Art Reflection


2. What did you personally achieve today?

Today I made a few tiny tables for our small shop which is part of our 3d Model. Ian and I were working on making the tables while Amber was gluing the small shop to our 3D Model. We also fixed a few of our lollipop trees because a few of them looked very sloppy.

3. The rest of my group was good. Our group doesn’t fight anymore like before during the first few classes when we first started our project.

4. Today we were reminded that we were behind and not very organized for our plan because we never really had a plan on what to do the next class or the class after that but now we are trying to be more organized and more planned out.

5. Our last steps are to make the trees, wait for the clay to dry so we can paint it and finally piece all of the small details to the large piece of our sculpture.

Hundertwasser 3D Model

Last class was kind of a normal class, we got a normal amount go things done. Plastering, painting, planning, and making our new windows. We finally decided on what form the building was going to be which is good but it’s completely different from what the actual building looks like. When we started plastering the cardboard we made it look like the building but now we decided that we would make it a small shopping area and a small apartment building.

My teammates and I did the same we did in every class. We were mostly just quite and talking about how to make the building look nicer. But unfortunately as always one of my teammates and I fought. It is not surprising ing because we usually fight ever class then just be quite to each other so that we don’t get each other more mad. I don’t like that we fight especially when its about small things like how to paint the windows or spray paint or sponging. I think that we really should solve this problem so that it doesn’t get in the way of our work.

Every class we get a few things done like painting and adding on new pieces to the structure. We have been quite consistent on our work so far and I think that if we keep this going we will be done soon.

Our group is planning to completely finish the project. But next class we are planning to put the 2 big pieces of plaster together so that we can start adding the small details to the 2 main pieces of plaster.


It was the rats and rat fleas that started it. The people were bitten by the fleas or other people breathed in droplets of the moisture that the victims coughed up. People who tried to help the victims ended up catching the disease themselves, so the best they could do was to comfort the dying. The plague was a disease that spread throughout rat and rat fleas.

Between 1347 and 1353, more than 30 million people in Europe died from the plague. The plague spread all across Europe and it killed about ⅓ of their entire population. The plague kills quickly and gives you a high fever and a terrible headache other that being extremely painful, it was extremely contagious. The healthy had to avoid being in contact with the sick because it could’ve gotten them sick.

“So many people died of the plague that there were not enough coffins. Bodies were buried together is pits.” The plague was a disease that spread throughout rat and rat fleas. Cats were wiped out due to the city’s suspicions so the city had made it a great place for the rats to live in because of the scraps of food and the filthy streets.There was no cure for the plague in the 1300s.


Plague. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 15 Feb 2017.

PE Swimming Rubric

Freestyle: I could’ve rotated my shoulders a little more and straighten out my arms when I am about to reach the water so that I could extend my arms more. One thing I did well in my freestyle was my kicking, I was kicking really well and that help me go faster.

Backstroke: In backstroke, my legs looked really flimsy and they looked like I wasn’t kicking at all so next time I should keep my stomach up high so that my legs can be on top of the surface to kick.  One thing I did well was that my arms were stretching out to have a longer stroke.

Breastroke: In my breaststroke, I could’ve streamlined more before pulling my arms into breathe. My kick was strong though but I wasted all my strong kicks because I didn’t streamline. I also should’ve made my arms pull in a little stronger.

Digital Poem (Writing)


I had a really hard time trying to find the right pictures and time the pictures at the right time. I also had to spend a lot of time trying to find the right music to match my poem. The speed that I read it in was a little to fast but since I found out about the speed at the end, I couldn’t edit the audio or record again because if I did then I would have to adjust everything all over again. If I could change something about my digital poem I would make my audio slower so the the auidience can also look at the pictures before moving on. But apart from the speed of my audio, I think that I have read the poem well to emphasize the important words. My pictures also helped emphasize the words very well, in some parts of my poem I had the picture freeze or the frame go blank before I said the next word.  This really helped me emphasize the words and show the auidience which word was important and which wasn’t as important. My advice to students who are doing this is that they should not panic when something is too fast, too slow, too much and so forth. Just stay calm and try not to panic.

DBQ Blog Post

Why did Christianity take hold in the ancient world?


  1. )     Essentially the religious historian Helmut Koester, as quoted in the 2009 PBS documentary FromJesus to Christ  argues that the Romans believed that the ones who died had been judged or picked off by the gods. The Christians were completely different, they believed that after one dies they will go to a better place. The promise of immortality of eternal life was very compelling. Christianity promised “Liberation from sickness and from disease and from poverty, and individual of isolation.
  2. )    Perhaps the most convincing reason for people to join Christianity was that they wanted equality for themselves or their family members. The Romans ignored the ones who were in the lower classes like the one who were poor, sick, female, etc. On the other hand Christians loved everyone and valued them, they accepted their negative traits. The Romans only look at the positive traits and if they were good enough they would accept them. These reason strongly suggest that the Romans judged a lot and never look “deep” into one person.


Why Did Christianity Take Hold in the Ancient World?





I think my biggest takeaway would be how committed the Christians were. The Romans had even executed the majority of Christians and even then Christianity carried on. They even did their rituals underground and would say yes to judges who threatened to kill them.


VISUALIZING TEXT -sketchnoting

How did sketchnoting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?

When we made the video, my ideas come out very clear and you can read what you learned out loud so that you can understand and express your idea or what you learned.


What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?


Before I thought that I was a terrible drawer and now I can at least understand what I draw and be a little confident in it. Before I started sketch noting, I thought that drawings had to look good or else I would be judged for my terrible drawing, sketch nothing has nothing to do with looking good but how the audience understands it.


What is ONE of your GOALS for social studies?

My goals for social studies is to learn more about history. So far we have learned about Christianity and all the stories seem very interesting. I look forward to learning more about human history and the interesting facts that come with it.








Poetry Reflection

What did you learn about poetry?

I learned a lot during this poetry unit. I didn’t know there was so many ways to express a word. Before this poetry unit I thought that poetry was only a type of writing, after this unit I would call poetry one category. Poetry is story telling but emphasized in such a creative way.


Do you now consider yourself as a poet? Why / Why not?

I still don’t consider myself as a poet because I don’t see myself doing this in my future. Poetry was interesting but I think that poetry is just “not my type of writing.”


Do you think you will continue poetry?

I don’t think so because I found poem writing very challenging and I don’t think that I did very well. I did try very hard to make the best of my skills in poetry but I’m pretty sure that poetry again isn’t my “type of writing.”


What was your overall with poetry?

During this poem unit, I have struggled a little bit for my ideas and narrowing my focus. I have learned to use line breaks very well and white space as well. I have gotten a little better for in writing poems overall. My overall experience with poems have been very helpful to me as a writer but I think that poem isn’t my type of writing.


How have you grown as a writer?

I have learned to emphasize word very well with whitespace. I have also learned to make my writing a little more descriptive and I am now not afraid to do things that I thought I was bad at. My writing has become more descriptive and my vocabulary on describing objects has become better.