Cuisine: A Sonnet by Sierra, Ying Ying, and Lea

Image by Mike DelGaudio


Food tastes  amazing we  all LOVE  good food

When you  eat awesome food it changes moods

Some food we love  is from a big  fat cow

Fast food  is our  most favorite thing for now

Fried chicken goes with soda and french fries

But Mister Coffey thinks it goes with pies

All T-bone steaks are so delicious YUM!

When we all finish we don’t leave a crumb

Food is a gift from heaven. We all guess

But when I eat too much I am  a mess

At breakfast, lunch and dinner I eat lots

But after I eat, I go on my yacht

Some words of wisdom to keep in your mind

Take caution to what you eat and be kind.

Edited by: Tu- Anh Nguyen and Kerry Groom

Newton’s reflection

The design of our vehicle is a rubber banded powered car. The body of our car we used a big Aquafina bottle because a empty plastic bottle does not have an heavy mass, than the force does not need to increase and the acceleration doesn’t increases either. For the wheels we used two CD and one wine cork. To hold the wheels we used a wooden skewer and bottle caps. The bottle cap was used to connect the CD with the wooden skewer. As for the rubber band we use 12+ of them because if we only use 4-5 than the rubber band won’t be strong enough, and breaks.

Newton’s first law, also called “the law of inertia,” applies to our car because when we don’t wind up the rubber band, the car would stay at rest and it would stay at rest until an opposite force acts on it. When we start winding up the rubber band the car stores potential energy, while letting it go the energy that the car stores changes to kinetic energy. The kinetic energy what forces the car to move, which is the opposite force. Newton’s second law, is a formula that show you the relation of force, acceleration, and mass. The formula is mass x acceleration = force. The second law applies to our vehicle because we used light materials which small mass, so than the rubber band does not need to produce as much force to accelerate the vehicle. Newton’s third law is the action and reaction on the vehicle. The action for our car is when the kinetic energy is turning the wheel of the vehicle. The reaction is is the equal and opposite force that the floor is pushing back to the vehicle, so that the vehicle would go straight instead of sinking into the ground.

The winners won the race because their vehicle was on air,rocket car, so than there are lesser force that would slow down or affect the car from stopping. For example our vehicle is a car, so it has to run on the surface the three forces that would affect our car and cause it to stop. The three forces are gravity, rolling resistance, air resistance. Rolling resistance is the friction between wheel and the floor. Since the winner’s vehicle does not touch the floor they do not have the force rolling resistance to affect it of slow it down and stop. Their vehicle is attached to a string and if the string is straight than the vehicle would only go straight. Their car is powered by a balloon and the body is a straw, the total mass of the vehicle is not heavy and the power of the balloon is big. When they let go the balloon they would force it to move fast and far.

Slavery Journal Audio

Dear Mr. Ball,
As you can see people around you are always trading things. Including the West Africans, the people that might have traded your grandfather for goods or weapons. You would probably want to know why the West Africans merchants would do such nasty things. Well I might not know as much as you do but I would like to tell you what I know. Slavery happened in Africa before the Europeans travel there. I think that in Africa people would be treated, either nicely or poorly, based on the different level in societies. The slavery in Africa was no different from American slavery, but it was a little bit less cruel. African slaves were usually people that are prisoners captured by the enemies during war and brought back to their territory. Now I’ll tell you about, most possibly, why your grandfather was sold to America. When the Europeans came they had goods, guns, and weapons that the Africans did not have, and they wanted them.Then the Europeans suggested that they should trade their merchandise for the slaves. Well of course the King or chief or leader would agree to it and trade their prisoners or slaves for the weapons that they didn’t have.Which would show other countries how powerful and strong they are. Which all leads to selfishness and greed. Time passed and the Europeans kept coming and trading items with the Africans merchants, they had traded about twenty million guns. I wonder how many slaves that would be equal to? Later on the Europeans received a lot slaves and money, then the African merchants had to increase the welfare and number of prisoners for trading. Once the trading got big enough it was hard for either the Africans nor the Europeans to stop the trading. Then later on the American colonist started to trade rums with them for more slaves. I know that it is sad to hear that people that you thought you could trust just someday traded you away just for weapons, guns, goods, and luxury items. Well that is all I know about West Africans merchants trade. Stay strong and live long. Bye.
-Ying Ying-

40 Book challenge reflection

This year I read 33 books. The genre that I am good at is realistic fiction. The genre that I struggle is biography. Compare to last year and this year I think that I did so much better because last year I think that I only read 10 books and this year I read like 33 books and I am quite proud of myself actually.

What I think of the 40 book challenge? I am going to be honest and not lie. I hated it. I know that reading is going to help me in my future but still I don’t like it. Reading is not what I do but when I have to I will try to achieve it, not all the time though. To be honest in the middle of the year, about January, I kind of forgot that I still need a lot of books that I need to read to achieve the 40 book challenge. I think at about April or May I looked through my 40 book challenge Google doc and found out that I still have about 30 more books to read. Since that time I kept on reading and reading. Even though at the end I knew that I wouldn’t be able to finish it, I was still quite proud of myself. What I think about reading? I don’t like it. Last year I didn’t like it too, but at least this year I read more books then before. What I though about reading this year and last year was the same. I didn’t finish the 40 book challenge this year, I shall try it again next year.

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Leadership Reflection

What did you learn in this class?

I learn that the only way to become a good leader is to make the people that are voting for you to have trust in you. Also to be a good leader you not only need the peoples trust but you also need to have trust on the people. You also need to try your best to help the people that has a dream but they don’t have confident in themselves. We also learned that time is really important, because when you miss it you can never go back again.

How will you put that to use in the future?

In the future I would remember that time is really important and I should not waste it. Also when I have a dream I should try my best to achieve it.

Final free write: Picture


There were two best friends, 19 years old, both of their parents has abandoned them. They didn’t wanted to be in an orphanage, then they had decide to live their life together, since they understands each others feeling more then anybody else. both of them had been living like this for four years, but they never felt lonely or sad, well of course sometimes they will think of their parents and cry. Everything was going very well and nothing happened. They went to school together, with the money they earned and shopping for groceries together. Everyday was perfect for them. Then the day came when all of their luck went away. School was out they were walking together to buy groceries, everything was fine, they bought their groceries and they are walking home now.  It was seven o’clock at night , when one of the best friend, Lye, feel like someone was behind them. Lye told Juy, the other best friend, that she felt like something was wrong and that they should go home quickly. There house was inside a little road, where nobody lives. Then they started to walk a little faster and arrived home safely. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, nobody had ever knocked on their door before, Lye and Juy was scared, they gathered all the sharp supplies that they have and ran up stairs. They quietly looked out the window and they saw a man, shirtless and dirty. Lye was scared and she did ‘t know what to do. It was half pass eleven the guy was still outside the house screaming something that they had no idea what. Suddenly Juy was really annoyed and decided that she should go downstairs and ask the guy want he wanted from them and that he should leave cause he might have came to the wrong house. Lye didn’t want Juy to go but she was extremely scared that her voice didn’t even come out. Juy walked down the stairs slowly trying to not make any sound with a wooden stick. Lye watched Juy walk down, then she disappeared, Lye heard Juy open the door and before she knew it Juy was screaming her lungs out and disappeared.

image by Spitefully


40 Book Challenge – Self – Assessment

I have read 18 book so far. I still have a super long way to go. My weakness  in the 40 book challenge are biography, historical fiction, and informational. I am not really confident about finishing the 40 book since I need to read 22 more books till I finish it. Also I only have 3 weeks left so it is quite hard, but I will still try. I think that I am lacking at biography, historical fiction, and informational books is because its not really interesting to me. My goal is to read at least 7 books every week. I will try to read at least 1 hour each day. In the weekends I will read longer, like about 2 hours or more.

image by jm3