Social Studies Human Rights Project Reflection

In this project on Human Rights, we focused on improving/learning public speaking techniques.. This is an important skill because in the future, we will all have to speak in public sometime.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to professionally present in front of a lot of people.. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

  • What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

I learned that being deaf affects a lot of people in Vietnam and is a really big problem in Vietnam because deaf people will probably lose their ability to speak as well, and thus, will not be able to choose any well paid jobs and will have to depend on their family to support them. Not being able to hear or speak will affect their chances of getting a job, because most jobs require you to be able to attend to meetings, but if you can’t hear anything, than the meeting is utterly useless.

  • How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights

Collaborating with my classmates was a really good experience. They provided new ideas to what our project should be. They also helped me accomplish what my idea was. For example, we made a video for our project, and my team help me with making the video. I am a horrible video maker, but with my team’s help, I successfully did it.

  • Complete this sentence: Because of my service-learning, I am….

much more aware about the NGO and the problems around us. It makes me feel happy because last year, I was happily eating lunch and wasting food meanwhile people don’t even have food to eat. I didn’t know that so I kept wasting my lunch. Now, however, I never waste my lunch because I know how lucky I am to even have lunch.

LINK to vid!


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Service Learning Reflection

In this project, my group focused on spreading awareness for our group, Share your love. Share Your Love is a group in Vietnam that helps people living in poverty, or in other words, living on a dollar a day, by giving them food, clothing, free medical care and so on. Not a lot of people know about them since their website is quite hard to find. They have asked us to spread awareness for them so that people who want to join the group or want to donate and help the organization. We have made a video, to help them spread awareness of the Share Your Love to people all around the world.


  • What are the most difficult or satisfying parts of your work? Why?

The most difficult part was making the video because we had to speak in Vietnamese, and translating our english script to Vietnamese was not an easy job. The most satisfying part was the end product of our video because it looked really professional looking for me.

  • Did anything surprise you? If so, what?

Something that surprised me was that our video actually worked because before we recorded our video, I thought that there wasn’t a good flow to it, so I thought it would be really bad. When I looked at the product however, it looked very professional.

  • Did anything happen that made you feel uncomfortable? If so what, and why do you think it made you feel this way?

Not a lot of things made me feel uncomfortable. The thing that bothered me the most is making the display because to help spread awareness for our organization, we made a video, but we didn’t know how to do it. Then, we finally came up with the idea at like the last moment.

P.E Hockey project

This is a video of me explaining our unit in P.E, Hockey.


LINK to video.

Facts about The Civil Rights Marches

The Civil Rights Marches

Melanie A. Howard


Fact 1:After the Civil War, there was a period of time called Reconstruction when the Republican Party gained control of the South.


Fact 2:

Rosa parks is arrested on December 1, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Which lasts for 381 days.


For this project, I had to make a life cards poster , and write a poem with a clear topic and theme. Then I used wordfoto to add words to my photograph, and then used lifecards to insert my poem into the image. In this video, I will be exploring the reasons for why I wrote my poem this way.(LINK)

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This is my resume for my language arts class. We had to make a resume for our dream job. In this blog post, I will be explaining  the qualities that make me a professional student and what I need to do to become better as a whole student.

Things that make me a professional student is that I work to the best of my abilities when there is a project, or an assignment that is due for classes that I have next so that inside class, I will have already understand the things that we have learned last class, or I will be ready for the things that needs to be done this class. Another quality that makes me a professional student is that I know how to balance my learning with my recreational time.  Study shows that if a person studies too much, or always learn and learn, and doesn’t have the same amount of recreational things in his daily routine, he will have a lower grade than someone that has a balance between his learning and his recreational activities. People who have a balance in these two things will also have a better social life than people who don’t balance out their learning.

Things that I have to do to make me a more professional like is that I have to work on trying harder on some of my other assignments because some assignments I don’t take in consideration. Some assignments I try harder to complete. Others I don’t because they on’t seem that important. I have to try to get this message in my head that all assignments are equally important and I have to complete them with the same amount of effort that I use on any assignment.

Imperialism DBQ Reflection

This essay was about the European Imperialism in africa. We were focusing on what was the most powerful driving force of the European Imperialism.


What helped me stay organized?

The DBQ outline helped me put my essay in order and made it easier for me to create my essay.

A strength that I had?

A strength that I have expressed throughout this essay was writing my analysis. My analysis was really clear and precise. I also had a well constructed argument as well.

What could I do to make this better?

Next time, I should add more information about the topic’s importance in my introduction paragraph, eg. impact on Africans.


        In 1870, a new age appeared in Europe, which changed the nation forever. This period is called the Imperialism.At this time, Europeans started to colonize Africa. Colonizing Africa was really important to them because resources that cannot be located in Europe can be found in Africa. Even though colonizing Africa was important, in 1870, only 10% of Africa was under Europeans’ control. The main driving force behind European Imperialism in Africa his national pride because national pride makes people want to strengthen their country. Historians have been known to claim that economical advancements was the most powerful driving force of European Imperialism, but this overlooks the fact that national pride leads to economical advancements.

        Firstly, the main driving force of European imperialism is national pride because national pride drives European citizens to expand their country’s power. As said in John Ruskin’s lecture at Oxford University, “their first aim is to be advance the power of England by land and by sea.” This shows that European citizens will continue to increase their country’s power because they want to make their nation the most powerful nation in the area. National pride drives them forward to Africa, and colonizing countries, to let England own more land, and thus, have the power of the nation increased. Also, according to John Ruskin, Germany was at its peak of power, and will have to continue to colonize country’s. If not, their newly won position of power will not last for a very long time.The evidence shows that Germany was number one in Land power, sea power and trade power. There citizens will continue to want their country to be on top, so they go to Africa, colonize the countries over their. Doing this will expand the country’s borders, and thus, make the country even more powerful than before.To conclude, National pride had driven people over to Africa, to make their nation become a strongest nation in the area.

       Some historians have stated that European economical advancements was the most powerful driving force of European Imperialism because it was supported the European Industrial revolution  . According to Trevor Owen Lloyd, Great Britain’s exports in 1900 earned them 21 million british pounds. This evidence illustrates that people want to make their nation a wealthier nation. During the Industrial revolution, rubber, cotton and other materials were always wanted throughout the era. These materials were scarce in Europe, but Africa had tons of these resources, so citizens would be driven over their to harvest the materials for their country. Although this arguments has some valid points, what it fails to overlook is that national pride causes citizens to want to make their nation more powerful, and more wealthy as well. In The Lecture at Oxford University, John Ruskin said that for Germany to keep their position of power, Germany will have to continue to colonize countries. Actually, the evidence indicates that countries will want to keep their position of power. National pride drives civilians of that country to continue to advance their country’s power even more, so that the country’s position of power will not be harmed. In conclusion, some historians have stated that economical advancements is the main driving force of European imperialism, the main driving force of European imperialism was actually National pride.

        The most powerful driving force of European Imperialism is national pride because it motivates people to continue to support the country by helping the country advance in power. A strong case could made that economical advancements is the most powerful driving force of European imperialism, but actually, National pride was the most powerful driving force of European imperialism. European imperialism was a time where national pride, Ethnocentrism, Economic, and technology thrived. National pride was what drives people to Explore Africa. That did not mean that the economy of their country was not as important. Studying the European Imperialism will let one understand that this age was an age that was crucial to the Europeans because it increased their national pride, make their country economically better, and there beliefs even stronger than before.

Master Chef Healthy Diet

This is our P.E project where we learned how to have a healthy diet. LINK to my BOOK!

Whitespace and Linebreaks – Explain Everything

This is a video of me, reading my poem to you guys, and explaining how I used whitespace and Linebreaks in my poem.

Here is the LINK to my video. Enjoy!

Exploratory Writing 8 SLC

I have faced a lot of challenges in this class. The challenge that took me the longest time to overcome was writing my analysis for my claim and my counterclaim paragraphs. Not just for this class, but for many other classes that requires me to write an essay, my analysis was always one of my weakest spots in writing. To overcome this, I had a lot of help from my friends, like Lee Yang, who peered asessed my essay.

If I re-did this piece of writing, things I would change are to add more figurative language to make my writing more informal. I would also add more evidence for my counterclaim because I had only one evidence for my counterclaim and I felt like it was a bit too weak.