the shop looks pretty cool. It has a lot of info about the book such as the details about the book and what it’s about. It has a good picture of the book and it even says who created the book which is SSIS and the school in NY. I think we can promote the website by making more posters are create a video.



Ecodome Project – Day 12

For the reflection for day 7, we were going to add seeds, but instead we put pieces of corn. Turns out some of the corn started to grow. Today after 2 days from the last rebuild, the cricket both died. At first, I thought it was because of the lack of water source but turned out it was because of various holes in the environment.img_0766

Both of the crickets (Juan and Hesus) fell into the hole and got stuck there. At first, we did notice this flaw but we decided they could jump out so we didn’t worry. This turned out to be a huge mistakes causing the ecodome to fail. Additionally, this time we didn’t put a water source even though reduce the chance of drowning but might lead to lack of water. In the Day 7 reflection, I said that we might add seeds, instead we added bits of corn as food. Turns out, the corn started to grow, but it didn’t finish.

Next class, we will be rebuilding it by making sure we check every single chance of killing the cricket and make sure we get rid of it. Also this time we will take  more time recreating it without any stupid mistakes that we made last time. The changes that we are planning to make is space arrangement and a different variety of plants. We are going to remove some of the extra food that we have since if you take it into count, crickets don’t move nor eat that much. 

ELA Q2 Reflection

I think in this quarter, my biggest success would be the research paper that we have written. I say this because I had to do a lot of research for about 2 or 3 weeks and I worked hard on the paper. My final paper was pretty informational and detailed. I think that it shows my research and how hard I worked on it for the past 5 weeks. Another thing that I think I succeeded was learning how to find good information through research. All of my databases all have people that I trust because of their knowledge and their jobs. I think that all of the information I found made my paper really good and made a better.

I think my biggest difficulty was also the paper. It was kind of hard to find the right database or website that actually had information that I needed. The other problems about the paper was making the paper make sense, and the intro and conclusion. It was hard to put my info correctly to make it make sense and I missed a class. During that class the other students were learning how to do the conclusion and intro, but I was not there, so I had a problem. At the end though, I did finish and I think that my paper is good.

One thing that I think I should have done differently was working on the paper more often. I think this because since I was sick one day, I had one less work day, but during the weekend I didn’t spend a lot of time on it. I think that I should have worked harder on it so I would be less stress and more time to work on it. It would make my paper even better and could have been even more detailed. Overall, I think that I did well and this would be the only thing I would have changed.

My Research Paper:

Ecodome Project – Day 7

It has been 7 days since we made our first ecodome. There are a few changes that have happened, but there was one that made us feel super sad. One of our crickets have died after a few days and we do not know why yet. Our ecodome has enough water, food, space. img_0738I think one of the reasons it died was because of the lack of oxygen. I think this because when the ecodome is opened there is a lot of oxygen, but when we close the ecodome, the ecodome only has an amount of oxygen. I feel like that cricket died because there was not enough oxygen for it to live, but if this did happen, I wonder how the other cricket survived.

Base on the data that we gathered from the past few day, we can see that it is better to have one since having two didn’t really affect the other survival rate. Thus, we decided to have only one cricket since it will have more food and more space which in turn increases survival rate. 

I have done some research and it says that adding seeds and letting them grow can really help grow some more food, make the habitat cooler, easier to put in plants, and img_0736creates more oxygen. Since I think the problem is oxygen, I feel like I need to add more oxygen which is why more plants can help. My partner and I was also thinking that we should only add one crickets because possibly the crickets might fight over something which gives a disadvantage to the other cricket. Another reason is because one cricket to die is better than allowing two crickets to die. don’t think I need to change anything else, except for adding plant seeds. I hope that this can help change the result.


Ecodome Project – Day 1

What are the components of your ecodome? Why have you chosen each one? 

  • Two Container
    • More space in order for more storage and movement space.
  • Plants and small Branches
    • Natural habitat and avoid anything to unnatural for the crickets
    • Also possible food source
  • Two crickets
    • Less lonely
    • Might have a better chance of survivalfullsizerender
    • Allow more data
  • Decent amount of soil
    • Able for plant to grow
    • Habitat
  • Not too much water
    • Possibly drowning
  • Tube
    • Movement and transportation to other containers
  • Rocks
    • Decoration
  • Sticks/Logs
    • For home/habitat
    • Decoration

Changes made on design day:

  • Instead of making 2 ecodomes that are connected, we made only one
    • Less work
    • Takes less time to create
    • Didn’t have enough time in class
  • We added more plants than we wanted to put so it looks like a cool habitat and there would be more food
  • We also added a sponge
    • To collect water that the plants can create using photosynthesis
  • Instead of making a pond of water, we used a bottle, so the water will not go into the soil
  • We added a lot more rocks and sticks
    • Makes the ecodome and habitat look cool
    • The stones and rocks were also placed in the water to make it more shallow or else the crickets might drown


Andrew’s Art 8 NY Collaboration

When we were told about this project I was kind of excited and then we found out that we were also going to publish our art into a book I got even more excited. I am excited that we can work with someone from NY and working on drawing the animal. Our buddy’s name is Sophia and we heard she is from China. Since she is new to English, we have not been able to talk or connect with her yet, but I hope we can talk some day.

When we first started to work, we noticed that she didn’t reply and we didn’t know why. She did everything by herself, so my partner Kolton and I had to go with it. We had to do an animal called an Indri and it was really hard because this was not one of the choices that we chose. At the end, we switched to the Indian Elephant, but Sophia already did a lot of work, so now we are doing 2 animals.

I think that it is super cool that Graeme Base wrote back to us because he is a great artist because his work is very detailed and it just looks great! From his letter, we got to hear his answers to our questions that we asked. He told us many techniques that he used to make the animals in his book Animalia look detailed. He also told us his process of making the book and how long it took him to finish. I think that his book is great, funny, detailed, and colorful which I think is great.

Like I said before we have problems with communication. she didn’t reply and we didn’t know why. She did everything by herself, so my partner Kolton and I had to go with it. We had to do an animal called an Indri and it was really hard because this was not one of the choices that we chose. At the end, we switched to the Indian Elephant, but Sophia already did a lot of work, so now we are doing 2 animals.

This is what we have done so far in class:

SS Q1 Reflection

During Q1 for SS class, we were mainly working on the Scientific Revolution. We first learned about Copernicus because he was a very important person in the Scientific Revolution. Next we had to choose a person that did something during the Scientific Revolution. I chose Galileo because I always liked space, so I thought it would be nice to choose a person that did something that I liked. The good things that happened was I did well at writing my essay and I understood what we were supposed to do. The bad things was that sometimes it was hard to find information on the topic you are trying to work on.

I think that I am not super comfortable with researching, but I think I have a good understanding of what to do. Problems I have with some sources are they don’t answer the topic/question that I am trying to find, so it is sometimes hard to find something that can help me. Another problem is sometimes I don’t know what to search to get the exact thing that I would like to find. Overall, I think that I can find good sources, but it might just take me a while to find the perfect source.

My link to my SR essay


My Minimalist Poster for Galileo