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Chinese: Daily Routine

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Bacon Extract (Free Write 6)

There’s vanilla extract, rose extract, but have you ever heard of bacon extract?

Going to the lab is a daily routine for me. Throw in some ingredients and hope it sells for billions. Anyone can do what I do, I’m not special, it only takes fortuity and forbearance which you can clearly tell I don’t have.  I watch people on T.V, everyday entering shark tank and having millions and thousands of investment. And I’m left here, behind this humongous machine that squeezes, extracts, and combines everything together.

My eyes only focusing on some objects for instance the T.V so, of course I forget to pack my bread for my sandwich leaving me with my honey glazed bacon. I take a short glance at the bacon and shrugged. I mean, I can’t complain, bacon brings everyone happiness. Being a reckless person I am, my elbows decides to take a swing over and nudge my bacon into the machine. I don’t notice anything remarkable so, I had decided to carry on and order Chinese take out for today.

Observing the substance wouldn’t help, why not use all your senses? Finally, the smell comes up to my nose as my eyes gaze at the liquid below me. My nose tingles with the smell of the liquid it smells like gooey, velvety, honey crunched bacon. Dipping my index finger into the thin beaker, I take a sample. Little do I know, the temptation overpowered me as a small sip turned into a big gulp. The beaker is empty, no sign of any bacon extract left. I thought to myself if I let my temptations go beyond me, imagine what others would do. It is too significant of an idea to not try to sell so I called everywhere and everyone. Bacon extract, what’s not to love? Costco, Walmart, Target, McDonald’s, Burger King, everywhere reply with one simple answer, a big yes. My body tingles as my brain shrieks. I feel the excitement in me but I had to contain it as phone calls from all over the globe called this rusted old Nokia blocked . The moment I drop my phone down, it kept ringing. My face is plastered on posters, TV channels, newspapers, making headlines for my invention. Paparazzi and reporters are trailing me day after day, blocking me from having any personal space or the chance to see any sunlight. The number of Facebook friend requests and Instagram followers increased everyday. It hits me, I am famous. I’m internationally known. “Jane Ngu founder of Bacon Extract I mumbled into the air. “ Ahh yes, it does have a ring to it.” I murmured as I try to hold my smile back but it eventually cracks through the veneer.  My smile was so big I could feel my whole face shifting . This is my life story. I had outshined KFC, Wendy’s, and In N Out combined in a day. I am loved more than Justin Bieber, and One Direction retweeted me. Bacon Extract is painted on the floor of the Stapled Center, next to the big Lakers and Clippers Logo. This is a legendary day that no one in the 21st century will forget. A petite girl from Vietnam to an international celebrity. I conquered the market and food chains. Bacon Extract will and has taken over the world –  fact.

Book Trailer Reflection

For the past several weeks we had time in class and outside of class to finish our book trailer. I thought that my book trailer was coordinated and well done in the time frame given.   This project was a pleasurable task that required us to use both sides of the brain yet a splash of fun mixed into the equation . It allowed our creativity to kick in but, it’s still an educational assignment. The project taught me how to use a variety of editing tools and how they work. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t come across some predicament. I loath and most likely show the hate I have for Openshot. It always quits on me, lags, and I always have technical difficulties. But in the end it was partly my fault, but that still doesn’t stop my animosity towards Openshot. Also because I am a big Apple fan so, IMovie is the way to go for me. This might be by far my favorite project in humanities since occasionally we can interact with our peers. Hanging yet learning with your friends is always a hectic but thrilling/joyful experience.

I believe that my music, images, and text match and works well with each other. My theme was constant furthermore very visible and my timing was precise .  My script/text enticed the readers without telling the whole plot. I also used different fonts enhancing my script and giving it more of a feel to my book trailer.  I think that I should have added a video or gif like some other people. Adding gifs and video will change the experience of watching my book trailer. Having plain old, non-moving pictures is monotonous. Having moving pictures will give you more of an idea of the book and give you a thrill of watching the actual book trailer and also wanting to pick up the book.

I think others would want to read my book trailer because it’s a horror book so it normally captivates everyone in the room. My book trailer was suspenseful, fun, unique, and had a little bit of everything. All of the elements I included where necessary and really brought my book trailer alive.  I think I excelled in this certain task because I was kind of hyped up for it.  I would say my book trailer was imposing but some might disagree. I rather prefer not to brag but I made that statement because half of the class wanted to read my book. I wouldn’t say my book trailer is resplendent but rather an exceptional job. I embedded and also added a link of my book trailer in case you fellows out there want to check it out. And Then There Were None By: Agatha Christie, adore or relish it as you wish.

Vampires are beastly creatures from the caves of hell. Fairies are droplets from heaven. Vampires scavenge at night when the fairies are fast doing their job. No, they are not different or the same, they have different traits but have some similar characteristics lurking in side of both of them.

Vampire’s skin are pale as arctic white. Cruel, dried up thin lips, and eyes as cold as an eel. They can smell weak, innocent people. Once they trap their victims, their razor sharp, canine like fangs appear. Sometimes their fangs looks dangerously enticing, daring even. They suck all the blood you have. Rip out your veins. Wrap you in rusted chains. And they feast but also wait as they prepare for the birth of a new vampire. This is how they eat and multiply.  Though even vampires have a weakness. Sunlight. They can’t touch sunlight. If they past the dark side and enter the light they slowly die. You hear the spine-chilling screech. And you see a shriveled up body laying on the open field. But moments later it disappears as the demonic vouchers take them in their cave. Their nose senses tingle, for the trace of the thick, velvety red liquid that flows through their veins. Vampires crave blood like a human being craves food but increased dramatically . Nothing can stop the craving, you have to give in.

Fairies are miniature creatures . Soft, and gentle, they never mean any harm. Their wings are so brittle, it breaks like glass. Their eyes are like stars, they brighten up the room, night, and sky. They don’t speak the language we speak. They have their own language that uses an alphabet like no other. They work non stop helping prepare all the seasons to come. They only eat most organic, plump, juicy fruits, and sip on the fine water of the lake that flows from heaven to earth. Fairies are the babies of angel, once a fairy dies it descends to heaven and is reincarnated into an angel. The life of a fairy prepares it to become an angel. Each fairy has a different skill/talent or job assigned to it. They are quick at speed and can’t be detected by the rate of a human eye. Their homes are hidden in the woods.  Where eyes glimmered from tree hollows. Where the wind wailed between distorted trunks, carrying the sickly stink of wood rot. They live to die, work, and respect. They never have made contact with a human being and never will or should. They shall remain a mystery to us human beings but a little bundle of joy to all the creatures around them.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 7.24.28 PM Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 7.26.35 PM

This year we are assigned to read 40 books or more in a variety of genres. Currently I have read 30 books so far and, I am very confident that I can reach and, trounce the 40 book mark. My pace in reading is quite fast. I don’t skim but, I try to analyze, understand, and, sometimes be in the text. I already did the 40 book challenge in 5th and, 6th grade. I always have completed it but, found that I have the same routine to attacking this task.  It is to read daily and, solicit  your friends for, recommendations/ reviews on certain genres you are not fond with. I have made a point to read at least 30 minutes a night. Reading diurnal helps me attain my goal and, to widen my knowledge. Reading for 30 minutes or, more doesn’t take much of your time. Isn’t this an easier way to tackle this challenge?

I believe that the 40 book challenge is an entertaining way to motivate young kids, teens, and, adults to read. Our generation is wrapped around technology. We don’t prefer having the experience to let our brain and soul be trapped in a book nowadays. I can sometimes relate to the people who don’t relish the 40 book challenge as much. As it may be stressful and, sometimes laziness takes control of your body and mind.  Resulting to you not jotting down your data or, you may hate the 40 book challenge because you have to read a certain amount of books from different genres.

My biggest conflict I encountered through this journey was that I have to try to read a wide variety of genres. I am not very open to some genres as I feel that I don’t benefit much from some or that it doesn’t capture my interest.  An area of improvement for me is to try to read on the weekends not because I am forced to but, because I do it for my pleasure. Another area of improvement is to not to be so judgemental about other genres and, book covers. Yes, guilty as charge. I judge a book by it’s cover and, I am sad to say it but, sometimes the cover tells all. I believe that I have done well on understanding the text and, knowing how to present my book to an audience and, make them want to read the book.

Reflection: Mission Rover

For the past several weeks, we have been working on electricity. To take our knowledge and skills to the next level, we did a hands on assignment, building a rover. We were separated into small groups of four and that’s when the madness and white hair came into the equation. My group consists of me (Janette), Minh Long, Giami, and William. We had to find a strategy to tackle this task so we decided to brainstorm and draw a blueprint of our rover. Our group shall I say is not the most caring, loving, compassionate, open-minded group so working with them isn’t easy or breezy. Our frame is made out of ball-saw wood that was glued together and taped again to have a sturdy structure. We cut the bottom of our cans for our wheels and mounted the wheels on the motor with a hot glue gun. We made a parallel circuit and connected our wires to a switch. For now we had 4 wheels that where taped and one battery that was hooked up.

We had many complications during this journey. Changing our plans was the easiest of all. As a group, we finally agreed that our wheels were too heavy, so we decided to only use two wheels but use two batteries for more energy. When we were on the verge of finishing, something had to go wrong. It was like our group was designed to fail. But Minh Long wouldn’t accept that fact, so we tried, worked, and thought harder. We observed the other groups and occasionally asked for assistance. And on the due date of our rover, it finally started moving a bit. The wheels spun when you lift it off the ground but couldn’t move much. It was still a big achievement, thinking back. We are excellent, well-behaved students but sometimes we break. Goofing around was actually an activity that helped us generate more ideas. We don’t party to the max but occasionally prank each other. Giami and I were on each other sides and the two guys stuck together. We fought and teased each other. But we finished on time and achieved our main goal. Our task was to drive over an obstacle since our wheels were big. We kind of used our hands and mouths to get us a good grade on this part. We gave it a soft push and used our mouths to distract Mr. J as he was evaluating, and “ Ta Dahh!,” we got a three! Shocking, right?  Video taping each other was also a tough job. Everyone would refuse to show their face and we didn’t even have a script. We basically improvised and hoped that in the end it will be successful. I guess you can say we bonded with hate. But we did a impressive job at finishing this task as we hoped but teamwork wasn’t really our group kind of thing. Would I work with them again? Yes. Would I enjoy it? No. Mrs. U and Mr.J helped us by giving us support and telling us areas of improvements. Electricity unit is a pain in the butt but a very enjoyable one at the same time.

The Outsiders is a story of a ragtag bunch of young boys whose “gang” is the closest thing to family any of them has. The book follows the rivalry between the Greasers, a group of young boys from a less fortunate community, and the rich, high class Socs. When a group of Socs jumps the two Greasers ( Johnny and Ponyboy), Johnny stabs Bob, a Socs to death when he tries to drown Ponyboy. Without thinking about his decision nor ramification, the two ran away. Dallas, supplies them with the material, and information they need.  We go on a journey with the boys as they experience many real emotions that teens express, or feel. Like family issues, heartache, anger, hopelessness, loyalty, and love.

The book is in Ponyboy point of view, he’s the narrator.  Ponyboy Curtis is a shy, quiet 14-year-old boy who gets good grades and likes to draw, read, and watch the sunset.  He is the youngest brother and is stuck in his own world as he is not like a regular Greaser. Sodapop Curtis is 16 year-old and is very good looking. Sodapop is very caring, thoughtful, and makes you feel wanted. Darryl “Darry” Curtis the oldest brother, is a very serious person, he’s athletic and was a good student, but he had to give up his education to care for his brothers so that they wouldn’t have to separate. Dallas “Dally” Winston is the roughest of the Greasers. He likes being known for his criminal records and doesn’t have much emotions. Johnny Cade is the ‘pet’ of the Greasers, he’s 16 years old, and lives with a vicious, non-loving family. Sherri “Cherry” is a Socs that sees both sides of the social levels. Her nature is sensitive, understanding, and caring, but her reputation matters to her as well. Bob Sheldon is Cherry’s boyfriend. He is rich, spoiled, likes wearing heavy rings, and also enjoys drinking. But, according to his best friend Randy, Bob was a good guy, and wanted someone to set limits for him and give him some firm ground to stand on, which was exactly the same thing all the Socs wanted as well. Randy Adderson is a Socs, friend of Bob’s. At first, Randy is shown to be like the other Socs.  However, later Randy has a change of heart after being affected by Bob’s demise, and wants to stop all the fighting.

I find the pace of the book a bit too slow but I still enjoy the read.  What really indulged me was how it was so real and touching. This book gave me a new perspective on things. “Things are rough all over,”(page 34) Cherry explained to Ponyboy. This quote shows that a person can be rich with all the things in the world, but deep within their riches and possessions, they will still feel pain. “We’re all we’ve got left. We ought to be able to stick together against anything. If we don’t have each other, we don’t have anything.” (page 175) This quote shows us that Soda role is to bring the peace and love back to the family. We see just how much he values peace and his brothers. This quote made me realize that my family is all I have got and I should cherish them. “Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.”(pg 148) This quote  really stuck with me as there was so much meaning behind it. Be young and happy and look past the bad. Johnny urges Ponyboy to remain gold, or innocent, he knows that Ponyboy is better than the average hoodlum, and he wants Ponyboy to hold onto the golden qualities that set him apart from the others. Anyone looking for an adventure, mixed with a deep moral and something that’ll permanently change their thoughts on life, has to read this book. I was astonished by the time I was done and going back to living life at how big of an impact this book had on me. It changed my thoughts and my actions- in a good way.

“When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home.”

For weeks now, I have been digging a hole that will let me re-enter to the world, my escape route. My drill was to go after cell checks. I would insist for Bobby to come with me. He’s good with words, so he can easily distract the guards, giving me enough time to sneak down into the basement. Tears and sweat goes into this small little hole that will allow and guide me into the life I always wanted. A life that includes people who love you instead of despise you, freedom, and a house with windows and sunlight. I heard an alarm go off. A robot voice howling, ” Please evacuate immediately,” it kept reciting. Oh no, I whispered into the air as my voice was sliced by the sound of inmates and guards footsteps. I digged in to my brain, hoping to remember the drill for evacuations. ” Cell check ins!” I shrieked but covered my mouth later as I remembered the basement isn’t soundproof.  I rushed down the narrow passage and scanned the room for the door. I pushed all my force down on the knob but it still wouldn’t loosen up.  I felt  helpless and impotent . I bunched my hands into fists, feeling the fingernails bite into my palms, holding me back from punching the steel door. Standing helplessly, I remembered the careless lads who never carry their tools up. I grasped the screw driver and twisted it in mini circles opening the knobs. With ease, they popped out.

 I crept and dodged the rusted chains, as I saw inmates walking in a single file line. I ducked my head down then put my old baseball cap on. My head sunk down even further, my heart pounded in my chest, my cheeks were burning hot. shifting nervously, my hands intertwined with each other repeatedly as I fidgeted nervously with them. I watched the room, corner to corner, premonition that someone will tap my back and transfer me to a different place. A more dangerous place that only the unwanted live in. I try to put on a smile and act normal. My feet wasn’t functioning nor my mouth. The officer tugged my hand as my body swung facing him. He spitted on my face and whacked my back with his pole. “Keep walking,” he spoke in a low voice. I gulped in constant fear, and nodded in relief as I walked in a slow steady pace. I resent evacuations. Evacuation drills kills hope. Why? Because I was on the verge of escaping.


Parent teacher conferences are one of the most nerve racking moments in middle school for students. It is a walking haunted house for us. You enter the daunting house (school). You pass secret passages (doors). Then, you arrive at your final spine-tingling destination. Now you have to prepare to be slaughtered by the words from the teachers. Every comment lashes at you, moving to other tables your heart thumps. Teacher to teacher, you review all you have learned and you, personally as a learner. You realize your parents are giving you the death look. You are on the edge of your chair eagerly wanting to know what they would say. You cross your fingers and, bite your lips. Inside, you know you can’t change what they are going to say. You can’t sit still, you mumble in fear. Parent Teacher conferences is a walking haunted house for students. Or to the parents it’s like a doctor checkup. But they are not examining your body they are examining your intelligence, skills, and your learner preferences.

Agreeing that parent teacher conferences is not a prime factor of your learning and, that you should avoid it, is wrong. Parent teacher conferences is a major principal for you and your parents. This is when your parents are allowed to personally communicate with your teachers. Learn what you are doing in class, how you behave, cons, and pros about you and many more. We the students find this a rather tragic time and would prefer or hope to skip the event. But think again. PTC is a time to reduce if not eliminate the belly butterflies that you might have. Yes, it is like rolling a negative yet positive dice. You don’t know what you will end up with. But surely it is positive. It is not a day where the teachers are allowed to murder you. It is a day of review. Being nervous is very common but, the answer you will receive during the PTC should sound rather familiar. Why? Because they are not talking about your classmates or anyone else, they are talking about you, and only you. If we can agree that parent teacher conferences are the best technique we have to advance better understanding between school and home then it makes sense for everyone to put in the extra effort and embrace this opportunity. My dear fellow classmates PTC should not scare you because, you have powerschool and teacher comments for that. 

This week in humanities we have been studying, and practicing the skill of note taking. We were taught to use the two column note taking strategy. Two-column note taking is a very effective method for detailed and technical information. You separate the  main ideas from the supporting details. This technique strengthens the understanding and memory of  your content. It is organized, which is great for reference. Note taking has many advantages it helps you make an original piece of writing. It improves your memory, writing skills, and your awareness of the text.  It is a useful record and lastly helps exam revision. Without your notes you have no information to rely on. This makes you search the web for some information to use. Your usual routine is to copy and paste and that is your finish product. That is stealing. That is  result of plagiarizing. There are more benefits from note taking then there is to not. In our class we had to write a short paragraph on the Mayan civilization. Everyone had same exact notes but, our finish piece is distinctive from others. This shows that everyone has there own way of transforming notes to a paragraph. I personally love notes, they help me improve my knowledge of the text, recap, and when I look back I can still remember the topic. In my academic life, notes are one of the main tools I used to try to be a successful student as I can be. Take notes, make your writing original, stop copying and your writing career will improve.


Note Taking

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