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This week in humanities we have been studying, and practicing the skill of note taking. We were taught to use the two column note taking strategy. Two-column note taking is a very effective method for detailed and technical information. You separate the  main ideas from the supporting details. This technique strengthens the understanding and memory of  your content. It is organized, which is great for reference. Note taking has many advantages it helps you make an original piece of writing. It improves your memory, writing skills, and your awareness of the text.  It is a useful record and lastly helps exam revision. Without your notes you have no information to rely on. This makes you search the web for some information to use. Your usual routine is to copy and paste and that is your finish product. That is stealing. That is  result of plagiarizing. There are more benefits from note taking then there is to not. In our class we had to write a short paragraph on the Mayan civilization. Everyone had same exact notes but, our finish piece is distinctive from others. This shows that everyone has there own way of transforming notes to a paragraph. I personally love notes, they help me improve my knowledge of the text, recap, and when I look back I can still remember the topic. In my academic life, notes are one of the main tools I used to try to be a successful student as I can be. Take notes, make your writing original, stop copying and your writing career will improve.


Note Taking

Going in Depth with Timothy

Currently in humanities class, we have read and discussed with the class about a book, The Cay by Theodore Taylor. One of the main characters is Timothy. Timothy’s purpose in the book is to aid in Phillip’s character alteration. He is opposite of Phillip in some ways: he represents values of selflessness, wisdom, and affection, and he ardently believes in racial equality. Phillip is young, American, white, and educated; Timothy is old, poor, black, and illiterate. Timothy is introduced into the book as big, buff, and unattractive person. He was also on the – S.S Hato- that was later torpedoed by the Germans. That is when he and Phillip first met.

Always looking at the good side and not fearing the worst, Timothy tries to be a good role model for Phillip and maybe calm Phillip nerves down at the same time. Timothy is a quick reactor and is normally ready to face anything that comes at him. He responds too many scenes quickly and effectively. Timothy is a paragon of kindness and selflessness. He doesn’t think about himself but, put others first. “I was still shivering, and soon he gathered me against him, Stew Cat came back to be a warm ball against my feet.” (page 44) This quote shows that Timothy is putting himself in danger (by possibly catching a cold) to help Phillip restore warmth in his body and to prevent him from catching a cold. He is blocking the wind for Phillip making him endure the pain and not Phillip.

Timothy is sparingly creative, inventive; he is resourceful and may transform a normal everyday object into a useful tool. Timothy is also very appreciative of what he has or what is given to him. He cherishes all his items, uses them wisely, and always thinks about the future and how he may benefit from his actions now to then. Timothy is also very loyal to Phillip, he is devoted to care, defend, help, and most importantly love Phillip. “Then Timothy began weaving a rope that would stretch all the way down the hill to the beach to the fire.” (page 73) Based on this quote this passage shows many traits that belong to Timothy. It shows that he is both creative and resourceful, since he takes the vines and transforms it to a helpful safety root for Phillip. It also shows his loyalty, keeping the promise he made with Phillip. About how Timothy will always be near Phillip, and about how he will let Phillip goes down to the beach one day. He additionally displayed affection, taking the time to make this for Phillip. All of this makes up Timothy, the great man he is and is to others.

This is how Timothy and Phillip are imagined to be resembled as

I remember the day I was lost, so  that I even remember what everyone said. My mom was going to do a tax refund at the bottom floor when we were on the highest floor there was in the mall. She quietly told us to wait as we replied with a patient nod. I remember just looking at the clock but it never moved, the hands were still. It was more painful watching this than paint dry. I see a sea of people heading my way, almost trampling me.  The people made everything seem deformed and twisted. My sister just started to question and predict what was happening to my mom. My sister and my brain weren’t connected but I knew we were thinking about the same thing by our expressions. Will we meet mom again? Why isn’t she here yet?  I couldn’t hold the tears back. My face was dripping with tears because of horror and shock. My eyes were puffy from all the crying and mini tantrums. Dehydrated, and sore, sobs racked my body. A fun shopping day in Thailand had gone bad.

“We have to,” I declared, insisting that my sister has to do it instead of me.

“No, you ask!” my sister protested.

As we were bickering back and forth, rioting on and on about who should announce the big news, we suddenly realized something. We were lost. We scanned the area, hoping to catch a glimpse of her puffy lion like mane hair or a trace of her voice.

“Fine, we’ll do it together,” my sister said, keeping  calm.

“Ok,” I nodded and murmured

We were at the counter ready to announce that we were missing and ready to recite my mom name and phone number. He raised the microphone, my sister and I was on the verge of saying our mother’s name on the microphone. But then we were ambushed by a pair of soft comforting arms.

“Mom!” I yelled in relief, trying to look calm. I try to maintain a poker face and failed as my mother flicked a finger on my nose. And pulled Michelle in the group hug as well. It was like hope and joy just blew me a kiss in one.  Then everything became a blur, we didn’t talk about this moment since then because it was too embarrassing. But at least I know how to face this situation when it occurs once more to me again.

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 5.57.26 PM

God of Flat Maps

Dear Mr. Gerhardus Mercator,

The brilliant man who created flat maps. I am writing this letter to inquire you about what was running in your mind at the time when producing the first flat map to be recorded. I am Janette a student that’s very fascinated and intrigued by your creation. The question everyone is anticipating on is how did you come up with the idea of making a flat map? No one has actually thought of making a round object, flat. But then you saw a different perspective then everyone else, and made a monumental event in history. Did you major in geography or practice any skills related? Because no one at the time would think of such an invention or even try it out. So how would you know what to do? I know you were committed, sedulous to your work. Certainly there was some tempestuous problems, what were they and how did you overcome it?

Many people at the time were not exposed to different or any new ideas, especially yours. What reaction did you expect from the people compared to the actual reaction? It must be tough to explain your ideas since everyone already adapted to one theory or to one explanation. Did you make money out of the maps? At the time many people wanted to explore the world to expand their knowledge about culture. See beyond their place, trade precious items. But they didn’t have a map, instead a globe, which is very inconvenient. While you were traveling and modifying your map where you aware that when transiting from globe to a page, it distorts country outlines, especially near the equator?

I don’t want to bother you but I would very much appreciate if you take some time to read this letter and answer the following question.

Thank you and Best Regards,





This is one of the few projects that I have worked on in humanities class. Glogster is an online tool that allows you to create interactive, online posters, complete with text, image, graphics, audio, and videos. The glogster I have created is a multimedia presentation that teaches you and me about a wide variety of genres. I did not create this because Ms. Mckinnon assigned this as a task, but because this will help my knowledge as a reader. Since one goal that all of us has set in humanities was to reach or beat the 40 book challenge, by the end of the year. But we are not allowed to repeatedly read the same genre over and over again, but explore different ones. Glogster comes in handy now because some books are hard to categorize. Simply by the fact that it may either be classified in more than one genre, or it’s just that some are difficult to comprehend. I really find this Glogster beneficial to my needs, as I am not very talented with my memory skill. It’s also a very unique technique to learn something. Since you not only have one media to help you reflect on your daily genres you read but a couple.

I was actually a bit relieved that this has been our assignment since categorizing books in genres wasn’t my specialty. So, I can benefit a lot from this. But I wasn’t so psyched when I realized we were creating it on Glogster. Since this is my first attempt at using Glogster and it was a very stressful time. You may think it’s so easy but, I find the layout and everything a bit confusing and makes me feel nauseous. Personally I find Glogster irritating, it’s hard to navigate around, freezes, and loads slow sometimes never. I can continue to pour out my hatred onto his post but, I won’t. There are many pros and cons for using Glogster. I do not take pleasure in making one but I am pleased with the outcome. My process was first to collect any media that are related to the genre for my Glog. Save it or paste the link to a separate google doc so that when I create my actual blog it would be more convenient time and work wise. After that, I created a Glogster account and chose my layout for the overall presentation. Then, one by one upload all my files and arrange them in a neat, logical order. I labeled all of them in case I forget what the media represents. Later on I examine my Glogster and fixed some minor errors. Finally, I categorized, named, and add a description to my Glog , and then published it so the world can view it.


Grade 7 Life so far

 Hey guys, peeps, fellow readers,

I’m not sure if I have informed you about how I just started 7th grade, but now I did. Well today I will tackle a very common question I’ve been asked a lot now, “How’s life in 7th grade like?” Well honestly, average. You have the same everyday routine, transitioning from block to block. But I find that what we are taught in 6th grade has a huge gap difference for some subjects. We practice more things we will benefit from when we grow up in 7th grade. Like being punctual, ready, and just finishing an assigned task. I’m still juggling more activities and subjects everyday. Still studying intensely. I socialize a lot more now, yes with girls and boys.  Since I feel like the vibe makes me more optimistic or just happy overall in a way.

I’m quite pleased in being a  7th grader since we’re not at the bottom of the chain anymore but also not at the top, just in the middle. I like it here in 7th grade just because this is the year of change, physically and mentally. Sadly I’m still short but hopefully change will do me good. You’re allowed to do more activities than you do in 6th grade and you don’t get stressed as much as the 8th graders. So a great combination. Activities in advisory ( Yellow Yams) is always so fun since you never know what’s going to happen and what you’re going to learn from each other. In general my life is average for now but it’s an adventure I don’t want to end early.

Okay? Okay. Free Write 1

The Fault in Our Stars

All rights reserved to I Dreamt Of Happiness

Without a doubt in my mind, The Fault In Our Stars will always remain on top of all the books I have read. It’s emotional black mail. I acknowledge the difference in a teenager with a normal, healthy life and the teenager who literally fights for each breath she takes–these are two excessively different breeds of people but, so believable. No one dares to write about death or cancer since it’s so sad but, he makes it sound so elegant, but also include creative black humor. Green’s choice of words; it’s sneaky, clever and absolutely beautiful. The moral just slams negativity in the face. And, the plot has more twist and turns than a roller coaster; it spins and stops when you least expect it.

The power of this book is that it doesn’t sugar coat the emotional costs of dying children. My heart and mind just felt bereft, isolated and extremely sad. It’s heartfelt and utterly heartbreaking. My eyes also started to tear a bit at the end; I wanted to scream my lungs out in grief. I felt like I was in a glass case filled with emotions. John Green is one of the only few people who can touch me through a book. The characters were portrayed so realistically, I felt like I was reading a biography. I know these marvelously eloquent sixteen year old don’t exist but, sometimes when reading I can feel the connection. Personality? You will forget it’s a fictional construct. I feel the pain, happiness, and hatred towards them like it was me.

A plot so original, so fresh. Loads of the books published out there don’t progress fast and is tiresome to read, not in this one. The details are very vivid but, sometimes zooms through the important part. Why is this good? Because it just leaves you hanging and demanding more. Readers don’t be fooled since this book has more tricks then you can imagine. John Green writes brilliant dialogues that stick with you. For example: ”My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations,” or “As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”  His word choices are so bold that it stays in your mind instead of drifting away. The moral is told in a very wise, and overly thought way. Since it’s just not about how you should seize the moment. John Green tells the moral in such a great manner that it changes a common one to having such a bigger impact, a life changing one. Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. Their love story was tragic but, their lives and all the moments they shared had a razor sharp clarity. No time was wasted, every moment was a gift. Angels might even tremble to the presents of John Green writing. I not only adore but, cherish The Fault In Our Stars since it’s compacted with emotions, bright characters, a stunning plot, influential moral, humor, and explosive word choices/sentences.










Adiós IT Class

Hey pals, friends,audience, and so on,

  1. Summarize your learning experiences in Integrated Writing and Technology.


Through the two courses I have been in IT, I learned a various amount of things. Like how to plan your writing, writing strategies, and angles you should take your pictures in. We also worked on some a program for graphic designing which is known as Scratch and explored there new element they added in and setting. For few classes we were allowed to play a game called ” Portal” a difficult game that demands a lot of thinking. This sounds similar to one of the other games I have talked to you about right? Remember fantastic contraption, they are quite similar if you think about it. To wrap things up these two courses have been very hectic but fun experience for me.


Analyze your experiences.

My experience in IT class overall wasn’t much of a struggle for me ( But scratch was a bit in the beginning) since I think our instructions were very clear and straightforward. Through these two courses I wouldn’t say I had the best time but a fair time, not so bad not so good; just average.


  1. How have you grown using technology and as a writer?

Before I always hesitated to use technology but now I am more comfortable with it. My knowledge for technology has grown a lot, for example Scratch, now I know how to use different blocks to control the sprite ,background, etc. Also I have learned to be more cautious about my blog or what I post on the internet since not everything on the internet is real or reliable.  As a writer I have learned to pre-plan my writing, and due to reading more often my grammar and vocabulary has developed even more. I am still progressing day by day with technology at home and as a writer I have continued my path on reading books.

  1. What projects and writings did you enjoy most? Explain.

I defiantly would say in technology my favorite unit is “How to writing.” Since it gives me an opportunity to teach people something I am proud of or good at. Another reason is because I actually can do it like visually for them to see, and my snap guide has reached more than 1.1 k views and still counting which makes me cheerful. Since I realize people actually want to view/see my snap guide or have interest in the topic what so ever.

  1. What projects and writings did you find the most challenging? Explain.

I found the ” Inanimate Alice Scratch Project” the hardest since I wasn’t use to all of these blocks and I didn’t know how to make it interactive in a fun way. It was quite stressful since I am not very fond with technology or programs like this. And when I found out we had to have an interactive element that made me very worried since I wanted to make it a fun experience not something you are force to watch. It was a bit irritating how you have to set the blocks up in a certain way and that it doesn’t auto save (but now it does).


  1. What learning can you transfer to other subjects and beyond school?

 Technology can help me transform a bland writing into a digital story, or a expressive audio recording.  For example, I used the Ipad to make a trailer for my twisted fairy tale story.  It included voice, and pictures. It gives my writing a spark or something to look forward to. I can transfer my web learning to home since now I know what I should do or not do. And that I shouldn’t give out private information to people that I am not very fond of through the internet.  I actually benefited a lot from typing web, as my speed and accuracy got a lot faster ( speed: from 37- 68 average) . I can use my skills of typing basically anywhere, school, home , work, etc.

  1. If you could change one thing in Integrated Writing and Technology what would it be?

I think since we spend a lot of time on the ipads and the computers we should have free time once in a while since you never know we might find something fun or interesting and try to duplicate it. For instant if we are allowed to explore on the ipads more often, we might find a game that we enjoy a lot and try to recreate it on scratch or an app on the ipads. Sometimes you just have to let loose and you never know what will happen to you or what you end up with.

  1. What else would you like to learn about?

I want to learn more on how to create a interactive game. Like what app you should use, blocks that are necessary and the basic structure itself. And maybe I would like to go more in depth on microchip like creating a working one. That would be cool :) Overall I have learned so much and had a great term.

How to Reflection


What did you do? Summarize what you did. Be specific (this needs to be a paragraph).


First I jotted some ideas down that I possibly be writing about. Then I narrowed my ideas to one that I would base my topic on. I then was assigned to make an easy and clear procedure that people can follow. I also had to list the ingredients and tools needed to do this task. Afterwards I combined my ingredients, tools, procedure, and tips together to make a rough-draft paragraph with the helps of what I call “connectors.” Ex: First, Second, Third, Lastly, and so on.

Mr. Appino gave us the option to either do a video, snapshot, or snapguide, and I chose the snapguide since I think it is more convenient and neat. I then created a snapguide account and finish my snapguide over the weekends. It’s quite simple, its just like taking a photo and there’s a place at the bottom for a caption so you can explain what you are doing or why. Instead of adding picture you could also record videos and paste them in as well. After letting few people read and revise my snapguide I published it. I know that not a lot of people know snapguide so I decided to embed the narrow version of snapguide in my blog. Word of advice you have to make a snapguide on an apple device if you use the computer you can only view snap guides or log onto your account not make one.

Analyze your learning (this needs to be a paragraph):

What did you do well?


I think my procedure was very precise and easy to follow. Sharing my procedure to many of my family members, I saw that there was no hesitation of making a replica of this concoction that I recently showed them with nothing else but my procedure. And in a matter of fact I didn’t lend them a hand but just read my procedure out loud to them.


What was challenging?

I think the toughest challenge I had to face in this unit was actually one of the simplest for other people; choosing the topic to write about. This was tricky for me since I didn’t know what topic people would be interested in doing, and the one’s I was thinking about, someone else already choose to do it. Making my decision was hard since I had to keep the audience, me, and others in mind. Me because some topics that I would like to teach about I’m not an expert on it or I am not exactly sure about what I should do or not do. So I had to put a lot of thinking on choosing the perfect topic to write about.

What could you improve? Identify 2-3 areas that you could improve on.

I think an area for improvement is that I should have listed my ingredients rather than just taking a picture of them; some people may not be familiar with these equipment or ingredients shown. I should have change the format of my unit slide to the beginning. So it can be more convenient for my audience to know how much they need rather than having them to buy more than they need or less.

Learn (this needs to a paragraph)

What did you learn from this learning activity? (Be specific with examples).

Absorbing everything I did in this “ How to,” section I have learnt several things. I have learned how to make a snapguide and that it requires an apple device to create one. Writing a hook ( it’s in the beginning of the paragraph) is very important since that is what lures the audience in. I also picked up how to embed a snapguide in your blog and that patients helps you in this section. If you observe my blog you would see the style of my blog is a bit uncommon that others since it’s slim. If yours is also like that you should choose the narrow version. If you want to embed a snapguide to a blog you just click the embed button down below and copy the link or text they give you. You have to let it load for a while since in the beginning it looks a bit abstract but if you refresh several times it will look normal again. Common mistake that everyone makes is that when you paste the url in you have to change the option from visual to text.  This just shows me that a small unit like this one can really show my mind a new perspective it never seen.

Let your taste buds mingle with a smoothie that contains pleasure in every sip, and the creator can be anyone, like you! The tools needed are: a blender, knife, measuring cup, knife board, and couple of glasses. For the ingredients you need: One tablespoon of sugar (if you don’t agree with this measurement you may alter it to your fitting), 2 cups of fresh orange juice, 1 cup of ripe mango, a cup of fresh pineapple chunks, half a banana; 2 cups of frozen strawberries, and finally 2 cups of ice to give the smoothie a refreshing feeling. If you don’t like some of the following ingredients listed, you may substitute them with any other fruits. But I highly recommend not adding any (other) berries, kiwi, pomegranate, durian, jackfruit, mangosteen, and rambutan.

First you have to thoroughly rinse the fruits and let them dry. Second, cut the mango,banana, and strawberries in half. Chop the pineapple to small chunks , so the blending process is easier. I do advise you to dip your knife in hot water first for the frozen strawberries, since it’s stiff so it’s harder to cut. Then take out the ripe oranges and squeeze it, since you only need the juice. In addition, measure all your ingredients to the right units given above. Next, Add all the ingredients in except for the ice. Let the ingredients blend until there are no chunks of fruit left. After that, you may add the ice; let it blend until all the ice is crushed and mixed in well with the drink. Furthermore, sample the smoothie you just made and change it to your personal needs. Finally, pour your cool concoction into a large glass, you may need additional cups as well. Now you may serve this freshly whipped mouth-watering drink to your friend, family, or guest. As you wait patiently to see the priceless expression on their face filled with delight.

<span data-url=”//snapguide.com/embed/v1/guide/make-an-icy-tropical-smoothie/” data-format=”narrow” data-slug=”make-an-icy-tropical-smoothie”data-width = “404px” data-height = “464px”>Check out <a href=”http://snp.gd/hbc7b6″>How to Make an Icy Tropical Smoothie</a> by <a target=”_blank” href=”//snapguide.com/janette-n/”>Janette N.</a> on <a href=”//snapguide.com/”>Snapguide</a>.<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://images.snapguide.com/static/js/embed/script.min.js”></script></span>

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