7 Minute Challenge Reflection

My face glistening with sweat as my hair clutches to my skin. I could hear my heart race and that small voice in my head trying to tell me to quit. Honestly the 7 minute run was a pain in the butt . But I have to confess and I can’t believe I’m uttering this out of my mouth but I quite enjoyed it. There were many challenges that was launched my way and one was slightly embarrassing, I fell in a hole. Yes indeed, I fell in a hole due to the lack of energy and water, my body collapsed. Everything was a blur besides two of the most annoying guys mocked me the whole day and still to now.

I exceeded my goal since I never thought that I would even reach 1k let alone pass it. That was defiantly a success for me and overall it was quite an enjoyable moment as my body is more fit and I know that I am closer to attaining my goal for the fitness test (pacer).



Activity HR Active HR Zone 60%-70% (153 bpm – 166.5 bpm) Healthy Heart Zone 70%-90% (166.5 bpm – 193.5 bpm)
Resting 72 bpm  X X
Moshball – Running 148bpm  X X
Popcorn 108 bpm  X X
Suicide 146bpm  X X
7 Minute Challenge 152  X X

Kawaii Bento Box (≧ω≦)

I crave to make anything that is healthy,convenient, and is appealing. The idea of creating a bento box lured me in and suited my expectations very well. My bento box is based on the “My Plate,” which helps you get a balanced meal that will give you the nutrients and vitamins needed without making you gain too much weight and keeping you active throughout the day.  Bento boxes are very common in Japanese cuisine. The origin of bento is very in depth and can be traced back to the late 1185 to 1333. Bento boxes are compacted into a single or few box and takes elegance and beauty in the food world to another extent.  I added more of a twist and made a “kyaraben bento box” which  translates to a “character bento box.”




I used two plastic boxes due to improvisation but originally it should have been one big box with a divider in the middle. My spark of inspiration came from my trip to Japan a few years back. There was this one cafe I entered that was named the “Kawaii Cafe Lounge.” And the amount of thought and creativity that goes to every dish just left me in awe. I ordered the Omear breakfast, the omelette plus bear combo. It was sticky brown rice molded into a bear, tucked in with an omelette blanket and surrounded by loads of fruits and vegetables. I wanted to create something similar  but changed my character to a rabbit. As you can see I have two different sketches, the first one was my original idea, but I couldn’t gather all the ingredients so I made another sketch which is the one my bento box is suppose to resemble.

photo 1 (2)photo (1)



I will list the ingredients and procedures to the different elements included in this bento box on separate documents and give you the link below:

Tender Chicken Breast


Healthy Cucumber Wrap/Roll

1st box (grains+ proteins)

2nd box (fruits+ vegetables)


photo 1 (3)




My end result wasn’t as neat as I wanted to look like due to the lack of time, but it qualifies.I hope my bento box gave you a inspiration to create your own bento box.

photo 4 (1)


Chris Paul Ball Handling Skills…(Not)


Our basketball season has opened  and one given task assigned was to create a ball handling routine that consist of at least 6 different drills. Personally I prefer witnessing the brilliant and refined moves the NBA players present like cross overs, and other dribbling skills. This tested my athletic limits because I have always just stuck with three ball handling skills and never tried anything out of my comfort zone. The biggest challenge for me was to be synchronies with my partner since she already knows many of the moves as she attended basketball camp and the basketball team for 3 years straight. But some of my success was overcoming the many challenges hurled at me like trying to do a level 3 skills and incorporating 10 different ball handling moves.  After this project I can’t say that I have dexterity with basketballs but I think if it was effort base than my scores would be more compatible with my expectations. I consumed my class time very well but I paired up with my best friend so giggling would often occur and many bloopers were produced

40 Book Challenge Reflection

This year I have read 51 books in total, I have exceeded the requirement, but haven’t achieved my alternative goal of reading 60 books. I was never hesitant in doing the 40 book challenge since I have always reached the goal given, sometimes even excelling the limit. The genre I read most about is realistic fiction. From a young age, I always took interest in reading realistic fiction. You are allowed into the circle of many real world situations that possibly can happen. It’s a chance for you to block your own feelings and mixed emotions and let your wisdom shine through to help or understand your fictional character.   The genre I read least was graphic novels.  A lot of my classmates adore graphic novels, but I haven’t grown much affection for it yet. In my eyes graphic novels are vague and doesn’t really teach me anything, let alone give my mind pleasure.

I think the 40 book challenge has some pro’s and con’s. Some people tend to hate jotting down the dates of when they start and finish a book. Those people would gravitate away from the 40 book challenge and reading in general. Another negative side is that some students would take advantage of the “self documenting,” process. They would make up amount of books they read, the dates, and the actual book itself. Bibliophiles I would assume you loathe those people? Well I pity them since they can’t appreciate books like we do. I call those people the “ book slugs.” Since slugs are wanna-be snails and worms. They can’t decide which one to be so, they create their own rules and invented their own species, exactly like the people who create lies to seem clever, productive, and so forth.

Less on the negative side , the 40 book challenge is a fun yet educational way to push yourself to read and maybe out do you and your friends. It also helps maintain the balance among your genres. This is my take on the 40 book challenge, my opinion might be invalid to yours, but for people who don’t know about the 40 book challenge I hope I gave you a more “in depth” analyst than the hand outs might say.

Gray Area Reflection: Revealing The Culprit…

You can’t convict one person for the death of thousands of fish dying off over the past 5 years. The amount of numbers of fish decreased rapidly which brought an on-going question to review that intrigued many scientist including a young curious boy who goes to school in Synchrony City. Knowing that the water slide might be closed, Juan Tuno conducted his own experiment, with his chemistry kit. The test came out with results that concluded with not only one suspect but many. In my perspective, I feel as if every citizen in the Gray Area take part for the fish dying. Since all of the factories customers are none others than us, humans, who consume the many products provided by these places. 

Ken Unballe the owner of the water slide has made decisions that made us curious. We suspected that the chlorine from the water slide was washing down Fo River and causing the fish to die. To further investigate this problem, we  had to count the amount of water fleas. The test results determined that no chlorine was identified but the chemical test was taken place on Tuesday and according to the schedule of the water slide, Wednesday is when substance from the place is dumped into the river. And Ken Uballe insisted his acquaintance who he  contacted through email to take the test on Tuesday and to buy extra water fleas to dump in which leaves us with an inaccurate answer.

 Bo Vyne is the owner of a cattle ranch that produces waste that is dumped on the hillside, and when it rains the runoff will carry the waste into the water , this will cause algal blooms. Another person that may have caused  algal bloom is Sandy Trapp because she  owns the golf course and the fertilizer and watering from the golf course is also waste since it may produce algal bloom.  And when we had the chance to test phosphates levels for three areas: Cattle ranch, golf course, and small town. Two areas were identified as ‘ok’ meaning that the conditions were normal where as one certain area (golf course) results contained a high amount of phosphates (irregular)

Our next suspect we took into consideration was La Toya Faktorie, the owner of the Toy Factory. People made assumptions that her factory was polluting the air, causing acid rain to fall in the Gray Area. We tested the pH of each river that provided us with results that the Fo River, Upper Missterssippi River, Lower Missterssippi River, James Pond, and Fo/Missterssippi River Area Run-off were the only places that were appropriate for fish to survive in. We predicted that the limestone was neutralizing the acid in the rivers, which doesn’t make the statement of the Toy Factory killing “ALL” the fishes real. We also inspected when the hunting of mountain lions became legalized, the deer population increased which then lead to overgrazing of plants. Due to the loss of plants, when it rains, there isn’t much to grip the water down which has caused erosion of the sediments that might have washed into the areas where the fish live. And too much sediment leads to fish being smothered and other insects that fish eat on, eggs to die off.

These are few statements to prove that there is no true mastermind behind this terrible  tragedy , since the only conclusion we can draw now is that we all are contributing to this horrid mess. While most of us don’t own companies that produce enough goods to create a large amount of waste and fumes, we (civilians) should be  aware and  held accountable for the actions we have done, and should stop pointing figures to others when almost everyone takes part in the massive amount of  fish dying off.


Free Write 7: Confession Session

I wasn’t prepared for advisory as I lost my planner. I sauntered into the room and gave a tremulous smile, hoping Mr.Appino wouldn’t notice anything odd. It wasn’t my fault I lost my planner. I was doodling in my planner as the substitute didn’t assign  any work in class. I went to lend some help to my peer since he couldn’t open the door as I forgot my planner on the table. I came after school to planning to pick it up, but Ms. Taoli and Mr.Thompson were guzzling their smoothies. Not wanting to break the love, I decided to sneak in later. With the short termed memory I had, I never went back, but when I did, next class, it was gone. My planner might be the 2.0 version of Houdini or it’s because I’m an irresponsible person at heart. Deciding that I shouldn’t tell this story I turned on my netbook and created a google doc. My turn came, Mr.Appino  looked at me and inquired where my planner was. I couldn’t give a straight face as guilt dawned upon me, my answer was a couple of minutes delayed as I was thinking of a proper excuse. “Mr.Crowell told me I should make an online planner, since it was more efficient,” I murmured with a un-settle grin. He shrugged and walked pass me, moving on to the next “victim.” Thank god he asked Quinn after me so my excuses don’t seem too cliche or absurd. Sorry Quinn, don’t take it personally,  it’s because when it comes to excuses your brain tends to drift away, in a good way at least, since it’s entertaining. This is my confession session, and I fussed up, so please don’t send this blog post to Mr.Appino at all means.

Thank you,

Sincerely the irresponsible girl a.k.a. Janette

All rights reserved to electrictuesday
All rights reserved to electrictuesday


Swimming Unit Final Blog Post

Time Trials Table

Stroke March May
Butterfly 31.40 seconds 31.23 seconds
Backstroke 29.90 seconds 31.13 seconds
Freestyle 27.68 seconds 27.12 seconds
Breaststroke 31.30 seconds 29.90 seconds
50m Freestyle 1.0042 minute 1.0067 minute

The stroke I saw most improvement on was butterfly. We practiced doing “prep” strokes to build on to the final stroke (butterfly). Before I was sinking each time I pulled my hands over, my body was perpendicular to the floor instead of being paralleled. But in May I practice to level my body and pull the water with my hands instead of pushing against the force. My result for 50m freestyle for both time trials were slow because it was the last stroke we had to perform and I was physically drained.  I didn’t improve drastically between the time frame but I did increase a hint ( except for 50m freestyle). Before in March I didn’t practice swimming or even swim for a long period of time, but from March to May I had access to the pull and had the chance to swim, relax my muscle and learn tactics to swim more efficiently and effectively. By practicing and doing our daily warm ups each swimming class, my results and swimming abilities overall were more “refined/polished.”

All Topics (Chinese 7): Short Paragraph


你好,我的名字叫Janette, 我十二岁, 我从越南来 , 我家有五口人, 我家有爸爸,妈妈,姐姐, 小狗 和 我.

当我从学校坐我的汽车回家在三点十五分, (自它于五分至到达在我的房子), 我会向我的父母和在家的客人问好。

我通常说“你好,今天怎么样?” 如果我不认识哪个客人。 我问他:“你叫什么名字?你几岁了?” 在Tet我的家欢迎很多人。当成人们说话的时候,我去画画。

English translation:

When I come home from school by my car at 3:15, (since it takes 5 minutes to arrive at my house) I would greet my parents and any guest at home. I normally say hi, and how is your day. And if I don’t know them I ask what is your name? How old are you?The holiday this month is Tet so I have to greet many family members and new guest. But when it’s only adults talking, I go paint, since it’s one of my hobbies.