Day 14

Observations :

  • Our grasshopper turned brown (again) and died
  • The plant was still green and healthy

We found our cricket turning brown again, so we researched what grasshoppers eat, and we found that grasshoppers eat grass, so we took 500ml of  grass and put it in our eco-dome giving the grasshopper a food source so that it wouldn't starve, since our plant was still green and healthy, we used the same plant and we used the same method of creating a water source for the grasshopper (soaking a wet paper towel, and putting it in a cut out water bottle). 


Here is the website I used to research what grasshoppers eat :

Research Website

Day 7

Observation :

  • We found our grasshopper dead underneath the plant
  • Water was flooding 1/2 of the eco-dome
  • The grasshopper turned brown
  • The image shows that our plant was still green, so we used the same plant

Since water was flooding 1/2 of the eco-dome, we assumed that the cricket died of drowning. Our cricket turned brown, telling us that it didn’t have enough food. I researched a more safe water source for the cricket. Instead of putting in in a plastic bag, which has a high risk of spilling, we researched that crickets could also drink water out of wet paper towls, so we added 1 wet paper towl in our ecodome, we dipped the paper towl in 50ml of water and let it soak and we put it in a cut out plastic bottle.


One of my biggest success in this paper was researching about the topic. I think I did a good job at this because I had a lot of reliable sources in my paper, such as BBC, Britannica, etc., I also had a wide variety of sources that I could use in my paper, I used websites, books and videos for my sources instead of just using only websites, which I did last year. A big difficulty during this year was definitely writing conclusions for the research paper. I found it difficult because I had a hard time coming up with the "food for thought" for my conclusion, the "food for thought" is a sentence or two that you add at the end of your conclusion to make the readers think or wonder further about your topic. If I were to do this project again, I think I would try and paraphrase more often, because in my note cards, I direct quoted a lot of websites and I think that it would be better if I paraphrase them instead.

Research Paper

What are the components of your ecodome? Why have you chosen each one?

  • 250ml Dirt - To help the plants grow
  • 2 Plants - To provide oxygen and a type of food source for the cricket
  • 300ml Water - To help the plant grow and provide water for the cricket
  • 6 rocks - To separate water from dirt
  • A container - To hold all the components inside it.

I observed in my eco-dome that our cricket died near the water pool that we have provided for it. I think that the cricket died of dehydration, because it couldn't drink water without drowning. I thing that we could improve if we were to redo this experiment is to provide it some food because after researching I found that a cricket's diet is similar to a human's, they eat vegetables, fruits, and ocasionally meat, so I am planning to crumple small pieces of vegetables and fruits to supply the cricket with a food source. I think that we could also add less water and more dirt so that the cricket won't drown while attempting to drink water.


In language arts class the first quarter we had a project where our class were required to make a newspaper page with a group. My article talks about if height really matters in basketball. I felt like the article I attributed for my group's newspaper page was successful. I did well on getting enough research and facts for my article, I interviewed our school's B team basketball coach for what he thought about the topic of my article. I also got statistics from the 10 NBA players, I took the top 5 shortest players and top 5 tallest player and I compare their statistics to see if height was a major role in becoming successful in basketball. I also sent out a survey to 21 students ranging in experience of basketball. A thing that I could improve on in my article was using more powerful and complex words. I felt like if I did use those words my article would be more intriguing. During the process of making my newspaper article, I learned how to find reliable sources for my research, I felt like this is a crucial skill to learn because I would need to use it a lot in high school. Quarter one of language arts class was very fun for me, we got to do a lot of fun activities such as the newspaper article. I really enjoyed writing the newspaper article because I enjoy writing about something that I like to do, in this case, it is basketball. I really like language arts class because the activities that Mr. Benck gives us balances fun and education.

How did it go conducting research? Triumphs? Challenges?

During the research process, I found it really difficult to find a variety of different sources, because most of the sources stated the same information. However, I was able to find information to answer the investigative questions.

What did you learn about yourself when you had to take-notes?

I found paraphrasing to be the note-taking technique that I used the most. I realize that I didn’t really use any direct quotations because I thought we weren’t allowed to. Now, I understand that direct quotations could sometimes be really useful because they enhance my notes.

Research Notes

What insights did you gain about narrative hooks that you may not have been so aware of before?

I now know that narrative hooks are essential to engage your audience and make them want to continue reading.

What narrative hooks did you experiment with in your writing?

I experimented with starting off one of my historical narrative paragraphs with an interrogative. I also used a variety of sentence lengths.

What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging?

The discoveries that I have encountered while vlogging was that it was easier for me to identify my mistakes when I am reading it outloud, than if we were to read our paragraphs in our head. Because when I read my paragraphs over in my head, I tend to miss simple mistakes, but when I record myself reading and listen to it again, the mistake becomes more obvious.

Historical Narrative Paragraph Vlog :

Historical Narrative w/ Music

Reflection Vlog :

We had a renaissance unit recently, me and my partner Huy made a crossword puzzle and wrote a paragraph explaining about the life of Johannes Kepler. Me and my parter focused on improving to learn more about Johannes Kepler and managing our time well. This is an important skill to learn because to make a good project, you need to know a lot about the person you're making your project about and how to manage your time wisely to not waste anytime. One thing that I improved while working on this project is my ability to use my time wisely, before this project time didn't really matter and I didn't really notice how important it is to have a good time management. This blog post provides a reflection on my work that I have accomplished so far, as well as a sample of what I have done in the Renaissance Faire. In the project, my classmates helped me focus my ideas and provide me with new insights. For example, in the Renaissance project, my partner suggested me to do the crossword puzzle, that was a good idea because a lot of people enjoyed our crossword puzzle. He also gave me some ideas of what I should do to make our project a lot better, in return, I also gave him a lot of good ideas and provide him with new insights. 

Today, our group made a model of our filtration system and tested it. Our group used heat to try to get rid of all the bacteria in our water, by making it hot enough to kill the bacteria.  We also used heat to remove salt, by evaporating the water by making an apparatus. We used a coffee filter to get rid of all the sediments in our water so that it wouldn't have dirt/sand/gravel etc. in it. I wouldn't drink the water out of my filtration because the water is not clear and most of the water in our filtration system still has salt in it, our design didn't work as well as we thought it did and we only got around 5ml of clean water, still the water wasn't clear. The rest of the water still has salt in it.

Our design uses a chemical and mechanical methods. We cut the bottom of a coke bottle and used a coffee filter on the other side to filter out all the solids. From there we are going to use foil to focus the sunlight and use it as a source of heat to kill the microbes. The coffee filter part is using a mechanical method, while using the foil idea was chemical, because it is changing the heat of the water. Tomorrow, I think that we should start trying out our prototype, since we have already built it in class. A thing that we can do to improve our design is maybe if we bring in something that could make our model hold up straight, because our model has a problem standing straight and sometimes occasionally falls. My prediction is that the coffee filter idea will work and filter out the solids, but the tin foil idea won't work because there is not enough heat.


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.57.32 AM