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My Growth Until 8th Grade Life

Unchan Ki
Humanities 8
Final Reflection

My Growth Until 8th Grade Life

      The day you were born, you were meant to change. You could change; yourself, world, nature, us, and more. I’ve seen my growth over my middle school life, and discovered that I’ve changed a lot.  Even though, several skills are basic skills, but they were a substantial skills. If I compared my life in 6th grade with 8th grade,  I’ll would be amazed by myself.  In the next section, I’ll announce my growth in thinking and writing, listening and speaking, reading, and even my learning habits.

     If I’ve had to say what I’ve developed the most, I’ll say the process of thinking. In the first step of writing process, I usually used a great methods to brainstorm using methods that teacher had taught us before. Such as; Outline, bubbles, bullet points. Although, I started mixing all the important trait of each method and combined into one. Then, I realize this helps me more than other methods because its simpler and more organized for me. Sometimes, I would use charts and list all the key point I know about each paragraph. In addition, I keep the words simple and short so that I could improvise more while writing about it. Furthermore, when I’m writing about something and the topic doesn’t interests me, I start relating to something else that interest me more about the article or other writing pieces. When I looked back about my old writing pieces, some sentences merely didn’t make sense. Moreover, the vocabulary was weak and my grammar was worse. In addition,  I’ve always thought writing long was a hard task, however not anymore. I’ve started to feel that writing is easier because I can keep writing without thinking hard about writing. Also, even though I didn’t master in grammar and vocabulary, I feel confident that I’ve improved on those categories.

     Is reading fast a good skill? My older sister had always told me, I have to read fast to save time in high school. However, is it? I consider reading fast and understanding the book it’s an important skill, which I feel somehow I’ve improved on it. Before, I was the one who reads extremely slow, trying to comprehend every sentences, and looking up most of the word that I don’t conceive. Instead, currently I’m applying the key words on the sentences to assume the definition of it. This one skill had increased my reading speed by a lot. Furthermore, I’ve realized more about how reading impacts on every subject. Hence, it made me easier to study on every other subjects. Moreover, I haven’t try many new genre of books, but I am now interested on historical books.  By reading different genre of books, I’ve figured out the best book that interests me. My goal for the future, is to read much as I can in summer vacation and improve more on those basic skills on reading.

     The most effective speaking practice I consider was the class discussion when we made a huge circle and everybody could express their opinion. If I think back in time, I was the one who never spoke in class, never participated actively on speaking  tasks, and was afraid of speaking my opinion to teachers. Nevertheless, most of the time I had lots of information up in my head, but I merely didn’t speak it out because It seemed futile to do that. Nonetheless, since I’ve been keep repeating those bad habits, I couldn’t speak well to the class. Therefore, I’ve been practicing speaking lately and improved on my speaking skills. It’s sometimes stressful to express my opinions on the big circle because sometimes I have blank mind, although I consider we need those kind of stress in our future. In the other hand, I didn’t know how to figure out how I’ve been improving on my listening skills. I can conceive while doing my other tasks and remember them, however did I really improve?

     Being organized will definitely keep you away from having amazing amount of stress. Therefore, being organized will make you finish the homework faster, feel less stressful while doing homework, understand the problem or the situation better. Although, personally, I figured out that I was constantly organized therefore It was easier for me to survive 8th grade. Even though, I barely used planner and used google doc by listing all the tasks, I accomplished my plans. My goal was to finish homework the day I received it. By achieving my goal, I had less homework to anguish about in weekends and study extra about different subjects. Finally, my learning habits been improved in middle school year, also I was constantly organized during my 8th grade.

As we get older, we will gain experience on life. Moreover, we’ll grow, and we’ll change. Therefore, the process of how we think will change. It might strange, unique or weird, however it’s always different from others. In addition, are reading fast, speaking fluently, and being organized the trait of a good student? Personally, the answer would be no to me. We would have to be organized, although I think reading fast and speaking fluently is the trait of practiced student. Even though, a good student has a broad meaning, they’ll know how to understand and how to use our basic knowledge and skills appropriately on different situations. Thats how I am going to improve more in the high school. Although, I’ve been improving by a lot, I still got more work to do.

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Who are the one who made animals in danger?

All rights reserved by Ciaran - Cunningham


What did human do to the world? I’ve realized one good point while reading this article ” To Save Some Species, Zoos Must Let Others Die” by Leslie Kaufman.  In many countries, more and more animals are in danger to be in extinction. But, who is responsible for this actions? “ When wilderness began disappearing, causing animals to fail at an accelerating pace, zoo officials became rescuers and protectors. ” Yes, it is our responsibilities.  We started the war between animals against nature. Our destruction of wilderness, had disturbed and exacerbated the animals life.

We can’ let animals to perish by suffering the stress to avoid being extinct.  Furthermore, we weren’t born to create a somber wound in the animals heart. If one animal extincts, there will higher percentages that the animals who obtains energy from eating the extinct animal will suffer pain from being extinction too. Human race had languished to establish our world into a better place. Maybe, we had success on making a better world for human, however, we didn’t for the other organisms. Again, what did human do to the world? We’ve instituted a serious mess. For example; destructing wilderness, building factories which produce unhealthy gases, wasting natural resources on earth like trees, water, and other elements.

I consider we should  no more waste resources that we can obtain currently. Moreover,  we shouldn’t be too greedy. Humans were too greedy to destroy wilderness and built buildings. In addition, we were greedy that we even killed ourselves for more resources. This is the problem of humans. Is the human the greatest living organism ever on Earth? Is this the reasons why we should reproduce and increase our populations while animals can’t reproduce and be extinct? Lets re-consider about other living organisms.









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Sacrificing for the Nature


Some rights reserved by Adnan Yahya

In this article, one of our same human died because he wanted to save the nature. Mr.Chut  Wutty, who died from fighting his war against greedy companies, left his inspiring story behind. Mr. Young who retold Mr.Chut’s story to us, indicated that he has been shot. But how? He didn’t want the nature to vanish so he was accumulating evidence to protest against companies who were logging the trees. Although, somebody opened fire him and one of military police officer, who discovered Mr.Chut working. Since it was open fire, they had no chance to abscond.

Why didn’t the government do anything? Well, government doesn’t resolve every problem in their country. Therefore, there were companies who log in a place where it’s forbidden to log. “ Mr. Young explained that though the government would say it was protecting land —sake of its natural resources, sake of the indigenous people in those protected areas —taken by a  powerful, mysterious companies.” This was what Mr.Chut was amassing evidence about. He was a very organize, brave man, and who did not fear to any of them. This was the man who could sacrifice them self to human rights.

This relates to human rights because again, it was unfair. If there wasn’t greediness, there wouldn’t be wars. If there wasn’t greediness from companies, who wanted more money, there wouldn’t be this death. If there wasn’t greediness, there wouldn’t be slaves. If there wasn’t greediness, our world would be equal.  We would have not conquered other countries and would let them develop by themselves or assist them. Therefore, from the beginning, they’ll start governing them selves and not obeying other foreigner. In the other hand, there were numerous amount of positive effects from conquering and advancing their country, which later affected their countries too. For example, companies and shop entering lower countries could increase both countries wealth. However, who ever conquered and ruled them were who were stronger, unless they made a mistake financially.  Therefore, if there wasn’t greediness, there will be more peace on the world, which leads to no sacrificing.

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Deform Creatures on Ocean

All rights reserved by computer_saskboy

In 2010, there was a Oil spill disaster near US, which later affected several Gulfs. There were eyeless shrimps, clawless crabs, and fish with oozing sores. During the oil spill, 200 million gallons of oil expanded all around on the ocean where it was spilled. Therefore, it made difficult for association to clean up.  Hence, it affected the genomes on ocean to be deform for quite a time. It was disgusting and terrifying to observe pictures myself about deformities. This article was written by AI Jazeera.

I am very curious about why aren’t we protesting against the BP oil company? They are not accepting their sin that they damage all the living organism in ocean. Also, are there any reasons that we can’t argue against BP company? I don’t understand why are we merely watching organism suffering their pain. This article contains diverse lessons. First, I consider the surplus of oil on our body can affect our organs. Furthermore, we have to think about helping to clean the ocean. Lastly, who will take the blame?

If I was one of the consumer of these affected gulf products, I would donate money or help them clean up the ocean. There might be immaculate now, although no one really knows if 100% vanished. There was a playground that I played several times per day. Nevertheless, It was blocked by the government because there were uncountable amount of germs. Few weeks later, we were allowed to play again, however nobody really knew if all the germ were cleaned. Even tough, we weren’t affected by any germs, nobody took the blame because nobody knew where did it start. Therefore if we know whose sin is it, why don’t we blame them? This is horrible letting other organism die in pain.

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Four eyes? Impossible!


All rights reserved by Eightycoin

In this article, it indicated that it will provide us a new product like a smartphone but on our eye.  Although, my first impression was ‘How? Is this even possible?’  Through the article, it indicated that “Google employees will be testing these things in public this summer.” This clearly showed us that they were already creating it. Moreover, after watching the glorious video on the website, I was overwhelmed by Google’s creativity. It seemed like the product was chipped to our body. It could do; internet, camera,  webcam, every other action you take is there for you. It even foreseen you. Nevertheless, there was some scary part.  Before he actually try to go to the subway station, the technology already knew that he was going to go there. It’s like there is a living life in side the machine.

I’ve also watched my 2nd video, which was mention in the video below the article, it shocked me.  Google mentioned that they wanted to make a product that they can talk to themselves and all the program will work.  It is scary because the computer could understand you and knows you very well. Again, its like an another life living in side, spying you. The program will be closer to you than your family, friends or closer relationship. It would be great if Google actually release their product, and I will be very interested. However, it will be sort of scary as I mentioned.

Imagine about it, if everybody was wearing four eye product? It will be a awesome but chaos.  Everyone will be talking to themselves. If this product spreads to everywhere, they’ll need another satellite and damage all phone company. I’ll be waiting until it actually release it.

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Supplicate My King

I am a gracious wolf,

Some rights reserved by ArranET

Who solace my king

And I am like a loyalist,
Who don’t deceive their king

I do revere my king,
But I remonstrate

And I am ready to contend with him,
But I supplicate

I beseech my tyrannical king,
Who is like my friend’s parents

And I petition for the last time,
To whom I revere

I extenuate all my thoughts,
To tell through his ear

Don’t sacrifice yourself to the hunter,
Your irresolution will make us prostrate

Arduous decisions contain anguish pains
Sit on your throne and indulge your life

Accumulate my ideas
Interpose between your thoughts

I petition for the last time,
To whom I revere

Sit on your throne and indulge your life

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Give Me Liberty! or Give me Death!

All rights reserved by Apricot Cafe

After reading about Patrick Henry’s speech, I determined to rise up with others to protest the British. Moreover, I don’t want be prostrated from this pain  any more. Therefore, we are not weak. “But when shall we be stronger? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house?” We would not let other country to attack us to make us poor again. I am fully convinced to protest the British because we have already experienced enough of this.

All of us experienced the pain, “I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience.”  This should be stopped. I agree! What was British doing over ten years? I’ve been in pain for ten years. I want to change! We want to change! We are definitely willing to know the truth. All the natural person should feel hope for freedom. “We have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated; we have prostrated ourselves.”  We did what they wanted,  and now, we are protesting.


“[D]ifferent men often see the same subject in different lights”  This was extremely convincing since he was trying to understand the perspective from British too. However, it led me to burst out since the different lights was too unfair. Also, of his opinions towards the British indeed convince me to contend.

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Perspective Power

All rights reserved by samfarmar

Kony  just became famous because he is still making the worst crime against humanity. In this video, it identifies how Kony is harming children in Uganda. It says he is kidnapping children and making boys into soldiers and girls to sex slaves. However, I consider this video was intended to make us think Kony is a horrible person than he actually is.  Even though, he is bad, it was too harsh, or exaggerated. Comparing  this photo on the left and photos in the video is different.  How?  The photos on the video seems more scary and frightening.  Also, the people voice were loud against Kony only understanding the perspective from Uganda people and the creator of this video. Their perspective was sad, gave connection between friends on the other side of the world, and inserting famous people on this situation. On this video,  it shows from Konys perspective that they merely wanted freedom in Uganda. Furthermore, Kony indicates that the terrible photos that children were horribly harmed isn’t Konys fault. In addition, he indicated that he doesn’t feel guilty at all. Moreover, the Invisible Children group persuaded the president of America to send troops to save Ugandas children.

A few days ago, when I showed my dad this video about Kony and telling that America sent troops to help children from Uganda, he felt sorry for the children and Uganda citizens. Although he told me that this video was little exaggerated, it overwhelmed the observer. This clearly showed that America is a great country that always helps others for good. However, America also made a bad decision which harmed other country and other citizens. They sometime make a great decision helping, or donating, however, they also decided several terrible decisions. Therefore, maybe this video was little exaggerated, even though it is a true fact that Uganda people  needs instant help.

In conclusion, by the information from the world perspective and from Kony perspective, personally I’m not sure which side to believe or stick to it. It is obvious that Kony is doing a bad job, or made a wrong decision,  but we should definitely capture him. Therefore, I also hope that Kony will get captured soon as possible, but I consider using propaganda too harshly to show their power is a bad idea.

Video Web link (YouTube)

Interview with Kony( YouTube)

Notes for the video

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Revolutionary Vocab Project/ SAL Reflection

Credit by Mr.Appino

What did you do? Summarize what you did. Be specific

A: We created a game based on revolution vocabulary. It was like a board game, half monopoly and half snakes and ladders. First, we had to match the word and definition and roll the dice. This project made us easier to memorize new vocabulary because there was a thrill in it.

What did you do well?

A: I consider we did well on finishing our work on time, and respecting others ideas. First, our group had no idea what to do then listen to other group suggestions and worked on it.

What was challenging?

A: Creating a board of this game was challenging because since we had to make this game thrilling, we had to insert more penalties. Also, making an exact rule was difficult because it had to have some improvisation in it.


What could you improve? Identify 2-3 areas that you could improve on.

A: We could have improved on making a better rule sheet, and more decorative board. Also, we couldn’t make more interesting penalties that will make the game fair and exciting.

What did you learn from this learning activity? (Be specific with examples).

A: I have already learned that we have our own ways of learning, however this activity clearly indicated that our way of learning is different from others. We created board game, but others drew. There were even other games on scratch and mine craft. Therefore, teachers should let us have our own way to study.

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Anticipated iPad3

All rights reserved by hendralely


iPad3 is an anticipated product that will come out on Wednesday this week.  However, if it actually comes out, it has to compete against lots of other companies’s great tablet products such as; Amazon’s  Kindle Fire which is simpler and cheaper,  Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Acer’s Iconia A500 which has more memory than the iPad2. “And, just this week, Microsoft rolled out its Windows 8 operating system for tablets” . There will be lots of competitors for Apple. Although, I consider Apple will do a great job selling because people around me likes Apple more than others. I wonder why people likes to buy Apple products even if they are extremely expensive. Obviously, Apple products are good, nevertheless the programs seems like there are no big difference from other companies product. Again, Apple products is expensive. There  were even people who is eagerly waiting for Wednesday. “..i wish it was wednesday already!!” (Account: mbhrdh). In other hand, someone commented, “iPad2 and iPad3 are almost same. but waste of money to buy another one” (Account: Deafwerewolf). Personally, I agree with Deafwerewold, because iPad3 is just a advance version of iPad2.

Even though, Apple didn’t reveal that there are going to introduce iPad3 on Wednesday, there were some evidence that they will. “The story, largely originating from China where Apple products are made, is that the iPad 3 will have a 2048-by-1536-pixel retina display.”  If  iPad2′s display was good enough to watch videos or play games why would we need to buy iPad3? Nonetheless, there are several people who actually buys everything, since they want to have a better version.  There are some place where you’ll be bullied if you don’t have a certain object. Why won’t they use those money to donate to other people other side of the world? I consider its waste of money.  Also, its says iPad3 will have more memory and higher megapixels camera, not a new program.  I didn’t realize that there were no camera on iPad1. It was a great a improvement to insert a camera on iPad2. However, it won’t have a great impact to people , if there are only small improvements on certain program like camera and clearer screen on iPad3. For example, there was a great positive impact on Apple when iPad1 was release because nobody actually thought of having one unique machine like it. When iPad2 were release, there were people buying because the camera was added in. However, iPad3, with our evidence now, there are no new program. In addition, like in series movies, the first movie is always the best because we weren’t expecting this new idea.

Some rights reserved by gabuken

Something surprising is that, lots of people actually buy these new product.  Its just like Harry Potter. As the new series was released, we can sort of realize that the first movie was the best and it keeps gradually losing our interest. Nonetheless, we keep watching new series because its world famous movie.  Apple is too. Therefore people buy their product. Personally, I hope they’ll put some new programs that will make it better from iPad2 not just improving on one part of the machine.

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